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Формат:      Страниц 216
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Frederic P.    
Книга по Требованию    
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Bio-Dome is a 1996, PG-13-rated, American comedy/drama/buddy/stoner film. The film has themes of environmentalism, countered with scenes of substance abuse, sexual innuendo and toilet humour. Much of the concept, and script, was derived from a scrapped third film in the Bill and Ted series. Bio-Dome was produced by Motion Picture Corporation of America on a budget of $15,000,000, was distributed theatrically by Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer, and was the directional debut of Jason Bloom. The film stars Stephen Baldwin and early ' 90s MTV star Pauly Shore, and has some notable cameo appearances by celebrities such as Kylie Minogue and Rose McGowan. Jack Black and Kyle Gass, more commonly known today as the band Tenacious D, first came to global attention in Bio-Dome in which they performed together as Tenacious D on-screen for the first time. The plot of the film revolves around two clumsy, dim-witted slackers who whilst on a road trip look for a toilet stop in what they believe is a shopping mall, which in fact turns out to be a "bio- dome", a form of a closed ecological system in which five scientists are to be hermetically sealed in for a year.
Штатив для создания снимков "сэлфи", голубой.
Поднимите искусство селфи на новый уровень со штативом. Путешествуйте и фотографируйтесь на фоне живописных пейзажей. Находите самые
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Раздел: Держатели и подставки
Коврик кулинарный с разметкой, 50x40x0,1 см.
Коврик кулинарный с разметкой. Размер: 50x40x0,1 см. Материал: силикон. В ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
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Раздел: Коврики силиконовые для выпечки
Набор для раскопок "Юный археолог", тиранозавр.
Ваш ребенок активно интересуется доисторическими обитателями нашей планеты? Ваших познаний и домашней детской энциклопедии уже не хватает,
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Чарлз Дарвин
Выход в свет Происхождения видов стал крупным событием в истории естествознания, заставив огромное большинство образованных людей 19 в. переосмыслить свои взгляды на мироздание. Такое переосмысление не могло пройти без жестокой борьбы. Наряду с восторженными поклонниками учения, принявшими его полностью, были натуралисты, отнесшиеся благосклонно к основным его положениям, но считавшие, что теория не может объяснить происхождение духовных качеств человека (к таким ученым принадлежал, например, Уоллес). Многие просто не поняли сути учения Дарвина, немало было и таких, чье резко отрицательное отношение к теории лежало в сфере церковных догматов. Главным защитником идей Дарвина стал английский натуралист Г.Гексли, постоянный участник публичных дискуссий с противниками дарвинизма. В частности, он участвовал в известной полемике с епископом Оксфордским С.Уилберфорсом и одержал блистательную победу. В 1868 Дарвин опубликовал второй капитальный труд – Изменение домашних животных и культурных растений ( he Varia io of A imals a d Pla u der Domes ifica io ), в который помимо сведений о выведении полезных для человека животных и растений с помощью искусственного отбора вошло множество фактических доказательств эволюции организмов.

Under the Dome Hodder&Stoughton Stephen K.
A bird is chopped right in half; a gardener' s hands are severed at the wrists; the plane explodes with sheets of flame spreading to the ground and Dale Barbara, Iraq war vet turned short-order cook, is forced to turn back into the town he so desperately needed to leave. As the residents speculate about what has cut them off from the rest of the world, the Army searches for an inside man. ' Barbie' is put in charge. But Big Jim Rennie, the man who holds the town in his powerful grip, has other plans. And the dome could just be the answer to his political prayers. As food, electricity and water run short and children start to have premonitions of a terrifying Halloween, ' Barbie' is forced to take on Big Jim and his renegade supporters. Now time is running out for those living under the dome. Can they find what has created it before it' s too late? Stephen King' s mesmerising new masterpiece - his biggest, most riveting novel since THE STAND - features spectacularly sinister characters and a terrifying phenomenon. UNDER THE DOME is a high-octane thriller, an apocalyptic vision and a fascinating allegory on a tyrannical state of political darkness. Neither make it to their intended destinations. . . Inexplicably, an invisible barrier has descended over the town. It' s a bright Autumn morning in the small town of Chester' s Mill. Claudette Sanders is having a flying lesson and Dale Barbara is hitching a ride out of town.
611 руб
AC ELECTROOSMOSIS FOR LAB-ON-A-CHIP APPLICATIONS. 1) Trapping/concentration of colloidal and bio-particles by integrating microcantilever Книга по Требованию Nazmul I.
