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Информационные технологии в экономике

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Информационные технологии в экономике

Parametric Model

Формат:      Страниц 108
     мягкая обложка
Lambert M. S.    
Книга по Требованию    
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These parameters are usually collected together to form a single k-dimensional parameter vector ? = (? 1, ? 2, …, ? k). Parametric models are contrasted with the semi-parametric, semi-nonparametric, and non-parametric models, all of which consist of an infinite set of “parameters” for description. The distinction between these four classes is as follows: * in a “parametric” model all the parameters are in finite-dimensional parameter spaces; * a model is “nonparametric” if all the parameters are in infinite-dimensional parameter spaces; * a “semi-parametric” model contains finite-dimensional parameters of interest and infinite-dimensional nuisance parameters; * a “semi-nonparametric” model has both finite-dimensional and infinite-dimensional unknown parameters of interest. In statistics, a parametric model or parametric family or finite-dimensional model refers to a family of distributions which can be described using a finite number of parameters. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
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3D ручка "3D Doodler Start" базовый набор (E-Comm).
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Развитие сетевых операционных систем. Windows 2000
Революционность Wi dows 2000 заключается не в ядре операционной системы и не в пользовательском интерфейсе. Революционность составляют ряд крайне важных сверхструктур, устраняющих остатки наследия LA Ma ager из среды . В число важнейших характеристик Wi dows 2000 входят: Ac ive Direc ory – служба каталогов; Microsof Ma ageme Co sole (MMC) – стандартизированный, основанный на компонентах инструмент для административного управления системой; Dis ribu ed File Sys em – обеспечивает возможность создания распределённой файловой системы; Dis ribu ed COM (DCOM) – обеспечивает возможность создания распределённых приложений; Ac ive Direc ory Services I erface (ASDI) – стандартизированный интерфейс для всевозможных служб каталогов; Dy amic Domai ame Service (DD S) – замещает имевшуюся ранее WI S; Ac ive Desk op – новый, Web-ориентированный пользовательский интерфейс Wi dows; Wi 32 Driver Model (WDM) – новая архитектура драйверов. Кроме перечисленных характеристик в Wi dows 2000 реализовано множество важнейших (хотя и не столь выдающихся) характеристик, имеющих отношение к файловой системе управлению сетью и системной безопасностью.

