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Педагогика среднего специального образования

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Педагогика среднего специального образования

Composition studies

Формат:      Страниц 72
     мягкая обложка
Frederic P.    
Книга по Требованию    
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In many American colleges and universities, undergraduate students must take freshman — sometimes even higher — composition courses. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Many composition scholars study not only the theory and practice of post-secondary writing instruction, but also the influence of different writing conventions and genres on writers' composing processes. As written conventions and genres change over time, compositionists continue to learn how these changes influence writers and how writers work to change the conventions within which they work. Composition Studies is the professional field of writing research and instruction, focusing especially on writing at the college level in the United States. For example, in California, all public colleges and universities have freshman and sophomore composition courses as requirements.
Набор мебели Ника "Азбука" (стол+стул мягкий, моющийся).
Комплект складной. Подходит для кормления, игр и обучения. Поверхность столешницы ламинированная с нанесением ярких познавательных
1242 руб
Раздел: Наборы детской мебели
Сушилка для белья Vileda "Мультифлекс".
Компактная (занимает мало места, удобно размещать даже в небольшом помещении). Очень устойчивая. С защитным покрытием от воздействий
5206 руб
Раздел: Сушилки напольные
Брелок с кольцом "Lord of the Rings" Ring.
Брелок с тем самым Кольцом из известного произведения жанра фэнтези романа-эпопеи "Властелин Колец" английского писателя Дж. Р.
1590 руб
Раздел: Металлические брелоки
The Lipid Composition of the Yeast Genus Saccharomycopsis Schionning. A taxonomic and bioprospective study Книга по Требованию Olihile S.
In order to achieve this, it was first attempted to establish a database mapping the distribution of fatty acids (FAs) associated with the neutral-, glyco- and phospholipid fractions of the 10 species representing the genus Saccharomycopsis.
2416 руб
The musical basis of verse, a scientific study of the principles of poetic composition Книга по Требованию Dabney J.P.
955 руб
A Study on Mass Production, Biochemical Composition and Nutritional Enrichment of Some Live Fish Food Organisms Live Food: Mass production, Biochemical profiling and Enrichment. Книга по Требованию Ashutosh S.
This book is an attempt in this direction.
2626 руб
Английский для экономистов. Методическое пособие к учебнику "English for Business Studies" Государственный университет - Высшая школа экономики (ГУ ВШЭ) Барановская Т.А.
Его цель - дополнить курс упражнениями и заданиями на перевод, а также глоссариями с русскоязычными соответствиями.
224 руб
Writers at Work, The Short Composition Writers at Work Cambridge University Press Strauch
The approach in this book assumes that even lower level students can handle a full-blown process approach.
1502 руб
Management Case Studies, 2ed John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) Kerzner H.
2690 руб
Writing Composition 1 - 2 Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers Fidge
595 руб
Writing Composition 4 Pupil's Book Macmillan Publishers Fidge L.
533 руб
Begin Composition through Pictures Pearson J. H.
229 руб
Junior Composition Course Book 2 Pearson George S.
5 руб
Academic Encounters: American Studies Student's Book Academic Encounters Cambridge University Press Jessica W.
The listening book with student' s Audio CD, as well as the complete audio program for the listening book, are both available separately for purchase. The reading book and the listening book may each be used independently or they may be used together to form an integrated four-skills course. The text engages students with academic readings, photos, graphs, and charts on stimulating topics from the field of American Studies that deal with important events and ideas in American history and culture that are relevant to American life today. Academic Listening Encounters: Academic Encounters: Each chapter ends with a guided academic writing assignment. Students also learn study skills such as highlighting, note taking, and preparing for a quiz. American Studies is a listening, note-taking, and discussion text that focuses on the same content area as the reading, study-skills, and writing book described above. Exercises that accompany the lessons develop important reading skills such as reading for detail, skimming, reading critically, and applying what you have read. Topics include government, race relations, the history of U. S. immigration, jazz and blues, movies, hip-hop, and the interplay of American culture and cultures from around the world. Tasks to build vocabulary and academic writing skills occur throughout the book. American Studies uses a sustained-content approach to help students develop the skills they need to meet the demands of academic courses.
2202 руб
American Studies Student' s Book (+ Audio CD) Academic Listening Encounters: Academic listening Encounters Cambridge University Press Kim S.
There are two books for each content area.
1659 руб
Key Concepts in Cultural Studies Palgrave Maja M.
The book provides a comprehensive and accessible selection of definitions of key cultural studies terms and concepts.
920 руб
Comparative Art Studies Arts Of The World: Книга по Требованию Edwin S.B.
5 руб
Social Studies In English Literature (1916) Книга по Требованию Laura J.W.
955 руб
Studies in Christian Philosophy Книга по Требованию Matthews W.R.
5 руб
Studies In The English Mystery Plays Книга по Требованию Charles D.
5 руб
Luke The Physician And Other Studies In The History Of Religion Книга по Требованию William M. R.
5 руб
Memories And Studies Of War And Peace (1896) Книга по Требованию Archibald F.
Книга представляет собой репринтное издание 1896 года (издательство "New York, Scribner").
955 руб
Studies In Physiology, Anatomy And Hygiene Книга по Требованию James E.P.
5 руб

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