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RAF Munitions Storage During WWII

Формат:      Страниц 128
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Lambert M. S.    
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The logistics organizations of the Royal Air Force in World War II were No. 42 Group and RAF Maintenance Command. In 1935 the RAF had only two ammunition dumps, one at Sinderland, Cheshire, and the other in Norfolk, at Pulham. Both sites' storage consisted of metal sheds connected by standard gauge rail tracks. In 1935 the standard bomb of the RAF was a 250 lb (110 kg) device containing high explosives, the largest bomb being 500 lb (230 kg). There had been some small-scale use of underground munitions stores in Britain during World War I, although these were more general purpose than specifically for the RAF. Chislehurst Cave was bought in October 1914 and a small portion of the twenty miles (32 km) of tunnels was prepared for storing up to 1,000 tons of explosives and raw materials for the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, nine miles (14 km) away. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! As a result of a serious shortage of funds during the inter-war period and a weakness of policy the RAF was singularly ill-equipped to deal with the requirements of air warfare with regard to the protected storage of explosives.
Рамка "Alparaisa С25-002" на 4 фотографии (белый).
Размеры рамки: 46x38x2 см. Размеры фото: 2 фотографии 15х10 см. 1 фотография 18х13 см. 1 фотография 10х15 см. Цвет: белый.
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Раздел: Мультирамки
Светильник настольный с часами, зеленый.
Светильник настольный со встроенными часами. Цвет: зеленый. Длина провода: 1,2 метра. Количество ламп: 1 штука. Мощность ламп: 40 Вт. Тип цоколя: E27.
686 руб
Раздел: Часы настольные

Реалии открытого пространства-времени: к пониманию нашей исторической...
Второе, даже если мы записали и рассмотрели как событие более важное, чем другое, менее значительное, играет ли это какую-нибудь роль в любом смысле? Бродель(1949) в знаменитом bou ade в he Midi erra ia сказал, что "события суть пыль". В области событий, которые суть пыль, Бродель побуждает нас сфокусировать внимание на двух объектах анализа, двух видах времени, которые он считает наиболее реальными. Это долговременные структуры (в основном, экономические и социальные), которые определяют lo gue duree нашего общественного поведения, нашу социальную экологию, образцы нашей цивилизации, наши виды продук- ции. Существуют циклические ритмы функционирования этих структур - расширения и сужения экономики, чередование особого значения политических и культурных явлений, которое происходит регулярно. В основании преходящих явлений сиюминутной общественной жизни лежит вечная протяженность моделей (включая неустойчивые модели), которая меняется медленно. Но заклиная нас помнить, что фундаментальные исторические изменения происходят медленно, он торопится напомнить нам, что, тем не менее, история - это последовательность социальных премен.

