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История христианства

Infant Jesus of Prague

Формат:      Страниц 196
     мягкая обложка
Frederic P.    
Книга по Требованию    
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The statue was set upon the oratory of the monastery of Our Lady of Victory, Prague, where special devotions to Jesus were offered before it twice a day. The Carmelite novices voluntarily became poor and professed their poverty fervently during devotions in the presence of the Divine Infant. Infant Jesus of Prague (Czech Prazske Jezulatko) is a famous statue of infant Jesus located in the Church of Our Lady Victorious in Mala Strana, Prague. This princess had been given the statue as a wedding gift by her mother, Maria Manriquez de Lara of Spain, and the statue was given to the Discalced Carmelites in Prague. Upon presenting it, the pious princess uttered a prophetic statement to the religious: "Venerable Fathers, I bring you my dearest possession. Honor this image and you shall never want". Its earliest history can be traced back to the year 1628 when a small, 48 centimeters in height, exquisite statue of wax Infant Jesus was brought into Bohemia by Polyxena von Lobkowitz, who became greatly attached to the Carmelites.
Настольная игра "Set" (Сет).
Настольная игра «Сет» состоит из 81 карты. На картах нарисованы простые фигуры, обладающие четырьмя характеристиками. Игрокам нужно
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Набор детской посуды Disney "Доктор Плюшева", 3 предмета.
Яркая посуда с героями из популярного мультфильма. Набор, несомненно, привлечет внимание Вашего ребенка и не позволит ему скучать. Набор
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Набор текстовыделителей "Frixion Light", 3 цвета, 1-3 мм.
Набор текстовыделителей в прозрачной упаковке. Заправлены термочувствительными чернилами, которые при необходимости можно удалить.
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Панк как субкультура
Наиболее характерными представителями пост-панка можно назвать he Fall, Siouxsie A d he Ba shees, he Cure, Joy Divisio , Jesus A d Mary Chai , Sigue Sigue Spu ik, ранний U2, Biliy Idol, Bir hday Par y и армада других (как-никак в начале 80-х пост-паик в Англии вытеснил почти все остальное). СКА (SKA) Народная карибская музыка, которая впоследствии при слиянии с ритм-энд-блюзом породила регги. Ска отличается более простои и более танцевальной ритмикой, нежелли регги, и белым гораздо проще адаптировать это к своим музыкальным нуждам (большим и малым). Этим воспользовались многие панки, которые принялись шпиговать свою музыку элементами ска, как это делают OFX, а зачастую базируют практически всю свою ритмику на ска - как Opera io vy или Migh y Migh y Boss o es. Изначально в панк-рок ска пришло благодаря стараниям Clash. ХАРДКОР (HARDCORE) Ужесточенный американский панк-рок, порожденный в первую очередь стараниями группы Black Flag. Основные приметы: короткие песни, нарочитая двухаккордность, беспредельные скорости, полное игнорирование мажорных звукозаписывающих фирм. Первый хардкоровый альбом - 'Group Sex' Circle Jerks (1980).

An Inquiry Into the Doctrine of the Eternal Sonship of ... Jesus Christ Книга по Требованию Christ J.
1154 руб
Daily Readings for a Year, On the Life of ... Jesus Christ Книга по Требованию Christ J.
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Jesus Christ 'Superstar' [2 CD] { } ~94.01.06 118 SomeWax
209 руб
Josef Sudek: A Photographer' s Life Poet of Prague. Thames & Hudson
The more than one hundred images in this monograph convey the spirit of Prague as well as the spirit of Sudek.
1545 руб
Oxford Bookworms Library 1: Christmas in Prague Oxford University Press Joyce H.
He is an old man now, and he would like to see Prague again before he dies. But he is afraid. He still remembers another Christmas in Prague, many long years ago - a Christmas that changed his life for ever. . . Josef was born in Prague, but he left his home city when he was a young man.
384 руб
The Teaching Of Jesus Книга по Требованию George J.
For when Bunyan and Augustine and Paul and the psalmists spoke of sin, they spoke not the thoughts of others, but their knowledge of themselves; they looked into their own hearts and wrote.
1150 руб
Jesus And The Christian Religion (1916) Книга по Требованию Francis A.H.
1151 руб
The Ideal Of Jesus Книга по Требованию William N.C.
5 руб
The Pedagogy of the Johannine Jesus. A Comparative Study of Jesus' Pedagogy to the World and to His Own Книга по Требованию Gilbert S.H.
A major determinant is the presence or absence of faith in Jesus' identity and origin on the part of the audience. As the narrative of the Fourth Gospel unfolds, Jesus' pedagogy is a function of his cosmic journey from the Father above to the world below and back.
3215 руб
Das Bild der Dolmetscherin bei Jesus Diaz und Agnes Gergely. Die Darstellung des Dolmetschens und die Rolle von Stereotypen Книга по Требованию
Gibt es Gemeinsamkeiten, die darauf hinweisen, dass die Vertreter verschiedener Kulturen aehnliche Vorstellungen vom Dolmetscherberuf haben?
2008 руб
Infant Pain Expression Throughout the First Year of Life. Age Related Differences and Parental Judgements of Pain Книга по Требованию
For over two decades, researchers have studied the expression of pain in young infants to unlock the nature of this powerful experience early in life, with these studies resulting in the discrediting of numerous myths about infant pain (e. g. , infants are insensitive to pain).
2416 руб
Care of the newborn infant during maternal-infant separation. The father as primary caregiver immediately after birth and the mother's experiences of separation and later reunion with the infant Книга по Требованию Kerstin E.
It might be important for parents to be closely involved in the event of cesarean birth including care of the newborn infant.
2008 руб
Social Ethics of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Книга по Требованию Ross B.
Since 1985 the Church has given in humanitarian aid a value of over 750 million dollars.
3234 руб
Jesus (1979 Film) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It was co-directed by Australian Peter Sykes and Englishman John Krisch and filmed in Israel.
2213 руб
Ministry of Jesus Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
According to the Canonical Gospels, the ministry of Jesus began when Jesus was around 30 years old, and lasted a period of 1–3 years.
2008 руб
Cathedral of Jesus' Heart Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Work began on August 25, 1884, and was completed in the same month in 1889.
1395 руб
Quetes du Jesus Historique Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1395 руб
Arrest of Jesus Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1395 руб
Maria de Jesus Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Maria de Jesus dos Santos (10 September 1893 – 2 January 2009) was a Portuguese supercentenarian who was the world' s oldest verified living person for 37 days, until her death at 115 years and 114 days. She assumed this status after the 26 November 2008 death of American Edna Parker, who was 115 years and 220 days old. She was the only verified person born in 1893 to live into 2009, achieving this by a mere 2 days. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1395 руб
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1599 руб

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