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Lambert M. S.    
Книга по Требованию    
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Proto-Germanic (often abbreviated PGmc. ), or Common Germanic, as it is sometimes known, is the unattested, reconstructed common ancestor (proto-language) of all the Germanic languages such as modern English, Frisian, Dutch, Afrikaans, German, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese, and Swedish. However, a few surviving inscriptions in a runic script from Scandinavia dated to c. 200 are thought to represent a stage of Proto-Norse or, according to Bernard Comrie, Late Common Germanic immediately following the "Proto-Germanic" stage. The Proto-Germanic language is not directly attested by any surviving texts but has been reconstructed using the comparative method.
Музыкальная игрушка "Планшетик. С Новым Годом!".
"С Новым Годом" от компании "Азбукварик" - это замечательная игрушка, обладающая звуковыми эффектами, которая входит в
432 руб
Раздел: Планшеты и компьютеры
Папка-портфель, пластиковая, А4+, черный.
Портфель изготовлен из прочного пластика толщиной 0,9 мм. Габаритные размеры, значительно превышающие стандартные, позволяют свободно
493 руб
Раздел: Папки-портфели, папки с наполнением
Early English Fricatives. (De)Voicing: early Germanic, Old English Книга по Требованию Pal K.
My aim is to reconsider the standpoint generally accepted with the help of Karl Luick’s theorem, which has been ignored for a long time.
2008 руб
Germanic Umlaut Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
In linguistics, umlaut is a process whereby a vowel is pronounced more like a following vowel or semivowel.
1395 руб
Proto-Semitic Language Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1599 руб
North Germanic languages Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
The North Germanic languages or Scandinavian languages make up one of the three branches of the Germanic languages, a sub-family of the Indo-European languages, along with the West Germanic languages and the extinct East Germanic languages.
1599 руб
History of the Germanic Empire, Volume 3 Книга по Требованию Dunham S.A.
1148 руб
The semantic development of words for "walk, run" in the Germanic languages Книга по Требованию Ihrig R.M.
598 руб
The semasiological development of words for 'perceive, understand, think, know,' in the older Germanic dialects .. Книга по Требованию Kroesch S.
594 руб
East Germanic tribes Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The Germanic tribes referred to as East Germanic constitute a wave of migrants who may have moved from Scandinavia into the area between the Oder and Vistula rivers between the years 600 and 300 BC. Later they went to the south.
1740 руб
Germanic-Romance Encounters in the Low Countries Past, Present and Future of a Language Border. Language and Social Life De Gruyter
The contributions deal with important sites of Germanic-Romance contact along the different language borders, covering languages such as French, Dutch, German, and Luxembourgish.
10860 руб
Heroines (English/German/French) Schirmer/Mosel Bettina R.
Her pictures don’t simply transform glamorous nymphettes into fashion photos. 50 models in 2005 haute couture creations staged and photographed by Bettina Rheims.
2628 руб
Oxford Colour German Dictionary Plus Oxford University Press
We have identified the German words you most need to know, and they are laid out clearly for you here; you will also find them marked with a handy key symbol in the A-Z text of the dictionary. - Over 40,000 words and phrases, and 60,000 translations, covering the very latest vocabulary - New to this edition: centre section containing word games, a calendar of festivals and holidays, an A-Z guide German life and culture, and a ' German words you must know' section to help you improve your vocabulary. - Special usage notes give help with commonly used but tricky words in both languages - The fresh, new colour design makes it even easier to find the word you are looking for. - Includes tables of regular and irregular verbs for quick reference - Portable and robust - the flexicover binding means the dictionary is resistant to wear and tear, and it is a convenient size to slip into a bag or a backpack This edition of the Oxford Colour German Dictionary Plus is an effective and practical reference tool for students, adult learners, travellers, or business professionals.
305 руб
The New German Law of Obligations: Historical and Comparative Perspectives Oxford University Press Zimmermann R.
The most important practical implication of the Modernization Act is the fundamental reform of the German law of prescription. - Examines reform of the German law of prescription and liability in sales law from a comparative and historical perspective - Reflects on the position of German contract law in relation to Europe, and theorizes about the possibility of a future European civil code On 1 January 2000 the German Civil Code (BGB) became one hundred years old.
2970 руб
501 German Verbs (+ CD-ROM) Barron's Ed Henry S.
The book’s additional features include common idioms with example sentences to demonstrate verb usage and a grammar review.
803 руб
In Control (English/German) Anton Corbijn. Schirmer/Mosel Anton C.
3044 руб
Trend Book 2007: Inspiration, Emotion, Colour, Material, Lifestyle (German, English) Profil Floral
Die erfolgreiche und anerkannte Trendberaterin Marion Bauer hat mit ihrem Team die Informationen zusammengetragen, die das Lebensgefü hl in 2007 ausmachen. Als Inspiration fü r neue Designs sind die Informationen zu anregenden Collagen und Skizzen zusammengestellt.
229 руб
Art Deco Jewellery and Accessories: A New Style for a New World (English, German) Arnoldsche Art Publishers Cornelie H.
There France had led the field since the ground-breaking 1925 Exposition International des Arts Dé coratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris. Germany had not even been invited to that world exhibition – the effects of the Great War that had only ended a few years previously were still being felt. All great jewellery-designers were strongly committed to the Art Dé co style, which featured astringent sophistication in design and choice of materials: jewellers such as Cartier, Boucheron, René Lalique, Georges Fouquet and designers such as Jean Desprè s and René Boivin. From about 1928, this canon of forms occurs both in the work of Naum Slutzky at the Bauhaus and the German jewellery industry as represented by Theodor Fahrner Nachf. Gustav Brä ndle in Pforzheim and Jakob Bengel in Idar-Oberstein.
1207 руб
Good German Little, Brown and Company Joseph K.
But amongst the ruins Berliners survive, including some he knew and, miraculously, his lost love, Lena.
730 руб
German Social Democracy During The War Книга по Требованию Edwyn R.B.
5 руб
A History Of The German Language (1893) Книга по Требованию Charles W.S.
1295 руб
The German Element In The War Of American Independence Книга по Требованию George W.G.
5 руб

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