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Serial (radio and television)

Формат:      Страниц 184
     мягкая обложка
Lambert M. S.    
Книга по Требованию    
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Serials in television and radio are series that rely on a continuing plot that unfolds in a serial fashion, episode by episode. Serials rely on keeping the full nature of the story hidden and revealing elements episode by episode to keep viewers tuning in to learn more. Such shows also place a demand on viewers to tune in to every episode to follow the plot. Worldwide, the soap opera is a notable derivative of the serial. Serials typically follow main story arcs that span entire seasons or even the full run of the series, which distinguishes them from traditional episodic television that relies on more stand-alone episodes. Often these shows employ recapping segments at the beginning and cliffhangers at the end of each episode. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
Пеленка Золотой Гусь непромокаемая (трехслойная, на резинке, 120х60 см).
Удобные, дышащие, непромокаемые наматрасники избавят Вас от волнений и беспокойства, обеспечат сохранность матрасу. Надёжно фиксируются
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Раздел: Наматрасники
Папка художника, А3, синяя с рисунком, ткань, с карманами.
Формат - А3. Внутри папки объемный карман и отстегивающаяся лента для крепления листов. Папка имеет объемный внешний карман для кистей и
1533 руб
Раздел: Папки-портфели, папки с наполнением
Швабра плоская с декором "Premium" (микрофибра).
Швабра плоская с декором "Premium". Чистящая поверхность тряпки изготовлена из микрофибры. Данный материал обладает повышенной
598 руб
Раздел: Швабры и наборы

Мовний дискурс
Виходячи за межі запропонованого повідомлення в дисциплінарну комунікацію адресант залучає (хоча б і подумки) текст-першоджерело і співставляє його з інкорпорованим текстом, в результаті чого адресат іноді приходить до висновків, які не витікають безпосередньо із самого повідомлення. Оскільки усі наукові тексти призначені, перш за все, спеціалістам з широкою базою наукових знань, то і їх характерною ознакою є використання термінів, які стосуються обраної галузі науки ( eu ro , a omic e ergy, chard, bisec or, soil acidi y, coarse-grai ed, as ra um of shale, radio- elescope, mag e ic fields, he solar ebula, carbo -dioxide a mosphere ); специфічних абревіатур (VLB - very lo g baseli e i erfereome ry; ADW - he or h A la ic Deep Wa er; I CZ – he I er ropical co verge ce zo e). Іноді зустрічаються антропоніми, в основному імена відомих науковців, які зробили свій вагомий внесок у становлення та розвиток тієї галузі науки, в межах якої відбувається комунікація (Galileo, Descar e’s Geome ry, Roe ge , Me deleyev’s Periodic Sys em) та номенклатурна лексика – як правило, назви закладів, де проводились дослідження чи їх апробація ( he Joi uclear Research I s i u e, he a io al Aero au ics a d Space admi is ra io , he a io al Ocea ic a d A mospheric Depar me ). Іншим поширеним засобом вираження адресованості є таблиці, які виконують роль пояснення, конкретизації чи узагальнення інформації загального тексту, графіки, функції, діаграми, формули та інші графічно- схематичні засоби.