Ideawise: Storage RotoVision
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English Literature During The Lifetime Of Shakespeare Книга по Требованию Felix E.S.
5 руб
British Policy And Opinion During The Franco-Prussian War Книга по Требованию Dora N.R.
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German Social Democracy During The War Книга по Требованию Edwyn R.B.
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Journal Or Historical Recollections Of American Events During The Revolutionary War (1894) Книга по Требованию Elias B.
Книга представляет собой репринтное издание 1894 года (издательство "Philadelphia, F. Bourquin"). Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Внимание! На данный товар не распространяются ни оптовые, ни накопительные скидки.
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The History Of The Bunker Hill Monument Association During The First Century Of The United States Of America Книга по Требованию George W.W.
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Orderly Book Of Sir John Johnson During The Oriskany Campaign, 1776-1777 Книга по Требованию John J.
5 руб
The Staging of History in France. The Characterization of Historical Figures in French Grand Opera during the Reign of Louis-Philippe Книга по Требованию MARK A. P.
By emphasizing the importance of the past on the artistic pursuits of composers, painters, writers, and the relatively new profession of history in the first half of the nineteenth century, it is possible to contextualize grand opera within the larger cultural movements in France and thus understand the genre’s popularity during the July Monarchy and for its subsequent decline after its demise.
3191 руб
A Novel Hydrogen Storage Technique. Modeling against Commercial Targets Книга по Требованию Ilgaz C.
Today' s energy needs and environmental concerns push the development of renewable and efficient energy systems. Basic structural modeling was performed to determine required material properties for such a wall with the aim to lighten the way in pursue of novel materials for such an application. The concept proposed herein features a high pressure tank wall with dual functionality, as to store some amount of hydrogen and provide strength at the same time. Therefore novel storage methods have recently been subject to many research activities including this work. However, they need to be backed up by efficient hydrogen storage containers in order to enable a full hydrogen based economy. Current storage techniques do not satisfy the needs, as they were not designed for such an application and in that extend. Significant progress has been made to improve these systems. Fuel cells running on hydrogen are likely to become these engines.
2385 руб
Modelling the Neurophysiology of Eye-Head Coordination During Impacts The Neurophysiology of Eye-Head Coordination. Книга по Требованию
The visual task led the subject`s gaze towards eccentricities of a range within which the head`s contribution to the gaze coordinated movement is indispensable.
1981 руб
Natural Gas Storage Valuation Книга по Требованию Yun L.
We assume that each forward price follows a geometric Brownian motion process.
1997 руб
The Electoral Patterns of the Romanian Far Right. During the Interwar Years (1919-1937) Книга по Требованию Ionas R.
2769 руб
Air Power, Coercion and Crisis Management. The Use of Air Power in the Balkans during the 1990s Книга по Требованию Jean-Marc R.
Yet these wars are becoming increasingly rare in the post-Cold War strategic environment.
1997 руб
Radical Organizational Change and Organizational Memory Systems. What happens to tacit and explicit knowledge during organizational change Книга по Требованию Nicholas J. S.
Through sensemaking, succession planning, automation, and training, an organization can manage to develop and increase its memory system to retain tacit and explicit knowledge.
2769 руб
HRD Competency Used during the Mergers. Perceptions of HR professionals about Human Resource Development Competency Used during the Mergers Книга по Требованию Joseph N.L.
The emerging two components found in factor analysis, the change management process and competence building, confirm the congruence of the theory of HRD programs and the four stages of the merger and acquisition process and the actual experience of the human resource professionals.
3215 руб
Findings from a retrospective survey Long-term and Mid-term Mobility Decisions during the Life Course. Книга по Требованию Sigrun B.
A longitudinal perspective on these relationships is available from people' s life courses, which link different dimensions of life together. Besides the personal and familial history, locations of residence, education and employment as well as the ownership of cars and different public transport season tickets can be taken into account. In order to study the dynamics of long-term and mid-term mobility decisions, a retrospective survey covering the 20-year period from 1985 to 2004 was carried out at the beginning of 2005 in Switzerland. The book at hand concentrates on the analysis of the long-term and mid-term mobility decisions during the life course and over time. The main focus lies on the dynamics of mobility tool ownership over the last 20 years, at the same time looking at the relationships with residential choices as well as with locations of education and employment. Besides the decisions, durations, changes and delays between changes are examined. Long-term and mid-term mobility of people involves decisions about spatial locations as well as decisions about the ownership of mobility tools. These two aspects of mobility behaviour are closely connected to one another.
3987 руб
Earthquake Design of Large Liquid-Filled Steel Storage Tanks. Comparison of present design regulations, load-carrying behaviour of storage tanks Книга по Требованию
Through this study the design criteria of the given codes and specific regulations for storage tanks should be checked for their validity and efficiency too.
2403 руб
During his reign, King Sigismund of Luxemburg (1387-1437) awarded the loyalty of his followers with different types of privileges; coats of arms were among the most popular.
2008 руб
MODELING MACROSEGREGATION DURING VAR OF TI-10V-2FE- 3AL ALLOY. Macroscopic Approach Книга по Требованию Dmytro Z.
Thus, a new numerical model of the complete VAR process, capable of representing two distinctive morphologies of mushy zone: rigid columnar structure and slurry of free floating equiaxed grains is introduced.
3234 руб
Unlocked and Loaded:. The Storage of American Firearms Книга по Требованию
This dissertation adds to the current knowledge about firearms by examining how cultural experiences and situational contexts associated with gun ownership might increase the likelihood that owners keep firearms loaded and accessible in their homes.
2416 руб

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