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Механика. Динамика

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Механика. Динамика

Quantum Fourier Transform

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Lambert M. S.    
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The quantum Fourier transform is a part of many quantum algorithms, notably Shor' s algorithm for factoring and computing the discrete logarithm, the quantum phase estimation algorithm for estimating the eigenvalues of a unitary operator, and algorithms for the hidden subgroup problem. The quantum Fourier transform can be performed efficiently on a quantum computer, with a particular decomposition into a product of simpler unitary matrices. Using a simple decomposition, the discrete Fourier transform can be implemented as a quantum circuit consisting of only O(n2) Hadamard gates and controlled phase shift gates, where n is the number of qubits. In quantum computing, the quantum Fourier transform is a linear transformation on quantum bits, and is the quantum analogue of the discrete Fourier transform. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
Мотоцикл «Jinjianfeng», белый.
Трехколесный, одноместный мотоцикл на аккумуляторе для детей в возрасте от 3 до 6 лет. Функции: свет и звук, движение вперед и назад, ящик
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Раздел: Электромотоциклы
Игра настольная "7 на 9 multi".
Настольная игра "7 на 9 Multi" позволит увлекательно провести время за веселой игрой. В комплект входят 61 карточка и подробная
333 руб
Раздел: Викторины
Маркеры "Colorino", 6 цветов, металлик.
Маркеры для рисования, металлик. В наборе: разноцветные маркеры, которые позволяют создавать задуманные рисунки. Количество цветов: 6.
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Раздел: Для творчества, рисования

Анализ Фурье
Жан-Батист Жозеф ФУРЬЕ Jea -Bap is e Joseph Fourier, 1768–1830 Французский математик. Родился в Осере; в возрасте девяти лет остался сиротой. Уже в юном возрасте проявил способности к математике. Фурье получил образование в церковной школе и военном училище, затем работал преподавателем математики. На протяжении всей жизни активно занимался политикой; был арестован в 1794 году за защиту жертв террора. После смерти Робеспьера был выпущен из тюрьмы; принимал участие в создании знаменитой Политехнической школы (Ecole Poly ech ique) в Париже; его положение послужило ему плацдармом для продвижения при режиме Наполеона. Сопровождал Наполеона в Египет, был назначен губернатором Нижнего Египта. По возвращении во Францию в 1801 году был назначен губернатором одной из провинций. В 1822 году стал постоянным секретарем Французской академии наук — влиятельная должность в научном мире Франции. Список литературы

