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Cartoon Network (United States)

Формат:      Страниц 80
     мягкая обложка
Frederic P.    
Книга по Требованию    
1395 руб
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Cartoon Network (United States), List of programs broadcast by Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Toonami, Cartoon Cartoons, Cartoon Network Invaded, Boomerang (TV channel), Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall, Turner Broadcasting System, The Cartoon Cartoon Show, Original video animation.
Жвачка для рук "Сочный апельсин".
Что такое Neogum? Это большая ручная жвачка, как с запахом, так и без него и без вкуса. У нас вы так же можете купить жвачку меняющую цвет
369 руб
Раздел: Антистрессы
Ведро-контейнер для мусора с педалью "Classic", 12 литров, зеркальное.
Контейнер для мусора объёмом 30 литров. Изготовлен из нержавеющей стали со специальным антикоррозийным покрытием. Оборудован педалью и
1431 руб
Раздел: Корзины для бумаг, мусора
Мел белый, 72 штуки.
В наборе: 72 мелка.
471 руб
Раздел: Мел
Cartoon Network (Latin America) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It is operated in Latin America by Turner Broadcasting.
1599 руб
DVD. Лучшие мультфильмы Cartoon Network для детей. Выпуск 1
Четыре веселых мультсериала!
65 руб
DVD. Лучшие мультфильмы Cartoon Network. Выпуск 4
Садитесь поудобнее и наслаждайтесь! Содержание: - Ужасные приключения Билли и Мэнди. Серии 25-32. - Тайные приключения семейства Сатердей. Серии 10-12. - Эд, Эдд и Эдди. Серии 25-32. - Лагерь Лазло. Серии 25-32. Cartoon Network предлагает вам невероятные развлечения, веселье и смех, шутки и комичные ситуации с известными персонажами потрясающего мира мультипликации.
262 руб
Выпуск 1-2 (региональное издание) (количество DVD дисков: 2) DVD. Лучшие мультфильмы Cartoon Network для детей:
Лучшие мультфильмы Cartoon Network для детей:
115 руб
Network 1. Student's Book Oxford University Press Bill B.
Communication Bank' with mixed-ability pair and groupwork tasks A topic-based, three-level course which takes a fresh look at the needs and learning styles of young teenagers. Student' s Book: - eight topic-based units providing balanced coverage of all four skills - a ' Grammar Help' section, providing consolidation and support - student learning objectives and self-evaluation - a '
575 руб
A Case Study of an Urban International School Assisting a Local Educational Development NGO Motivations in a Social Capital Network. Книга по Требованию Shaun M.
The analysis reveals that there are benefits of cooperation for both ‘resource rich’ and ‘resource poor’ partners alike.
1981 руб
Wireless Sensor Network for Automobile Tire Health Monitoring. Embedded Wireless Sensor Network for Aircraft/Automobile Tire Structural Health Monitoring Книга по Требованию Farrukh G.
A sensor system that can measure the overall strain of a tire is known as a centralized strain sensing system.
2385 руб
Learning resource limitations are critical factors that influence the stability and future development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) Capability-building in SMEs by participation in a learning network. Книга по Требованию Philip M.
Learning networks are mechanisms that have been developed to assist SMEs in capability- building.
3191 руб
Elastic Wave-based Damage Detection Using Active Sensor Network Книга по Требованию Zhongqing S.
Following a review of the state of the art in this field, the book introduces a signal processing technique, termed Digital Damage Fingerprints (DDF); an inverse identification algorithm using a feedforward artificial neural network (ANN); and an active sensor network technique based on a novel concept, Standard Sensor Unit (SSU).
3191 руб
Network Industries. Economic Aspects of Compatibility, Technology Licensing and R Книга по Требованию Sumit S.
This book deals with the economic aspects of some technological issues in industries that exhibit network externalities.
1997 руб
Wireless Sensor Network. Coverage, Scheduling and Optimization Книга по Требованию Mahmuda N.
Now a days, Wireless Sensor Network is a very challenging and emerging reserach field.
1997 руб
Network Theory and morphological productivity in Russian. Experimental evidence from elicited production and ratings Книга по Требованию Vsevolod K.
Evidence for Network Theory over the Dual Mechanism Model is provided by the findings that all competing suffixes are sensitive to which words the novel word is similar to, with no suffix acting as a default.
2769 руб
A Network-Transparent, Retained-Mode Multimedia Framework for Linux. A Network-Transparent, Retained-Mode Multimedia Processing Framework for the Linux Operating System Environment Книга по Требованию Bahmann H.
The application is expected to use these building blocks to construct the full processing pipeline containing all individual transformations to be applied to the data.
3987 руб
A Wireless Highway Network Consisting of Geotextile Roadbed Antennas. Concepts and Design Considerations Книга по Требованию
The analysis presents an exciting vision of a future with uninhibited connectivity that will be of interest to both professionals and academics working in the areas of electromagnetics and wireless networks.
1997 руб
Defects in Random Number Routines of Network Simulators. Problems and Appropriate Improvements Книга по Требованию
In order to find parameters of good quality over a wide range of dimensions, a parallel approach implementing exhaustive and random search methods is proposed.
2416 руб
By Incorporating the Effect of Network Characteristics on Driving Patterns Estimating Vehicle Emissions in Transportation Planning. Книга по Требованию
However, the static travel demand model hampers accuracy of predicting driving patterns.
2416 руб
Designing a Secure Short Duration Transaction Network. Analysis and Design to Proof of Concept Книга по Требованию
Short duration transactions feature in many scenarios, from fire/burglar alarms and remote monitoring/metering systems to telemetry and Point of Sale (PoS) systems.
2784 руб
Simulation and Detection of Self-Propagating Worms and Viruses. Systems and Network Security Книга по Требованию Ajay G.
Large-scale attacks generated by fast spreading worms and viruses have emerged as a major threat to the Internet.
2008 руб
Network Performance Measurements. A Wavelet Analysis for Compression and Feature Extraction Книга по Требованию Konstantinos K.
This thesis contributes to the knowledge by examining two threshold estimation techniques, two threshold application techniques and the impact of window size on the lossy compression performance.
3234 руб
Topology Configurations for Energy Efficiency in Sensor Networks. Network Level Coordination Книга по Требованию Manikanden B.
This work aims to exploit such connection redundancies in sensor deployments, using network level adaptations, and achieve energy efficiency.
3234 руб

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