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Numerical Continuation

Формат:      Страниц 68
     мягкая обложка
Lambert M. S.    
Книга по Требованию    
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A steady state, or fixed point, of a parameterized family of flows or maps are of this form, and by discretizing trajectories of a flow or iterating a map, periodic orbits and heteroclinic orbits can also be posed as a solution of F = 0. Numerical Continuation is a method of computing approximate solutions of a system of parameterized nonlinear equations, F(u,lambda) = 0 The parameter ? is usually a real scalar, and the solution an n-vector. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! For a fixed parameter value ? ,, F(ast,lambda) maps Euclidean n-space into itself. Often the original mapping F is from a Banach space into itself, and the Euclidean n-space is a finite dimensional approximation to the Banach space.
Коврик для сборки пазлов.
Специальный коврик для сборки пазлов удобен тем, что собираемый пазл не деформируется и не распадается. Коврик незаменим для хранения
565 руб
Раздел: Сопутствующие товары для пазлов
Средство "CALGON Finish Power", для мытья посуды в посудомоечной машине, порошок, 1 кг.
Порошок для ПММ отмывает великолепно посуду, обеспечивает ей блеск. Компонент StainSoaker с эффектом замачивания проникает в засохшие
331 руб
Раздел: Для посудомоечных машин
Бумага самоклеящаяся "Lomond", А4, 38х21,2 мм, 65 штук на листе, 50 листов, белый.
Белая суперкаландрированная многофункциональная самоклеящаяся бумага разработана для печати на всех видах струйных, лазерных принтеров и
370 руб
Раздел: Формата А4 и меньше
Numerical Simulation for Herding and Flocking Models. Analysis of the Stability of the Time Continuous Discrete Couzin-Vicsek Algorithm (CVA) in 2D and 3D Книга по Требованию Robert S.
In this book, a time continuous version of the discrete time Couzin-Vicsek algorithm (CVA), which describes the iterations of individual among animals societies such as schools of fish and flocks of birds, is used to simulate the velocities and positions of self-driven particles (SDPs).
1894 руб
The acoustic streaming cooling effect is analyzed.
2747 руб
Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase Flow in an Effervescent Atomizer. Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase Flow in an Effervescent Atomizer for Nano-suspension Spray Книга по Требованию Sanaz A.E.
The effect of nano-sized solid particles concentration on the liquid film thickness at the exit of the atomizer is studied through the change in liquid bulk density and viscosity.
1997 руб
Numerical Study of Solutions to Prandtl Equations and N-S Equations. Numerical Simulation Книга по Требованию Qiaolin H.
The numerical solutions to the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with Navier boundary conditions are discussed.
1997 руб
Numerical modeling of the processes in proportional counters used for absolute measurement of activity concentration of Krypton-85 Monte Carlo simulations of the processes in proportonal counters. Книга по Требованию Krasimir M.
Chapter I describes the experimental method for absolute measurement of activity concentration of Krypton-85 developed at LNHB/CEA-Saclay with emphasis on the origin of counting losses and their estimation.
3215 руб
LES of the Pulsating, Non-Reacting Flow in Combustion Chambers. A Numerical Investigation for the Prediction of the Stability Limits of Combustion Systems Книга по Требованию Balazs P.
The prediction of the damping ratio by LES is very good.
2362 руб
On the behaviour of numerical schemes in the low Mach number regime. An Analysis of the Dissipation Mechanism of Upwind Flux Functions on Different Cell Geometries Книга по Требованию Felix R.
In this book we shed light on this phenomenon, showing that there are two sources of error:
3987 руб
Base-isolated Bridges Under Seismic Loads. A Numerical Study on the Influence of Different Bearing Systems Книга по Требованию
Furthermore, the effect of superstructure stiffness (i. e. pier stiffness, pier layout) on the isolator efficiency is investigated in depth.
2008 руб
Stationary-propagating Solutions of the Boussinesq Equation in 2D. Numerical and Asymptotic Investigation of Localized Solutions using Finite-Difference and Perturbation Method Книга по Требованию Jayanta C.
This is investigated for bifurcation in 2D by devising a finite-difference scheme and an iterative algorithm.
2008 руб
Interaction of Ocean waves and Offshore Structures. A numerical comprehension Книга по Требованию Mao-Lin S.
INTERACTION OF OCEAN WAVES AND OFFSHORE STRUCTURES is that frequent phenomenon when artificial breakwaters are built for protecting coastal zone or natural bottom is formed by energetic sea state.
3234 руб
Numerical Analysis of Flow-Field-Flow Fractionation. Theory, Mathematical Modeling, Computer Simulation and Case Studies Книга по Требованию Selen ?.
One of the branches of NaBiPa project is dedicated to study and investigate the Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) process.
2008 руб
Numerical Methods for Solving Two-Point Boundary Value Problems. Differed Correction Schemes, Interpolation, and Conditioning Methods Книга по Требованию Novriana S.
Firstly, we consider deferred correction schemes based on Mono-Implicit Runge-Kutta (MIRK) and Lobatto formulae.
3234 руб
The coin exchange problem. The minimal transversal method in Numerical semigroups Книга по Требованию Eli L.
If we use only 2 kinds of coins, the answer is quite simple, but the case of 3 or more turns out to be much more complicated and interesting.
2008 руб
Highly Accurate Compact Finite Difference Method and its Applications. A high order numerical method for solving partial differential equations and its applications in Financial Mathematics and Computational Biology Книга по Требованию Jichao Z.
The new Maple routine FINDIF allows for automatic, symbolic discretization of various finite difference formulae, integration formulae, and computes formulae for truncation errors.
2784 руб
Numerical Analysis on Subsurface Contamination and Remediation: Natural Attenuation, Air Sparging, and Thermal Enhanced Venting Multiphase Flow and Multispecies Transport in the Subsurface. Книга по Требованию
To enhance our understanding, numerical studies are performed on (i) multiphase flow and multispecies transport of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), (ii) biological transformations of contaminants, (iii) in-situ air sparging (IAS), and (iv) thermal enhanced venting in the subsurface.
2784 руб
AUTHENTIC OPTIMISATION STUDY OF THE NOVEL COMPACT HEAT EXCHANGER. Numerical analysis of novel heat exchanger incorporating bundle of impinging jets and staggered tube bundle crossflow Книга по Требованию Ahad R.
The numerical simulations have been carried out using FLUENT package and Reynolds average methods with wall functions are used and analyzed for turbulence modeling.
3234 руб
Dynamics of a Mode-Locked Fiber Laser containing a Long-Period Grating. A Numerical Investigation Книга по Требованию Abdullah K.
Higher order nonlinear and dispersive effects, such as Raman self-frequency shift, self-steepening and third order dispersion, were found to change these bifurcation diagrams.
2008 руб
Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of an Adhesive Crack. Analytical and Numerical Studies of the Energy Landscapes for Griffith and Dugdale Potentials Книга по Требованию Bilal S.
Problem formulation using constraints and boundary conditions are stressed in the book.
2008 руб
Sensitivity experiments to the sea and land surface temperatures Numerical Study on the Southeast Asian summer monsoon. Книга по Требованию Rosbintarti K.L.
In the mature phase of SEAM, the well developed monsoon westerlies largely intensify the South China Sea (SCS) monsoon through the Convection-Wind-Evaporation (CWE) mechanism more than the negative effect of SCS SST on the precipitation.
2008 руб
Numerical Study on Some Rheological Problems of Fibre Suspensions. Numerical Simulations of Fibre Suspensions Книга по Требованию
2784 руб

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