Real-Time Model Predictive Control via Multi-Parametric Programming. Theory and Tools Книга по Требованию Michal K.
For researchers and process engineers, this book provides a compact overview of the field of multi-parametric programming and its use for design of MPC strategies operating under hard real-time constraints.
3215 руб
Semi-parametric Regression, Measurement Errors, Missing Data, Single-index Models, Regression Calibration Related Topics in Partially Linear Models. Книга по Требованию Hua L.
We are particularly concerned with two cases where we observe a surrogate of the covariate.
2008 руб
Использование Microsoft Windows Driver Model (+ CD-ROM) Для профессионалов Питер Они У.
В этой книге, написанной опытнейшим экспертом в области разработки драйверов Уолтером Они совместно с командой разработчиков ядра Windows, вы найдете все необходимое для понимания процесса написания драйверов: подробные практические примеры, иллюстрации, советы и построчный анализ примеров кода.
159 руб
Paper Model: Бумажная кукла нет серии ISBN 966-635-676-1 Торнадо
49 руб
America's Next Top Model Guide Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup) J.E. B.
1881 руб
How to model, validate and implement a Dynamic Reconfigurable System using Simulink Modeling Methodologies for Dynamic Reconfigurable Systems. Книга по Требованию Fabio C.
The main issue addressed is the implementation of large designs onto FPGAs with limited available resources.
1981 руб
A CONTENT DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR COMPUTER AIDED LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION. Model developed for grade one level second language instruction Книга по Требованию Shyma M.
The results of our experiments reveal acceptance and enhanced language acquisition as demonstrated by the evaluation experiments.
2385 руб
Phase Transition in Strongly Correlated Systems. Bilayer Quantum Hall Effect, Inhomogeneous Superconductivity and Boson Hubbard Model Книга по Требованию Longhua J.
The success of the theory depends crucially on density and dimensionality of the systems.
1981 руб
An Integrated Assessment Model for Reuse Strategy. Technical, Social, Environmental, and Economic Aspects Книга по Требованию Maria A.
To apply the assessment model in the real business environment, three industrial cases on consumer and commercial products are presented.
3191 руб
It showed the inadequacies inherent in Darcy' s law as a modeling equation for flow in porous media. Laboratory experiments were conducted to determine the criteria for and the onset of non-linear flow in core samples. It was discovered that non-Darcy flow will occur in a porous media as long as the pressure gradients in the porous media is sufficient. The main determining property for non-linearity is the permeability of the porous media. A mathematical equation was developed to model non-Darcy flow, following standard scientific procedures. The mathematical model developed was used to simulate reservoir behavior while considering Darcy and non-Darcy flow in the reservoir. COMSOL Multiphysics, a software used for solving partial differential equations (PDE) was used for the simulations. The results were presented, discussed and analyzed for several reservoir geometries. The results of this work is useful for reservoir engineers and production engineers who need to optimize flow rate and well performance. It will also be applicable in well diagnosis for remedial action or work over. This work reviewed several scenario where non-Darcy or non-linearity in flow exists in the reservoir.
2385 руб
Cognitive Model Optimization with Parallel Genetic Algorithms. Investigating Individual Differences Книга по Требованию Sue K.
The optimization approach was highly successful in fitting the serial subtraction model superseding the field’s traditional manual optimization process.
1981 руб
Developing the Business Case for a New Mobile Service. An Exercise in Business Model Designing Книга по Требованию
The author suggests a process oriented perspective that takes into account the collaborative learning progression that occurs when innovators have to decide on a business model.
1981 руб
Adapting the Process Communication Model for Higher Education Writing. Connecting with Personality Types Книга по Требованию
Written communication is a key component for leaders of an educational organization.
1981 руб
Discontinuous Grammar. A dependency-based model of human parsing and language learning Книга по Требованию Matthias B.
It provides a detailed formal account of a wide range of linguistic phenomena, including discontinuous word order, secondary dependencies, parasitic gaps, elliptic coordinations, punctuation, and important aspects of morphology and discourse.
3191 руб
A Vocational Model of Confirmation. Calling Youth to Active Faith in the Slovak Lutheran Church Книга по Требованию Jana S.
This new paradigm of confirmation speaks to a context that is transitioning from communism to democracy.
3215 руб
Theory and Experiments in Model Systems Bilayer Elasticity in Protein and Lipid Organization. Книга по Требованию Tristan U.
The text and appendices fully outline all relevant theory and experimental methods.
3215 руб
Analysis of business class-only services offered by Eos Airlines, MAXjet Airways and Lufthansa, Swiss and KLM in cooperation with PrivatAir Viability of the Premium Airline Business Model. Книга по Требованию Marek K.
Included is an extensive quantitative analysis that sheds light on the operating economics side of the business and identifies key areas that differ from the usual mixed-class operation.
1997 руб
Developing an appropriate volunteer management model. An exploration of the hospice sector in Singapore Книга по Требованию Pei F.N.
The findings are analyzed with reference to the volunteer involvement model suggested by Rochester (1999).
1997 руб
Appication of Multivariate Ordered Probit Model. An Analysis of the Effect of Fortified Foods on Health Status among Under-five Bangladeshi Children Книга по Требованию Sabria K.
The overall objective of this analysis was to measure the impact of the fortified biscuits on the nutritional status of pre-school aged children.
1997 руб
Development of an autoignition model for natural gas engines. an experimental and modeling study Книга по Требованию Seref S.
Computation results show that the knock occurrence crank angle can be predicted within 2 degrees CA when the model is coupled to a Zero-Dimensional engine model, which was also developed for the present work.
2769 руб

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