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Игровые виды спорта

Elena Dementieva

Формат:      Страниц 108
     мягкая обложка
Frederic P.    
Книга по Требованию    
1599 руб
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Her career high ranking was World No. 3 which she achieved on April 6, 2009. She has won two Olympic medals in singles, including the gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. She has also reached the finals of two Grand Slam events. Elena Viatcheslavovna Dementieva (born 15 October 1981) is a Russian professional tennis player. As of 11 January 2010, she is ranked World No. 5, but will fall to 7 or 8 after her loss in the 2010 Australian Open.
Датчик обнаружения угарного газа.
Ежегодно сотни людей по всему миру погибают от отравления угарным газом. Именно поэтому в каждом доме, где используется любая
808 руб
Раздел: Детекторы, датчики движения
Таз круглый строительный, 90 л.
Применяется для строительных смесей. Изготовлен из высокопрочной морозостойкой пластмассы.
380 руб
Раздел: Более 10 литров
Фильтр для кофеварки бумажный "Topperr №4", неотбеленные, 100 штук.
Бумажные фильтры для кофе неотбеленные. В упаковке: 100 штук.
386 руб
Раздел: Кофемашины, кофеварки, кофемолки
For the Sake of Elena Random House, Inc. Elizabeth G.
In her clingy dresses and dangling earrings she exuded a sexuality at odds with the innocence projected by the unicorn posters on her walls.
286 руб
Elena Myers Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The AMA Supersport West series is limited to riders ages 16–21 riding close to stock 600 cc (37 cu in) displacement sport bikes.
1395 руб
Sailing directions for the coasts of Eastern and Western Patagonia, from Port St. Elena on the east side, to Cape Tres Montes on the west side, including ... and the sea coast of Tierra Del Fuego Книга по Требованию King P.P.
955 руб
Кукла Elena с пляжными аксессуарами
5 руб
Елена Прейс. Elena Preis Arbor vitae Ельшевская Г.
1817 руб
Atlas of Graphic Designers Page One Stanic E.
This comprehensive collection takes readers on a whirlwind tour of contemporary graphic design - country by country - spotlighting the best graphic designers from all over the world.
5 руб
Gender Inventories in Psychology. Constructing the Concept of Gender through Measuring Книга по Требованию Elena K.
This book analyzes and criticizes the phenomenon of gender-measuring inventories and practice of measuring gender-related concepts in psychometrics.
1997 руб
Between Tradition and Modernity. Icons and Icon Painters in Romania Книга по Требованию Elena E.D.
It means that a human being becomes capable of transfiguring matter and creating the sacred.
3215 руб
The Burton European Open Snowboard Contest in Laax Switzerland. Analysis of the event and the related satisfaction level of the domiciled hoteliers Книга по Требованию Julia E.W.
Events such as the Air Snowboarding became one of the most popular sports in the last years.
2416 руб
What Makes Strong Canadian Military Marriages Strong? Книга по Требованию Elena S.
The well-established qualitative approach of Grounded Theory method was used.
2784 руб
Burnout in der Krise. Laesst eine Rezession Unternehmen ausbrennen? Книга по Требованию Elena M.
2008 руб
This book is focused on concepts of safe and risky food consumption and consumer trust as a strategy aimed at avoiding food risks.
2784 руб
La Vie Monastique Dans L'eglise Orientale, Par La Comtesse Dora D'istria (French Edition) Книга по Требованию Masal'ska E.K.
957 руб
Reading the modern American city. The Urban Space in Fiction — from Dreiser to Bellow to Amy Tan Книга по Требованию Alina-Elena A.
Freud saw it as a metaphor of the individual' s psyche, comparing the archeological layers of the city to the layered structure of the mind. Similarly, artists and writers have found in the city a prolific source of inspiration, time and again recreating and rendering it through their narrative and aesthetic discourses. And more than any other European city, the American city felt and reflected the driving forces of modernization that started in the late 19th century and greatly impacted the architecture and structure of the old city all over the world, turning it not only into a powerful seat of the money economy, but also into knot of multiple existences, experiences and discourses. Rendered narratively, the modern city then became similar to a palimpsest, a text of many texts and voices, disparate and interconnected at the same time. The present work attempts, therefore, to read this intertextual concoction that is the modern American city. The City has always exerted a pulsating fascination on the human mind. Aristotle sought to define it in terms of its organization, through the basic analogy with the individual and his body.
1923 руб
Epistemic Modality in English and French. Linguistic Approach Книга по Требованию Elena B.
The term “epistemic” was borrowed from Greek and means “knowledge, understanding”.
1894 руб
Новая Матрица. Учебник для 6 класса общеобразовательных учреждений Английский язык. Oxford University Press Khotuntseva E.
Книга для Учителя включает: • подробные рекомендации для проведения каждого раздела урока; • ключи к заданиям учебника и рабочей тетради, скрипты текстов для аудирования; • дополнительные задания для расширения лексического запаса и парной работы к каждому уроку.
553 руб
Aula Latina 2. Libro del alumno (+ Audio CD) Difusion (EMDL) Maria E.A.
Aula Latina es la versió n Mexicana de Aula Internacional, adaptado por un grupo de profesores del TEC de Monterrey, creado para cubrir las necesidades especí ficas de los estudiantes y profesores de Españ ol en Mé xico, Centro Amé rica y tambié n Estados Unidos. Igual que Aula Internacional, Aula latina es un curso compacto, libro del alumno, cuaderno de ejercicios, una completa secció n de gramá tica, una secció n cultural y un CD audio en un ú nico libro. La guí a del profesor incluye las transcripciones de las grabaciones y las claves del cuaderno de ejercicios. La guí a del profesor estará disponible a finales de este añ o. Esperamos que esté is interesados en hacernos llegar vuestra solicitud de libros por fax al nú mero 93. 310. 33. 40 o bien por correo electró nico, directamente a la persona que se encarga de vuestra cuenta de cliente en el departamento de facturació n, para que os lo podamos suministrar lo antes posible.
2274 руб
Atlas of Graphic Designers Rockport Publishers Elena S.
No matter where you are from, this book will leave you with a broadened awareness of your own visual taste and an in depth, contextual understanding of graphic design worldwide.
1029 руб
Quien Tiene El Trofeo Edelsa Hortelano E.G.
Las lecturas sirven para repasar las estructuras y el vocabulario estudiados en las distintas unidades del Libro del Alumno contextualizados en una historia.
358 руб
Benzin KiWi Stancanelli E.
178 руб

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