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Bosnian Pyramids

Формат:      Страниц 92
     мягкая обложка
Othniel H.    
Книга по Требованию    
1395 руб
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Scientific investigations of the site show that there is no pyramid there. Bosnian pyramids refers to an area located around Viso? ica hill (or Grad hill), in the Bosnia and Herzegovina town of Visoko, northwest of Sarajevo (located at 43°58? 40? N 18°10? 38? E), which became the focus of international attention in October 2005 following a news-media campaign promoting the false idea that it is actually the largest of a group of ancient human-made pyramids. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Additionally, scientists have criticised the Bosnian authorities for supporting the pyramid claim saying, "This scheme is a cruel hoax on an unsuspecting public and has no place in the world of genuine science. "
Лоток для бумаг горизонтальный "Сити", черный.
Лотки надёжно стыкуются друг с другом металлическими стержнями 6 см. Вместительная и прочная конструкция. Для листов формата А4. Гладкая
640 руб
Раздел: Подставки, лотки для бумаг, футляры
Глобус физико-политический "Falcon" с подсветкой, диаметр 400 мм.
Глобус для занятий по географии на подставке. Встроенная подсветка помогает увидеть даже самые мелкие детали. В комплект входит
4350 руб
Раздел: Глобусы

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Предпринятая в последние годы попытка стандартизации моделей обмена сообщениями еще не снимает всех проблем. Эффективность распараллеливания во многих случаях сильно зависит от деталей архитектуры Mpp-системы, например топологии соединения процессорных узлов. Самой эффективной была бы топология, в которой любой узел мог бы напрямую связаться с любым другим узлом. Однако в MPP-системах это технически трудно реализуемо. Обычно процессорные узлы в современных MPP-компьютерах образуют или двумерную решетку (например, в S I/Pyramid RM1000) или гиперкуб (как в суперкомпьютерах Cube ). Поскольку для синхронизации параллельно выполняющихся в узлах процессов необходим обмен сообщениями, которые должны доходить из любого узла системы в любой другой узел, важной характеристикой является диаметр системы с1 - максимальное расстояние между узлами. В случае двухмерной решетки d ~ sqr ( ), в случае гиперкуба d ~ 1 ( ). Таким образом, при увеличении числа узлов архитектура гиперкуба является более выгодной. Время передачи информации от узла к узлу зависит от стартовой задержки и скорости передачи. В любом случае за время передачи процессорные узлы успевают выполнить много команд, и это соотношение быстродействия процессорных узлов и передающей системы, вероятно, будет сохраняться - прогресс в производительности процессоров гораздо больше, чем в пропускной способности каналов связи.

