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Representation Reguliere

Формат:      Страниц 80
     мягкая обложка
Frederic P.    
Книга по Требованию    
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En mathematiques et plus precisement en theorie des groupes, la representation reguliere est une representation d' un groupe fini. Soient G un groupe fini d' ordre g, K un corps, V un K espace vectoriel de dimension g et (es) une base de V indexee par G. Soit ? le morphisme de groupe de G dans le groupe lineaire GL(V), qui a un element u de G associe l' automorphisme ? u de V defini comme suit sur la base de V : l' image du vecteur es par ? u est egal au vecteur eu. s. Alors la representation (V, ? ) est appelee representation reguliere de G. Ce concept possede des proprietes importantes. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Par exemple, toute representation irreductible est isomorphe a une sous-representation de la representation reguliere.
Термомозаика "В мире животных".
Ваш ребенок любит изучать животных, а еще — играть и придумывать что-то новое? С термомозаикой "В мире животных" все это можно
360 руб
Раздел: Термомозаика
Стул детский Ника складной, моющийся (розовый, рисунок: горошек).
Особенности: - стул складной; - предназначен для детей от 3 до 7 лет; - металлический каркас; - на ножках стула установлены пластмассовые
562 руб
Раздел: Стульчики
Карандаши цветные "Black Diamond", 24 цвета.
Набор высококачественных цветных карандашей. Яркие цвета, супер мягкий грифель. Материал - черное дерево. Классический шестигранный корпус
316 руб
Раздел: 13-24 цвета
Psychophysical investigation of face representation across changes in viewpoint and image size Face perception and prosopagnosia. Книга по Требованию Yunjo L.
Face recognition is a critical skill for our social adaptation; disorders of face recognition can impose very frustrating and embarrassing problems on the affected person.
2385 руб
Emergent Guatemalan-Maya Discourses and Institutions of Modernization. The Impact of Education upon the Representation of the Maya in a Globalized World Книга по Требованию Ricardo L.
Social movements begin to raise and therefore a need of Mayan Indigenous actors was felt toward a more just and dignifying participation upon national peace and political matters.
3215 руб
The Representation of Urban Landscapes in Post-Communist Central and Eastern European Cinema Screening Eastern Europe. Книга по Требованию Anne G.
Focusing on the city as the centre of social change, this book introduces some major works of this era and explores how certain aspects of Eastern European life have been represented in cinema since 1989, including urban migration, post-communist realities and the loss of identity. "Screening Eastern Europe" is an ideal introduction to the cinematic landscape of the so-called "New Europe" - the perfect guide for anyone wanting to explore the cinema as well as the social changes of one of the most diverse regions in the world.
1997 руб
"From Darwin to the Death Camps. ". A Collage of Holocaust Representation Focusing on Perpetrator Atrocity Discourse in Literature, Drama and Film Книга по Требованию
The horror of a machine-like death camp administration and business fits a postmodern matrix of banality and commonality that makes the SS and Germans involved in Hitlers ' ' Final Solution ' more frightening because they are not the ' monsters ' we want them to be but average people making their way in a system that espoused ' murder for advancement ' in the Death Camp heirarchy of those dreaded concentration lagers in Hitler and Himmler ' s Nazi Germany. The Holocaust in the words of survivor Elie Wiesel is ' unimaginable. ' Most of the memoir and research of the Holocaust focuses [and rightly so] on the voice of the victim but for this book I chose to zero in on the voice and portrayal of the perpetrator, the ' ordinary German ' vis-a-vis Hitler ' s secretary Traudl Junge, as well as the Death Camp bureaucrat Adolph Eichmann and the careerist Albert Speer to name a few. As a professor and scholar I have always been fascinated by the everyday existence that many SS and Wehrmacht soldiers went about their lives after a day at a place like Auschwitz or Treblinka.
3215 руб
Knowledge Representation and Planning under Uncertainty. Decision Making in Real World Книга по Требованию
The monograph consists of a wealth of new theoretical and advanced fundamental techniques for approximate decision making under uncertainty and for knowledge representation in partially observable systems.
2784 руб
Diversity or Perversity?. Queer Narratives, Resistance and Representation in New Zealand, 1948-2000 Книга по Требованию Christopher B.
At the same time, fictional narratives offer an adjacent body of knowledge and thought for queer men.
2416 руб
Intention Overview, Classification, Representation, Discovery and Interactions with Other Semantic Relations Discovering Intentions in Text and Semantic Calculus. Книга по Требованию Marta T.
The semantic relations between the constituents of a text represent the core elements of lexical semantics.
2416 руб
Cross-cultural Musical Representation in Mauricio Kagel's Die Stuecke der Windrose fuer Salonorchester 'Transcending Quotation'. Книга по Требованию Bjoern H.
Throughout, the author moves between such issues as compositional technique, aesthetic questions, such as Kagel’s challenge to traditional notions of authorship, and the ideological implications of cross-cultural musical representation, which are interpreted in the light of recent discourses.