Infrared spectroscopy was used to quantify the mineralization process.
2008 руб
Programming Many-core Architectures. A Case Study of Optimizing the Fast Fourier Transform on Cyclops-64 Книга по Требованию
The author also analyzes the optimization challenges and opportunities, including problem decomposition, load balancing, work distribution, and data-reuse, together with the exploiting of the underlying architecture features such as the massive parallelism, explicit multi-level memory hierarchy and large register files.
1894 руб
Quantum of Solace Red Classic Penguin Group Ian F.
Whether he’s making an unexpected discovery in the Bahamas, hunting down a Cuban hit-man in wild country, smashing an international drugs ring in Rome, on the trail of a murderous secret in the Caribbean, enjoying New York’s special pleasures or foiling a surprisingly alluring assassin in Berlin’s sniper’s alley, dangerous missions and seductive women come with the job for James Bond.
359 руб
Logic of the Quantum World and the origin of Life on Earth Relata Refero КомКнига Yanchilin V.L.
The foundations of quantum physics were the source of a new hypothesis about the origin of Life.
418 руб
Theory and Application Sparse Signal Recovery in a Transform Domain. Книга по Требованию Evgeniy L.
Such transform were leveraged to resolve this issue.
1981 руб
The Relative-State Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Solving the Quantum Mechanical Measurement Problem Книга по Требованию James H.
This work examines each man' s solution to the problem and concludes that the way out of the trap is to deny that the regress is catastrophic -- the state of a quantum system is seen as analogous to time intervals in that both are relative to the reference frame of observers. John von Neumann' s "Catastrophe of Infinite Regress" drove some of the philosophical work of Werner Heisenberg, John Wheeler, and von Neumann himself, and concern with the catastrophe manifested itself in each man' s work as an attempt to find a mechanism of quantum mechanical collapse. Much ink has been spilled in efforts to give a workable interpretation to the formalism, and there appears to be no end in sight to this program. Quantum mechanics is as successful a scientific theory as has ever been produced, but there is no real agreement as to what it means.
2385 руб
Analysis of NTRUSign. A Post-quantum Signature Under Attack Книга по Требованию
The worlds most valuable information travels through the Internet today.
1981 руб
Development of MOKE spectrometer. Magneto-optical Studies of Novel Magnetic Materials and Quantum Structures Книга по Требованию Hiroki T.
The progress in modern information technology depends primarily on the ability to precisely characterize the variety of materials in the wide range of anticipated parameters.
1997 руб
Microcavity Quantum Electrodynamics. A dissertation on light-matter interaction with semiconductor quantum dots in microcavities Книга по Требованию Elena d.V.R.
We study both weak and strong coupling, fermion and boson emitters, linear and nonlinear regimes, one quantum dot and many.
3215 руб
Entanglement distribution in quantum networks. An investigation of the properties of communication networks based on the laws of quantum physics Книга по Требованию Sebastien P.
It is considered that neighboring stations share one partially entangled pair of qubits, which emphasizes the difficulty of creating remote entanglement in realistic settings.
2362 руб
Experimental all-optical one-way quantum computing. An introduction into the theory and experiments of photonic one-way quantum computing Книга по Требованию Robert P.
Using custom-built, ultra-fast electro-optical modulators, the first experimental realization of fast, active feed-forward – a crucial technique for deterministic quantum computation – with gate times of less than 150ns is shown.
3621 руб
Polarization and Manipulation of a Mesoscopic Nuclear Spin Ensemble Using a Single Confined Electron Spin Optical Orientation of Nuclear Spins in an Individual Quantum Dot. Книга по Требованию Patrick M.
The present work describes an experimental assessment of these topics.
2362 руб
Decoherence of Spatially Separated Quantum Bits Книга по Требованию
The interaction of the qubits with their environment affects the indispensable quantum coherence and entanglement of the quantum states.
2403 руб
Self-aligned Side Gates for Nanowires and Nanotubes. The development and application of a new gate architecture for manipulating and defining 1D quantum dots with possibilities for quantum computation Книга по Требованию Luke R.
Ultimately it is hoped that the architecture will aid the creation and control of quantum dots and offer the possibility of extending low dimensional experiments in GaAs to nanotubes and nanowires.
2008 руб
Multiple Target Detection and Tracking. Class-Associative Fringe-Adjusted Joint Transform Correlator Based Approach Книга по Требованию
Fringe-adjusted joint transform correlation combined with the proposed hetero-associative filter is used to enhance the correlation performance while ensuring equal cross-correlation peak criterion for each element of the selected class.
2416 руб
Laplace Transform Analytic Element Method. A Semi-analytic Solution for Transient Groundwater Flow Simulation Книга по Требованию Kristopher K.
Each element is derived for the simplest useful case, an impulse response due to a confined, transient, single-aquifer source.
2784 руб
Christianity and Quantum Physics. Assessing the Fitness of the Copenhagen Interpretation for Use in Christian Theology and Apologetics Книга по Требованию Jeremy R.H.
Chapter 1 introduces the Copenhagen Interpretation.
3234 руб
Further, this first-time measurement gives additional information showing that the dependence of permittivity on strain in sapphire is anisotropic.
2416 руб
Pseudospectral Simulations of 2D Flow Past a Dimpled Cylinder. Numerical Simulations of 2D Flow Past a Dimpled Cylinder Using Fourier-Chebyshev Pseudospectral Method Книга по Требованию
The basic spectral methods only work on rectangular or circular domains.
2008 руб
It seeks to take full advantage of the underlying architecture, i. e. the Virtex-E FPGA, in order to generate a highly efficient implementation.
3234 руб

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