AC electroosmosis (AC-EO)is the study of particle and fluid motion induced by AC electric fields.
2403 руб
Strategische Positionierung im Markt fuer Bio- Lebensmittel. Positionierungsmoeglichkeiten und deren Implikationen fuer die Sortimentsentwicklung am Beispiel der Marke Demeter Книга по Требованию Hannes H.
Die Marke Demeter ist die bekannteste Naturkostmarke in Deutschland.
2784 руб
Die Verwendung von Bio-Oss bei der Knochendefektauffuellung nach WSR. Fuer Praktiker und Interessierte Книга по Требованию Astrid Dr. W.
Guided Bone Regeneration an apikalen Defekten scheint verbesserte Resultate im Bezug auf die Knochen- sowie Geweberegeneration im Vergleich zur apikalen Chirurgie alleine zu bringen.
2008 руб
Bio-inspired Design of Sensors and Mechanisms in Humanoid Robotics. Theory, Design and Control Книга по Требованию giovanni s.
This work focuses on the field that is currently receiving the most significant efforts in Humanoid Robotics: hand design. Currently, a state-of–the-art artificial hand can be compared to an almost totally anesthetized human hand.
3234 руб
Kibbie Dome Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1843 руб
Geodesic Dome Книга по Требованию Adam C.B.
The geodesics intersect to form triangular elements that have local triangular rigidity and also distribute the stress across the entire structure.
1599 руб
Castle Dome Mountains Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Castle Dome was named by American soldiers at old Fort Yuma in the 1880s.
1843 руб
Dome Tower, Calgary Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The building is managed by 20 Vic Management.
1191 руб
Bio Booster Armor Guyver Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The manga was originally serialized in Tokuma Shoten' s Shonen Captain magazine beginning in 1985. When Shonen Captain was discontinued in 1997, the manga was picked up by Kadokawa Shoten who subsequently re-released all of the previous graphic novels originally published by Tokuma. The Guyver itself is a symbiotic techno-organic (or biomechanical) device that enhances the capabilities of its host. Bio- Booster Armor Guyver (Viz Media) or Guyver a long-running manga series written by Yoshiki Takaya. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.
1114 руб
Bio Planet WoO Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
WoO was one of many unused ideas created by the late-Eiji Tsuburaya as story connecting to the show, Ultra Q. The story revolves around a living creature which came from a comet named WoO; in the series, WoO is befriended by a young girl named Ai; both are chased by a mysterious organization called SWORD who sees WoO as a threat to humanity.
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Developing Bio-Processes for the Treatment of Malt Factory Effluent. The Case of Assela Malt Factory Книга по Требованию Mezgebe A.H.
At present, the attention of most industries is towards environmentally comfortable waste management systems that can provide: better, faster, cleaner and cost-effective method of treating effluent.
1899 руб
Nagoya Dome Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
It is an example of a geodesic dome.
1740 руб
Problems created by water hyacinth are associated with navigation, flood control, agriculture, irrigation, drainage and conservation of wild life.
1894 руб
Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Bio and Optoelectronic Systems. Control and analysis of molecular motors and semiconductor laser dynamics Книга по Требованию Nicoleta G.
Many natural and novel biotechnological systems are composed of mesoscopic bio and optoelectronic devices or elements.
2280 руб
AN INTRODUCTION TO EPIDEMIOLOGY AND BIO-STATISTICS COURSES. Basic to do Health-related Research Книга по Требованию Girum T.Z.
This text book provides an introduction to the principles and methods of Epidemiological study designs.
1894 руб
Economics of existing farming systems of Uttar Pradesh(India). Characterization of bio-physical and socio economic environment of existing farming systems in Indo-Gangatic Plain of Uttar Pradesh Книга по Требованию S. P. S.
The situation is likely to worsen because of the growing pressure of population on land and limited scope for increasing additional production through subsistence farming.
2280 руб
Bovine Growth Hormone. Milk Production and Health Bio-markers of Nili Ravi Buffaloes Книга по Требованию Tanweer K.
Overall mean milk lactose increased significantly and milk fat was 1. 03% higher (P? 0. 05) in bST treated Buffaloes.
2626 руб
Bio Zombie Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Bio Zombie is a 1998 Hong Kong zombie-comedy film, starring Jordan Bem Chan. It spoofs George A. Romero' s Dawn of the Dead and shows many similarities to Peter Jackson' s Braindead. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.
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Палатка кемпинговая 6-ти местная Holiday "Star dome 6"
Особенности: Конструкция скатного типа.
16796 руб

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