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Communications in Iran

Формат:      Страниц 84
     мягкая обложка
Frederic P.    
Книга по Требованию    
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Iran’s telecommunications industry is almost entirely state-owned, dominated by the Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI). The number of fixed telephone lines is above 24 million, with penetration factor of 33. 66%. Besides, there are 18 million private internet users in Iran (over 23 million when counting public/"internet cafe" users),making the country first in the Middle East, in terms of number. Fixed-line penetration in 2004 was relatively well-developed by regional standards, standing at 22 lines per 100 people, higher than Egypt with 14 and Saudi Arabia with 15, although behind the UAE with 27. In terms of mobile provision in 2004, however, Iran lagged all the countries mentioned above Iran has a population of 70 million with some 56% of Iranians under the age of 25. In 2008, there were more than 52,000 rural offices, providing Telecom services to the villages across the country.
Решетка на ванну (деревянная).
Классическая полка в ванную комнат. Изготовлена из прочного дерева. Прекрасно впишется в обстановку ванной комнаты. Размеры: 70х36х4,5
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Пробковая доска с деревянной рамкой SP, 60х40 см.
Пробковые доски, тип SP применяются в качестве персональных информационных дисплеев. На их поверхность с помощью кнопок или булавок можно
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Доска пробковая "Premium", деревянная рамка, 120x90.
Изготовлена c использованием наполнителя Softboard, что придает дополнительную прочность в процессе перевозки и хранения, а также
1822 руб
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Business writing for results: how to create a sense of urgency and increase response to all of your business communications The McGraw-Hill Companies Cleland J.K.
843 руб
Advertising Communications & Promotion Management The McGraw-Hill Companies John R.
3593 руб
A CONTEXTUAL STUDY OF THE SOCIAL FUNCTIONS OF GUJI- OROMO PROVERBS. The Savor and Rhetoric Power of Verbal Arts in Everyday Communications of African Peoples Книга по Требованию Tadesse J.J.
What makes the contents of this work different from other publications in folklore is that it embodies the functions and meanings of proverbs in particular contexts of social interactions among people with rich oral traditions.
1981 руб
Security Technology on Wireless Communications and Electronic Commerce. Project of Jung-San Lee Книга по Требованию Jung-San L.
Thus, how to prevent communications from being eavesdropped, fabricated, and intruded becomes the main challenge of a network system design.
2769 руб
SMS Communications in Ethiopia. It’s Application and Prospects Книга по Требованию Aklilu D.
However, despite its potential impact and importance of SMS, to the knowledge of the researcher, no prior study, focusing on the developing countries had been presented that to examines the different forms of SMS communications, its potential and the success factors of the medium.
1997 руб
Risk factors for human brucellosis in Iran. A case-control study Книга по Требованию Amitis R.
Several variables are associated with the acquisition of human brucellosis such as consumption of unpasteurized milk and dairy products, exposure to infected domestic animals, herding and being in a family that had brucellosis index case.
1997 руб
Konferenzloesungen auf Basis von VoIP. Konzeption und Implementierung auf Basis des MS Live Communications Server 2005 Книга по Требованию
Mit Hilfe des Internets als Kommunikationskanal bieten sich neue und kostenguenstige Moeglichkeiten, die innerhalb der letzten Jahre einem rasanten technologischen Fortschritt unterlagen.
2008 руб
Towards QoS Aware Collective Communications. From Theory to Practice: Design Книга по Требованию Ahmed Y.A.
It gives the reader the essential background to understand and implement QoS aware collective communication algorithms.
2784 руб
From Fringe Party to Serious Contender. An Analysis of Green Party of Minnesota Communications Книга по Требованию Brant S.
This book is especially useful for Green Party members, third-party advocates, managers of political volunteers, or anyone else interested in politics – especially the fierce independent political spirit of Minnesotans.
2008 руб
Power Spectra of Random Spikes and Related Complex Signals. with Application to Communications and Random Sampling Книга по Требованию Andrea R.
We present a systematic study of the properties of random spikes and related complex signals, the latter being the result of various operations (filtering, jittering, delaying, thinning, clustering, sampling, and modulating) on a basic event stream. ``Random spikes' ' belong to the common language used by engineers, physicists and biologists to describe events associated with time records and locations in space.
2416 руб
From State to ‘Independent’ Regulation in South Africa. A Critical Analysis of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Книга по Требованию Siphiwe H.
The paper argues that ICASA is not as independent as it should be. First, the interference from the Minister of Communication in certain regulatory aspects such as the National Radio Frequency Plan and infrastructural regulation in general has meant that the Authority is beholden to the whims of the Minister.
2416 руб
Resource Allocation For Delay-Constrained Communications. Multimedia Wireless Communications Книга по Требованию Xiaochen L.
The QoS requirement is statistically modeled by the triplet of data rate, delay bound, and delay bound violation probability.
2008 руб
The book tries to answer the question how the Islamist and republican orientations that built up the political regime and the system of governance in the Islamic Republic have affected the domestic political and ideological developments.
2784 руб
Children at High-Risk. A Comparative Analysis of the Case of Child Soldiers in Iran and in El Salvador Книга по Требованию Nassrin F.
On the other, it is influenced by the salience of their identification with the recruiting organizations’ mobilizational narratives.
3234 руб
The Bush-Administration's Iran Policy and Europe. From «Regime Change» to «Engagement»? Книга по Требованию
This support--tacit at first--climaxed in May 2006, when Condoleezza Rice declared Washington' s readiness to join multilateral negotiations with Iran. This book shows that the Bush administration was unable to formulate an autonomous--i. e. unilateral--Iran policy according to its original policy preferences of containment and isolation. The shifts in U. S. foreign policy can be best explained by a combination of three factors: First, America' s freedom of action was limited following the Iraq War which put a drag on U. S. military, economic and political power.
2008 руб
Windows of Opportunity: women's political participation. Analysis of Turkey, Iran and Egypt Книга по Требованию Sarah K.
Such interpretation has had a significant impact on the lives of women within both the public and private spheres. Women' s political participation in the Islamic Middle East is considerably lower than any in other region of the world. One of the main challenges facing women' s entry into the political realm is the interpretation of religious texts which has established a degree of institutional sexism.
2416 руб
Birds of Iran Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1599 руб
Communications Clique Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1395 руб
Science et Technologie en Iran Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Les persans ont par exemple decouvert la force eolienne et l' alcool. Les Iraniens ont contribue significativement a la connaissance moderne de la nature, de la medecine, des mathematiques et de la philosophie. La Perse a ete un des berceaux de la civilisation. La science et la technologie en Iran, comme le pays lui-meme, ont une longue histoire. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1395 руб
Iran and State Terrorism Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
2825 руб

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