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Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith

Формат:      Страниц 68
     мягкая обложка
Frederic P.    
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Guitarist, fiddler, and banjo player who had a major hit with the instrumental, "Guitar Boogie". Arthur Smith (born April 1, 1921) is an American musician and songwriter. Born in Clinton, South Carolina, Arthur Smith was a textile mill worker who became a celebrated and respected country music instrumental composer, often credited as the greatest guitar player of all time. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
Автокресло ЕДУ-ЕДУ "KS-517", с вкладышем, 15-36 кг (коричневый).
Автокресло для детей с 3 до 12 лет, вес 15-36 кг, 2 в 1. 6 положений регулировки подголовника по высоте, ортопедическая форма спинки и
2710 руб
Раздел: Автокресла 15-36 кг
Каталка детская "Kids Rider".
Эта каталка станет прекрасным транспортным средством для вашего малыша. На ней можно кататься не только на улице, но и дома. Оригинальная
1113 руб
Раздел: Каталки
Чайник неэлектрический со свистком, 3,5 литра, сталь.
Характеристики: - Объем: 3,5 л. - Удобная ненагревающаяся бакелитовая ручка. - Зеркальная полировка. - Высококачественная нержавеющая
465 руб
Раздел: Чайники из нержавеющей стали

Хип-хоп культура и её влияние на молодежный сленг
Его составными частями являются: op или up rock (означают перемещение с ноги на ногу перед тем, как зайти на нижний элемент), foo work (так называемые забеги), spi i g moves или power moves (крученые элементы и связки между ними) и, наконец, freeze (фиксация положения тела при выполнении определённого элемента). В отличие от нижнего брейкинга, верхний брейк больше требует пластичности и умения танцевать, чем физической подготовки, т.е. физические нагрузки в верхнем брейкинге, гораздо легче. Верхний брейк включает в себя Elec rik Boogie (имитирование робота и.т.д.) и Pop Loki g (ближе к классическому дискотечному танцу, но с резкими, оригинальными фиксациями рук, ног, всего туловища). Би-Боинг зародился в Бронксе, в одном из районов Нью-Йорка. Изощренный в своих формах, он привлекает внимание необычностью и зажигательностью. Название «Брэйк Дэнс» появилось позднее, в начале 80-х годов. Название «Би- бойз» было придумано Dj Кул Джей Херком, отцом Рэп музыки, в начале 70-х годов. В брейкерском слэнге заметно преобладание названий элемнтов танца. (Гвоздь – вертикальный прокрут на голове.

The Collected Writings of Kevin Smith Silent Bob Speaks: HarperCollins US Smith K.
457 руб
King Arthur Pendragon Книга по Требованию Dillon A.
957 руб
A laboratory outline of Smith's intermediate chemistry Книга по Требованию Smith A.
955 руб
The life and writings of Richard Penn Smith, with a reprint of his play, "The deformed," 1830 Книга по Требованию Smith R.P.
495 руб
Solutions of the more difficult exercises and examination papers in the Canadian edition of Hamblin Smith's arithmetic Книга по Требованию Smith J.H.
955 руб
Anecdotes of the theatre. Collected and arr. by Arthur H. Engelbach Книга по Требованию Engelbach A.H.
955 руб
A complete analysis, or abridgement, of Dr. Adam Smith's inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations Книга по Требованию Smith A.
955 руб
Arthur Carter: Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings Abrams Carter A.
With thorough exploration of the work by art historian and journalist Charles A. Riley II and a biographical note by Peter Kaplan, editor in chief of The New York Observer, Arthur Carter:
896 руб
Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life in Letters Penguin Group Doyle S.A.C.
In particular, Conan Doyle' s correspondence with his mother exposes his endless search for fulfillment and success outside the Holmes stories. At age sixteen Conan Doyle began studying medicine at Edinburgh University. Just months shy of graduating, he made the adventurous decision to accept a position as a surgeon on a whaling ship heading to the Arctic. He returned to Edinburgh, graduated, and struggled to establish his own medical practice while simultaneously writing and promoting his stories. He suffered years of disappointment as both doctor and author; yet, to his amazement, just two months after the first Sherlock Holmes short stories, he had garnered such a following that he completely abandoned medicine for literature. As the public clamored endlessly for Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle explored other pursuits: He was a doctor during the Boer War, a World War I correspondent, and the foremost spokesman for Spiritualism. As his life changed, Doyle' s correspondence with his mother remained constant.
984 руб
Do Not Open. This Box: Keri Smith Deluxe Boxed Set Penguin Group Smith
It has been specially designed by Keri herself.
2442 руб
Puzzle: 1000 деталей: Tabor-Smith V.: Sun Tea (Девочка в чашке) - - с. {People} ISBN 31318 ~93.10.02 111 Италия: Clementoni
450 руб
DJ Da Boogie B-Boy 'Funk' v.1 [CD] { } ~54.00.00 66058 X
119 руб
Romantic Guitar 'Gasan Bagirov' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 04290 Квадро
119 руб
California Guitar Trio'A christmas album' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 85702 Союз-Мьюзик
139 руб
Tales from King Arthur Wordsworth C. L.
Many of these volumes have contemporary illustrations, and while they are ideal for shared family reading, their attractive format will also encourage children to read for themselves.
185 руб
Smith and Hogan Criminal Law: Cases and Materials Oxford University Press Ormerod D.
New to this edition - Incorporates new legislation, such as the Sexual Offences Act 2003, and new case law R v G on recklessness and R v Misra. - Includes all relevant material including cases, statutes, reports, extracts from books and articles ensuring students are provided with an in-depth study of criminal law. - Introductory notes and commentary link the materials enabling the reader to gain an insight into the problems that may arise. - The ideal partner to Smith & Hogan' s textbook on criminal law, providing a complete guide to the law and requisite cases and materials.
5 руб
Arthur & George Random House UK Barnes J.
292 руб
Guitar Eros (English/German) Schirmer/Mosel Jean-Baptiste M.
5657 руб
Malory: The Knight Who Became King Arthur's Chronicler Daedalus Books Hardyment C.
Historian, writer, and broadcaster Christina Hardyment uncovers a different Malory, however, from new historical research and a critical examination of the only known manuscript of his book.
333 руб
King Arthur and his Knights (+ CD-ROM) Green Apple 2 CIDEB
741 руб

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