Pyramids HarperCollins Publishers Pratchett T.
299 руб
Holocaustizing Bosnia. How the Holocaust Analogy Conditioned the Journalistic Discourse on the 1992-1995 Bosnian War Книга по Требованию
In the end, we argue that while its overwhelming presence made the Holocaust analogy the dominant discursive strategy on the war, its direct adoption by some of the journalists writing the stories made it the unequivocal way to interpret the Bosnian conflict.
1997 руб
Nubian Pyramids Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1191 руб
Pyramids Discworld Novels Transworld Publishers Pratchett T.
366 руб
The Alan Parsons Project 'The Pyramid' [2 CD] { } ~94.01.09 237 BMG Russia
209 руб
The Pyramid (Export Edition) Random House UK Henning M.
These thrilling tales provide a fascinating insight into Wallander' s character, and demand to be read in one sitting. From the stabbing of a neighbour in 1969 to a light aircraft accident in 1989, every story is a vital piece of the Wallander series, showing Mankell at the top of his game. Featuring an introduction from the author, The Pyramid is an essential read for all fans of Kurt Wallander. When Kurt Wallander first appeared in Faceless Killers back in 1990, he was a senior police officer, just turned forty, with his life in a mess. We see him in the early years, doing hours on the beat whilst trying to solve a murder off-duty; witness the beginnings of his fragile relationship with Mona, the woman he has his heart set on marrying; and learn the reason behind his difficulties with his father. His wife had left him, his father barely acknowledged him; he ate badly and drank alone at night. The Pyramid chronicles the events that led him to such a place.
305 руб
Distribution strategies for industrial chemical goods in India Sales Channels for Targeting Base-of-Pyramid Markets in India. Книга по Требованию Kadri V.F.
The work concludes with a description of the aspects of a generalized business model that are applicable for a distribution organization targeting base of pyramid converter markets.
3621 руб
Healthy Eating Pyramid Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The healthy eating pyramid is a nutrition guide developed by the Harvard School of Public Health, suggesting how much of each food category one should eat each day.
1599 руб
Karlsruhe Pyramid Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1395 руб
Population Pyramid Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
A population pyramid, also called age-sex pyramid and age structure diagram, is a graphical illustration that shows the distribution of various age groups in a population (typically that of a country or region of the world), which normally forms the shape of a pyramid.
1395 руб
The shadow of the pyramid, a series of sonnets Книга по Требованию Ferguson R.
595 руб
Christmas Pyramid Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It is suggested that the Christmas pyramid is a predecessor of the Christmas tree; These pyramids themselves are not limited to Christmas: in the Erzgebirge existed a custom of dancing around the "St. John' s Tree," "a pyramid decked with garlands and flowers," at the summer solstice. It is a kind of Carousel with several levels some depicting Christian motifs, such as angels or manger scenes, and others with more secular motifs such as mountain-folk, forests, and other scenes from the everyday life of people in the Erzgebirge. The spinning motion of the pyramids is traditionally achieved with the help of candles whose rising heat spins a propeller above. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! A Christmas Pyramid is a Christmas decoration that has its roots in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) of Germany but has become popular throughout the country.
1522 руб
Muslim Scholars and Islamic Studies in the Balkans. History and Culture of the Albainans and the Bosnians The land of Eagles and the Land of Golden Lilies Книга по Требованию Dr. A.A.Z.
During this period, he was engaged in many cultural activities and introduced the Islamic culture and Persian literature to the Albanians and the Bosnians.
2626 руб
Step Pyramid Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The largest earthen work step pyramid of this type in North America is Monk' s Mound, located in present-day Cahokia Illinois. With the base of the structure exceeding 16 acres Monks Mound is also one of the largest pyramids by area in the world (after La Danta and Great Pyramid of Cholula). Step pyramids are structures which characterized several cultures throughout history. The term refers to pyramids of similar design that emerged separately from one another, as there are no firmly established connections between the different civilizations that built them. These pyramids typically are large and made of several layers of stone. There are a number of earthwork step pyramids within North America. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Often associated with mounds and other mortuary complexes across the Eastern Woodlands (concentrated in the North American Southeast), step pyramids were constructed as ceremonial centres by the Mississippian cultures (900-1500CE), and are regarded as a facet of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex.
1315 руб
Pyramides. Niveau de lecture 2 Hachette FLE Odgers S.
Que sont les pyramides? Où peut-on en voir? Pas seulement en É gypte! Sais-tu que l’on continue d’en construire? Dé couvre comment les hommes les bâ tissaient. Visite l’inté rieur d’une pyramide! Les ouvrages des niveaux 1 et 2 sont particuliè rement adapté s au cycle 2. Ils comprennent entre 300 et 600 mots. Les phrases sont courtes et les mots utilisé s tiennent compte de la difficulté de certains sons. Les illustrations sont soit des dessins, soit des photographies, lé gendé s simplement. Elles contribuent à une meilleure compré hension des thè mes abordé s. Tous les ouvrages comprennent un lexique pour faciliter la compré hension des mots et des expressions difficiles. Té lé chargez le complé ment pé dagogique! Les auteurs: Marc DANIEL et Marie REBIERRE, professeurs des é coles. En té lé chargement gratuit sur notre site Internet. Il contient: Une fiche enseignant qui pré sente les objectifs pé dagogiques de la lecture de chaque ouvrage et propose des pistes d’exploitation en interdisciplinarité . Une fiche de lecture à photocopier pour les é lè ves. Des ouvrages documentaires trè s illustré s et attractifs pour donner à chacun l’envie de lire tout en dé couvrant le monde d’aujourd’hui. Une collection d’ouvrages organisé e en 5 niveaux de lecture pour faciliter les progrè s des é lè ves et les accompagner tout au long de leurs apprentissages. Enfin des ouvrages documentaires pour se perfectionner en lecture!
422 руб
The Pyramid Random House, Inc. Mankell H.
When Kurt Wallander first appeared in "Faceless Killers", he was a senior police officer, just turned forty, with his life in a mess.
379 руб
Ремень "Pyramid Studded" (размер M)
Привлекательная и функциональная модель на каждый день. Материал: 100% полиуретан. Размер: M. Цвет: черный. Стильный ремень, выполненный из прочного материала, украшенными металлическим квадратными заклепками.
938 руб
Ластик "Black Pyramide", трехгранный, черный
42 руб
Pyramid Macmillan Publishers Martin T.
460 руб
Москитная сетка-палатка на 2 персоны "Mosquito Pyramide"
3104 руб

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