2784 руб
Representation of the Body in Polish Art after 1989. Towards a history of Polish art after 1989 Книга по Требованию Katarzyna P.
Works by Kozyra, Kulik, ? ebrowska and ? mijewski are shown in the context of the shift from the singualrity and inclusiveness of the category ”body” the multiplicity and plurality of subject positions, and art becoms a cultural strategy that modifies and extends the range of existing cultural categories, adopting them to the particular anti-patriarchal and anti-exclusionary interests.
2008 руб
Equality, Representation of Women, Parliament, Indonesia’s Democratic Transition Equal Representation of Women in Parliament. Книга по Требованию Erni H.K.
By exploring mainstream and feminist discourse on democracy, representation and women' s empowerment within the context of new Indonesia' s democratic atmosphere and paternalistic political culture significant findings emerge about women' s association with certain social economical political circles; women’s ability to challenge the dominant gender ideology of ' ibuism' ; resistance to women' s quota; and concern about on women' s and/or children' s issues. This work will be useful to women activists, politicians and policy makers, international development institutions and scholars of South East Asia.
3234 руб
Imagi-Nation of Gendered Nationalism. The Representation of Women as Gendered National Subjects in Ottoman-Turkish Novels (1908-1938) Книга по Требованию Elif G.K.
3234 руб
Politicised Nature. The Representation of the Land in Recent Palestinian and Israeli Literature Книга по Требованию Kim H.
Since the Middle Eastern conflict has always been about the territory, the ' land' has become a highly imagined and emotionally charged element is both Palestinian and Israeli literature.
2008 руб
Vertical Association Rule Mining. From Data Representation to Data Mining Книга по Требованию Imad R.
The framework is adapted to environments that require “divide and conquer” parallel processing or pruning beyond the ubiquitous support-based pruning.
2784 руб
Objects in Context. The Neurocognitive Representation, Binding, and Processing of Object and Context Features in Recognition Memory - An Electrophysiological Approach Книга по Требованию
A model of object memory and perceptual feature binding is introduced and tested in a series of RM experimentsapplying the event-related potentials method. Conclusions are: 1) ERP results strongly support dual-process models of RM. 2) Familiarity is not a purely conceptual processbut can also be perceptually specific. 3) Familiarity is in principle acontextual. 4) Familiarity is a rather automatic and holistic processwhereas recollection is more controlled and flexible. 5) Episodic RM is an iterative processsupported by interacting subprocesses that depend on different brain regionsand influenced by non-mnemonic processing. Therebybecause objects are preferred units of the cognitive system in generalevaluation of intrinsic features usually occurs before the evaluation of context features. Beyond these thought-provoking resultsresearcherslecturersand students interested in memory psychology will enjoy a state-of-the-art account of recent views on feature binding and RM. Recognition memory (RM) is one of the most studied areas in cognitive psychology and neuroscience; yetthere are many unresolved matters. This thesis tackles some of the main contentious issues.
2416 руб
The current effort involves: (1) development of an efficient approximate method for reliability analysis involving the limit state/performance function which is dominantly of additive or multiplicative in nature, (2) development of multipoint response surface for reliability analysis, involving multiple design points, (3) formulation of generalized response surface techniques for probabilistic characterization of general class of problems, and (4) development of convolution theorem based approach for reliability analysis in conjunction with HDMR based response surface modeling.
3234 руб
Knowledge representation and reasoning Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Knowledge representation and reasoning is an area in artificial intelligence that is concerned with how to formally "think", that is, how to use a symbol system to represent "a domain of discourse" - that which can be talked about, along with functions that may or may not be within the domain of discourse that allow inference about the objects within the domain of discourse to occur.
1843 руб
Affine Representation Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Similarly, an affine representation of a Lie algebra g on A is a Lie algebra homomorphism from g to the Lie algebra aff(A) of the affine group of A. An example is the action of the Euclidean group E(n) upon the Euclidean space En. Since the affine group in dimension n is a matrix group in dimension n + 1, an affine representation may be thought of as a particular kind of linear representation.
1191 руб
Bishan-Toa Payoh Group Representation Constituency Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Its sub-constituencies are Bishan East, Bishan-Toa Payoh North, Thomson, Toa Payoh Central and Toa Payoh East Bishan-Toa Payoh Group Representation Constituency is a five-member Group Representation Constituency located in the central region of Singapore.
1191 руб
Pro se Legal Representation in the United States Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
In the United States federal court system for the year 2007 approximately 27% of actions filed, 92% of prisoner petitions and 10% of non-prisoner petitions were filed by pro se litigants.
1395 руб
Tampines Group Representation Constituency Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
The GRC encompasses Tampines with five sub-constituencies, namely Tampines East, Tampines West, Tampines Central, Tampines North and Tampines Changkat.
1395 руб

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