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Alexandrian Text-Type

Формат:      Страниц 144
     мягкая обложка
Frederic P.    
Книга по Требованию    
1843 руб
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In later manuscripts, the Byzantine text-type became far more common and remains as the standard text in the Greek Orthodox church and also underlies most Protestant translations of the Reformation era. The Alexandrian text-type is one of several text-types used in New Testament textual criticism to describe and group the textual character of biblical manuscripts. The Alexandrian text-type is the form of the Greek New Testament that predominates in the earliest surviving documents, as well as the text type used in Egyptian Coptic manuscripts. Most modern New Testament translations, however, now use an Eclectic Greek text that is closest to the Alexandrian text-type.
Прикуриватель-разветвитель (арт. TD 0299).
Разветвитель для автоприкуривателя - предназначен для одновременного подключения и зарядки нескольких портативных устройств - зарядки
301 руб
Раздел: Автоаксессуары
Сумка текстильная "Тролли".
Сумка текстильная, длина ручки регулируется. Материал: полиэстер 600 ден. Размер: 20x22 см.
326 руб
Раздел: Молодежные, подростковые
Подгузники "Merries" для новорожденных, 0-5 кг, 90 штук (эконом).
Большая экономичная упаковка мягких и тонких подгузников для новорожденных. Подгузники пропускают воздух, позволяя коже малыша дышать.
1697 руб
Раздел: 0-5 кг
Byzantine Text-Type Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The Byzantine text-type is one of several text-types used in textual criticism to describe the textual character of Greek New Testament manuscripts.
1843 руб
Catalogue and Price List of Type and Material ... Книга по Требованию Foundry C.T.
955 руб
Narzi? und Goldmund: Text und Kommentar Suhrkamp Verlag Гессе Г.
698 руб
Corporate information strategy and management: text and cases The McGraw-Hill Companies Applegate L.M.
2296 руб
Secret Life of Text Macmillan Publishers Thornbury S.
3334 руб
Basic English Grammar Student's Text Vol. A Pearson
516 руб
Line by Line Beginners Text Pearson
671 руб
My Friends 4 Student's Text Pearson
310 руб
Understanding & Using English Grammar 3Ed Student Text, Full + Answer Key Pearson
1189 руб
Interactions One. Reading Text McGraw-Hill Kirn
362 руб
Management and Organization: A Critical Text Macmillan Publishers Stephen L.
3185 руб
Type. A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles Taschen Purvis A.
In order to include a vast amount of material, we have divided this text into two volumes.
5 руб
Honda Civic / Ferio / Domani / Type R. Руководство по ремонту и эксплуатации Монолит Миронов М.Е.
416 руб
New Ornamental Type Thames&Hudson Gail A.
Psychedelia, Hip-Hop, Gothic, flowers, smoke, hair, electricity and monuments are just a few of the creative allusions in the hundreds of dramatic and intricate examples inspired by nature, history and just about anything that is visually expressive.
1655 руб
Mathematics learning in the Israeli junior high school. The influence of gender, religion, grade, class-type, and religiosity-level Книга по Требованию Hanna D.
In Israel the learning of high level mathematics is a condition for being accepted to any high prestige university department.
3191 руб
A Novel Mechanism for Degeneration of Islet Cells in Type-2 Diabetes New Hope in Treating Type-2 Diabetes. Книга по Требованию Atef M.
It opens up additional avenues of research into the aetiology, pathogenesis and the treatment of T2DM.
2769 руб
Text Summarization in Digital Libraries. Development and Evaluation of a Multi-document Summarization Method for Research Abstracts Книга по Требованию Shiyan O.
This book focuses on the development and evaluation of a new method for automatic summarization of a set of research abstracts in the context of building a digital library of research articles.
3215 руб
Sequential and Parallel Algorithms for Sequence Alignment, Text Summary Applied Algorithms for Bioinformatics Problems. Книга по Требованию Vishal T.
Another problem that researchers are putting in a lot of effort into, is document summary.
2403 руб
Adaptive Computer Assisted Assessment of free-text students' answers. An approach to automatically generate students' conceptual models Книга по Требованию Diana P.
Teachers aim to transmit their knowledge to students so that they acquire certain accepted and shared concepts.
3215 руб
Association between Physical Activity and Type 2 Diabetes among Older Adults Книга по Требованию
Once controlling for covariates through multiple regression, physical activity was still a predictor for HbA1c levels.
1997 руб

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