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Ministry of Finance (Singapore)

Формат:      Страниц 68
     мягкая обложка
Frederic P.    
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The Ministry of Finance is a ministry of the Government of Singapore responsible for administering and regulating financial institutions and structures of the economy of Singapore. It is headed by the Minister for Finance. The authority' s main regulatory statutes are the Companies Act, the Business Registration Act, the Currency Act and the Accountants Act High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
Одеяло стеганое "Карапуз", толстое (белое).
Одеяло "Карапуз" выполнено в чистейшем белом цвете. Дополнительно по всему периметру имеется стежка для предотвращения миграции
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Раздел: Одеяла для детей
Магнитная игра-одевашка "Модницы".
Кукла Алиса невероятная модница! В ее гардеробе вы сможете найти огромное количество одежды, обуви, аксессуаров и даже ошейники для ее
594 руб
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Накладка на унитаз "Dog and Cat", антискользящая.
Хотите вы обойтись без горшка вовсе, или просто пришло время перебираться на взрослый унитаз, эта насадка станет отличным подспорьем.
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V.A'Ministry of Sound' v.1 [CD] { } ~54.00.00 74659 UniversalMusic
209 руб
Dictionary of Banking & Finance Bloomsbury Publishing P. C.
688 руб
Principles of Managerial Finance. 11ed Addison Wesley Lawrence G.
1706 руб
International Acquisition Finance: Law and Practice Oxford University Press Griffiths G.
- Expert contributor team drawn from leading practitioners around the world - Provides comparative tables for an at-a-glance guide across the jurisdictions covered - Unique international focus International Acquisition Finance is a new joint project with the International Bar Association providing a comprehensive analysis on the law and practice relating to acquisition finance at an international level.
13154 руб
Re-Emergence of Global Finance Palgrave Burn
4368 руб
Finance (+ Audio CD) Prentice Hall Zvi B.
1830 руб
Dictionary of Finance and Banking Oxford University Press Jonathan L.
1104 руб
Key Concepts in Accounting and Finance Palgrave Key Concepts Macmillan Publishers Jonathan S.
"Key Concepts in Accounting and Finance" is one of a range of comprehensive glossaries with entries arranged alphabetically for easy reference.
2723 руб
Money, Silver, And Finance (1896) Книга по Требованию John H.C.
1144 руб
Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms Barron's Ed John D.
Readers will also find a list of financial abbreviations and acronyms, as well as illustrative diagrams and charts.
602 руб
The Politics of Sustainability. The Rise and Decline of the Colombian Ministry of Environment Книга по Требованию Henry M.
In particular, the study shows that Colombian governments in the early twenty-first century gravely underestimated the importance of institutional continuity.
2385 руб
African Frontier Equity Markets. Sources of development finance and implications to portfolio managers Книга по Требованию Bruce H.
These provide a unique insight into the investment opportunities that exist within African equity markets and the benefits for firms seeking cost effective sources of development finance.
3215 руб
Applications of Microscopic Modelling in Finance. Stability and liquidity of financial markets exemplified by an agent-based model Книга по Требованию Alexander W.
While statistical models can reproduce empirical findings, they cannot give insight into the causal relationships and the market' s response to a changing environment. Microscopic models of financial markets are an approach to understand the underlying mechanisms determining the market behaviour. In this book, we give an introduction to the basic idea of microscopic modelling with a particular focus on the "Opinion Game", a microscopic market model introduced by Bovier, ? erny and Hryniv (2006). Within the framework of the Opinion Game, we devote ourselves to two issues: First, the market stability in dependence on long-term investors and, second, the market illiquidity when orders of large volumes are executed. A survey of a JAVA implementation of the Opinion Game completes the book. For the financial industry, it is of paramount importance to understand the statistical features of price processes.
3621 руб
Stock Market Development in Africa. Corporate Finance and Economic Growth with a Case Study of Ghana Книга по Требованию
The book also studies the determinants of stock market development in Africa and discusses a new approach for deepening African stock markets.
3234 руб
The Ministry of Reconciliation a Comparative Study. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)in South Africa and the Luena Memorandum in Angola, did they helped in healing the wounded people? Книга по Требованию Pedro L.
The Luena memorandum did not lead the country into national reconciliation or into the needed process of healing.
3234 руб
The catholicity of ordained ministry in the Anglican Communion. An examination of the ecclesiology implicit in the validity of orders debate Книга по Требованию Noel C.
It may even have differed within the Communion.
2784 руб
Learning from Experience Prospects of Islamic Micro-finance in Nigeria. Книга по Требованию Aliyu D.M.
This aggravates the existing inequitable distribution of wealth and income in Nigeria.
2008 руб
Principles and Practice BUSINESS FINANCE. Книга по Требованию Gregory N.
Apart from the University undergraduate students, the book also caters for candidates preparing for professional examinations The book is quite useful not only to students of business finance but also to those in accounting at undergraduate and post graduate studies.
3234 руб
Structured Finance. Strategies to Finance Acquisitions Книга по Требованию Dirk J.
The publication does not attempt to reveal a correlation between the implementation of a particular valuation methodology or form of payment and the internal rate of return of an investment firm or the return on equity of a corporate investor.
2416 руб
Risk Management of Project Finance. Perspective of Global Financial Crisis Книга по Требованию Joel-Florian B.
The press and articles on economics over past two years have been determined by one pivotal topic: the effects and impacts of the global financial crisis on banks, corporations and the global economy.
2008 руб

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