I Am Not a Serial Killer Headline Publishing Dan W.
The first book in a darkly comic new series from a debut author John works in his family' s mortuary and has an obsession with serial killers. He wants to be a good person, but fears he is a sociopath, and for years he has suppressed his dark side through a strict system of rules designed to mimic ' normal' behavior. Faced with the reality that he is, perhaps, more monstrous than the monster he is fighting, John must make a final stand against the horrors of both the demon and himself. As he struggles to understand the demon and find a way to kill it, his own mind begins to unravel until he fears he may never regain control. Then a demon begins stalking his small town and killing people one by one, and John is forced to give in to his darker nature in order to save them.
322 руб
Internment Serial Number Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1395 руб
John Bunting (Serial Killer) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
His crimes led to the longest and most expensive investigations and criminal trials in South Australia' s history. Bunting was the ringleader of a ' degenerate sub-culture' of murderers whose victims were people they already knew. John Justin Bunting is an Australian serial killer from Adelaide, South Australia, currently serving eleven consecutive sentences of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for his role in the murder of 11 victims of the Snowtown murders. bBunting, driven to murder by his hatred for pedophiles and homosexuals, has been described as a skilled manipulator of people and ' Australia' s worst serial killer' . Under the instruction of Bunting, the group would prey upon the weak so they could gain from their welfare payments.
1395 руб
Serial Mom Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Movies by Waters' creative influences, including Russ Meyer, Otto Preminger, William Castle, and Herschell Gordon Lewis, are seen playing on television sets throughout the film. The film was screened out of competition at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival. Though the beginning of the movie says that everything in it is true, when questioned John Waters said he made it up, as a gag. Despite statements to the contrary in the movie, the story is completely fictional. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Patty Hearst, Suzanne Somers, Joan Rivers, Traci Lords and Brigid Berlin make cameo appearances in the film. Serial Mom is a 1994 American satirical comedy film written and directed by John Waters, starring Kathleen Turner as the titular character, Sam Waterston as her husband, and Ricki Lake and Matthew Lillard as her daughter and son.
1191 руб
Serial Line Internet Protocol Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
SLIP modifies a standard TCP/IP datagram by appending a special "SLIP END" character to it, which distinguishes datagram boundaries in the byte stream.
1395 руб
Catalogue of the scientific serial publications in the principal libraries of Calcutta Книга по Требованию Kemp S.
1145 руб
Just William (2010 TV Serial) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It is the first adaption of the books since a children' s television series in the 1990s. The film will star Daniel Roche as the eponymous character William Brown, Rebecca Front and Daniel Ryan as William' s parents. Caroline Quentin and Warren Clarke appear as the parents of Violet Elizabeth Bott (played by Isabella Blake-Thomas), neighbours of the Brown family.
1329 руб
A guide to serial publications founded prior to 1918 and now or recently current in Boston, Cambridge, and vicinity Книга по Требованию Homer T.J.
1756 руб
Serial Killer Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Coinage of the English term serial killer is commonly attributed to former FBI Special Agent Robert Ressler in the 1970s.
2280 руб
Novaia russkaia kniga serial Volume 1-6 (1922) (Russian Edition) Книга по Требованию
703 руб
Catching a Serial Killer Random House, Inc. Fulcher
Callaghan, who was last seen at a nightclub in Swindon.
770 руб
Источник бесперебойного питания CyberPower VALUE 1500EI, 6 IEC-320 С13 розеток, USB&Serial, RJ11/RJ45, 900 Вт, 1500 ВА, черный
Источника бесперебойного питания CyberPower предоставляет домашним и офисным пользователям надежное резервное электропитание для персональных компьютеров, сетевого, коммуникационного оборудования, и других электронных устройств от перепадов, скачков, провалов напряжения и прочих инцидентов в электроснабжении.
10849 руб
Источник бесперебойного питания CyberPower VALUE 2200E, 4 Schuko розетки, USB&Serial, RJ11/RJ45, 1320 Вт, 2200 ВА, черный
Серия Value с автоматическим регулированием напряжения (AVR), обеспечивает постоянное и безопасное питание подключенного оборудования.
12486 руб
Источник бесперебойного питания CyberPower OLS1000ERT2U, 6 IEC-320 С13 розеток, USB&Serial, RJ11/RJ45, SNMP slot, 900 Вт, 1000 ВА, черный
При приемлемом качестве электропитания ИБП переключается в режим ECO, что повышает общую эффективность до 96%.
25921 руб
Источник бесперебойного питания CyberPower PR2200ELCDRT2U, 9 IEC-320 С13 розеток, 1 IEC С19 розетка, USB&Serial, RJ11/RJ45, SNMP slot, 1980 Вт, 2200 ВА, черный
32741 руб
Источник бесперебойного питания CyberPower VALUE 500EI, 3 IEC-320 С13 розетки, USB&Serial, RJ11/RJ45, 275 Вт, 500 ВА, черный
2733 руб
Serialism Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Serialism began primarily with Arnold Schoenberg' s twelve-tone technique, though his contemporaries were also working to establish serialism as one example of post-tonal thinking (Whittall 2008, 1). High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! In music, serialism is not only a technique, method (Griffiths 2001, 116), "highly specialized technique" (Woerner 1973, 196), or "way" (Whittall 2008, 1) of composition, but also "a philosophy of life (Weltanschauung), a way of relating the human mind to the world and creating a completeness when dealing with a subject" (Bandur 2001, 5). "Serial music" is a problematic term because it is used differently in different languages and especially because, shortly after its coinage in French, it underwent essential alterations during its transmission to German (Frisius 1998, 1327).
2416 руб
Serials Crisis Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The prices of these institutional or library subscriptions have been rising much faster than the Consumer Price Index for several decades, while the funds available to the libraries have remained static or have declined in real terms.
1315 руб

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