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Characters and races of the Dark Crystal

Формат:      Страниц 72
     мягкая обложка
Frederic P.    
Книга по Требованию    
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The Characters and Races of the Dark Crystal were created by puppeteer Jim Henson and concept artist Brian Froud for the 1982 cult fantasy film The Dark Crystal and its expanded universe in books, comics, artwork, games, and proposed sequel. Notably, most of the information about specific character and race names comes from supplementary material such as Froud's book The World of the Dark Crystal, rather than the film itself.
Подвеска с пищалкой, зеркальцем, прорезывателями и погремушками "Кошечка Мими".
Текстильные игрушки-подвески помогают малышу гармонично осваивать самые важные навыки! Яркие цвета развивают зрительное восприятие,
470 руб
Раздел: Игрушки-подвески
Трехколесный велосипед Funny Jaguar Lexus Trike Original Volt (цвет: графит).
Трехколесный велосипед подходит для детей от 1 года. Велосипед Volt заряжает своей энергией, зовет в дорогу. Характеристики: - удобное
2400 руб
Раздел: Трехколесные
Футбольный мяч "St. Petersburg", 23 см.
Размер: 5 (23 см). Плотность материала: 350 грамм. Материал: TPU+EVA.
729 руб
Раздел: Игрушки, фигурки

Проводящая система листьев. Строение, типы...
Проводящая система у цветковых растений оказалась значительно более совершенной, чем у голосеменных, а тем более у папоротников и других групп высших растений. Некоторые из наиболее примитивных представителей ныне живущих двудольных, такие, как виды семейства винтеровых ( Wi eraceae) и роды троходендрон ( rohode dro ) и тетрацентрон ( e race ro ), по строению проводящей системы мало чем отличаются от примитивных представителей голосеменных типа современных саговниковых или вымерших беннеттитовых. У названных родов нет сосудов, а имеются только трахеиды. В протокселеме эти трахеиды с кольчатыми и спиральными утолщениями, в метаксилеме обычно лестничные. Иногда отсутствие сосудов у травянистых растений – явление вторичное ( у рясковых ). Лишь у относительно немногих цветковых растений сохранилась бессосудистая ксилема. У подавляющего их большинства наряду с трахеидами имеются также сосуды, являющиеся основными водопроводящими элементами. В отличие от трахеиды каждый членик сосуда имеет сквозные отверстия, называемые перфорациями.

Among the dark-haired race in the flowery land Книга по Требованию Drake S.B.
604 руб
Europe 'Start from the dark' [CD] { } ~25.00.00 05127 Союз-Мьюзик
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Are You Afraid of the Dark? Hachette Livre Sheldon S.
The dead share a single crucial link: each was connected to an all-powerful environmental think tank.
534 руб
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328 руб
The Dark Tower VI. Song of Susannah Simon & Schuster Stephen K.
It falls to the boy, the billy bumbler, and the fallen priest to find Susannah-Mia, who in a struggle to cope - with each other and with an alien environment - "go todash" to Castle Discordia on the border of End-World.
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AD 500: A Journey Through the Dark Isles of Britain and Ireland Орион Simon Y.
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Exploring Stephen King' s Magnum Opus The Road to the Dark Tower: Penguin Group Bev V.
Vincent presents a book-by-book analysis of each volume that would become the crowning achievement of King' s literary career. With the full cooperation of Stephen King himself, Vincent examines the epic journey of the author to complete his seven-part Dark Tower series - a journey began in 1970 that threatened to overwhelm him.
1073 руб
The Dark Tide HarperCollins Publishers Andrew G.
On that same day, a suspicious hit-and-run accident leaves a young man dead in Karen' s hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut. Ty Hauck, a detective, becomes emotionally caught up in the case and finds a clue that shockingly connects the two seemingly unrelated events. Months later, two men show up at Karen' s home digging into Charles' s business dealings. Hundreds of millions of dollars are missing - and the trail points squarely to Charles. With doubt suddenly cast on everything she has ever known, Karen, with Hauck, steps into a widening storm of hedge fund losses, international scams, and murder. And as the investigations converge, these two strangers touched by tragedy are pulled into a deepening relationship and unwittingly open the door to a twisted - and deadly - conspiracy. With its breakneck pacing, plentiful twists, compelling characters, and abundant heart, The Dark Tide confirms Andrew Gross' s place as a master storyteller at the top of his game.
604 руб
Utero Animus. The Dark Side Книга по Требованию ADONICA S.A.
2416 руб
Ancient Symbols Live in Today’s Women. Images of the Dark Goddess in Psychology Книга по Требованию
This book is a guided tour of young women’s responses to ancient symbols as seen in archetypal images of six dark goddesses.
2416 руб
I Will Follow You into the Dark Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
I Will Follow You into the Dark is a song by Death Cab for Cutie and the third single from their sixth album Plans.
1395 руб
Major Characters in the Works of Madeleine L'Engle Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Madeleine L' Engle, an American novelist, diarist and poet, produced over twenty novels, beginning with The Small Rain, and continuing into the 1990s with A Live Coal in the Sea. Many of her fictional characters appeared in more than one novel, sometimes in more than one series of novels. Other major characters are the protagonists of a single title. This article provides information about L' Engle' s most notable characters. In a family tree chart first published inside the front cover of Many Waters, L'
1395 руб
Arrows in the Dark Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
2213 руб
Characters in The Adventures of Tintin Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Herge used the supporting characters to create a realistic world in which to set his protagonists' adventures. To further the realism and continuity, characters would recur throughout the series. It has been speculated that the occupation of Belgium and the restrictions imposed upon Herge forced him to focus on characterisation to avoid depicting troublesome political situations. The major supporting cast was developed during this period. The supporting characters Herge created for his series The Adventures of Tintin have been cited as far more developed than the central character, each imbued with a strength of character and depth of personality which has been compared with that of the characters of Charles Dickens.
1843 руб
List of Characters in the Mortal Kombat Series Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Special Forces, List of minor Mortal Kombat characters, Mortal Kombat:
2213 руб
Characters of the Mass Effect Universe Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Revelation and Mass Effect:
1599 руб

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