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Spanish Phonology

Формат:      Страниц 120
     мягкая обложка
Lambert M. S.    
Книга по Требованию    
1599 руб
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It deals with current phonology and phonetics as well as with historical developments thereof. Unless otherwise noted, statements refer to Castilian Spanish, the standard dialect used on radio and television, in Spain (for details, see the articles on History of the Spanish language and Spanish dialects and varieties). Spanish has many allophones, so it is important here to distinguish phonemes and corresponding allophones. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! This article is about the phonology of the Spanish language.
Ведро Vileda "SuperMоcio" с отжимом ленточных швабр, 12 л.
Уникальная запатентованная система отжима подходит для любой ленточной швабры (не только бренда Vileda (ВИЛЕДА)). Прочное, устойчивое
679 руб
Раздел: С отжимом
Кран башенный.
Тяжелые колеса из ПВХ играют роль инерционного движителя. Стрела поворачивается, трос наматывается на барабан с трещоткой, человечек
471 руб
Раздел: Подъёмные краны, автокраны
Салатники "Хлеб", 2 штуки.
Салатники, 2 штуки. Диаметр: 13,5/16,5 см. Высота: 6/7 см. Объем: 350/650 мл. Материал: керамика.
362 руб
Раздел: Наборы
Buenos Aires Spanish Prosody. Description of Intonation and Rhythm in Normal and Pathological Speech According to the Theory of Phonology as Human Behavior Книга по Требованию Claudia E.
This book should be especially useful to professionals in the communication sciences and language disorders, and other disciplines including linguistics, social sciences, computer sciences, psychology, first and second language acquisition, and more.
1997 руб
Street Art: Characters (English & Spanish) Monsa
Characters are fundamental in the contemporary street art world and we can find all sort of caricatures made of spray, charcoal, acrylic, markers and also in posters and stickers.
1265 руб
2001 Spanish and English Idioms Barron's Ed Eugene S.
451 руб
Longman Picture Dictionary English-Spanish Pearson Julie A.
615 руб
501 Spanish Verbs (+ CD-ROM) Barron's Educational Series Christopher K.
It’s printed in two colors, it features tinted page edges for ease of reference, and it comes with extra help for Spanish language students in the form of a CD-ROM.
673 руб
Suenos World Spanish 1: Activity Book Pearson Almudena S.
A popular course for beginners, Suenos World Spanish 1 is designed to meet the varied needs of adult learners, whether learning at home or in a class.
114 руб
Sustainable Urban Landscapes (English & Spanish) Monsa
This book provides a sample of works that, through originality. ingenuity and creativity, have found a method of sustainable design.
2497 руб
Street Art: Stencils (English & Spanish) Monsa Louis B.
The stencils have become very popular among graffiti artists thanks to the spray can be made quickly and easily.
2082 руб
First hundred words in Spanish Usborne Heather A.
658 руб
Reminiscences Of The Spanish-American War In Cuba And The Philippines Книга по Требованию Charles F. G.
5 руб
The Spanish Stage In The Time Of Lope De Vega Книга по Требованию Hugo A.R.
1158 руб
First Spanish Sticker Book Usborne Publishing Heather A.
Here are brilliant books to help build vocabulary and literacy in a variety of languages.
239 руб
Collins Spanish Dictionary HarperCollins Publishers Harper C.P.
208 руб
Essential Spanish Verbs: Teach Yourself Hodder&Stoughton Maria R.H.
906 руб
Spanish Phrasebook (+ Audio CD) Lonely Planet Lonely P.
Or even play a phrase to people you meet while traveling - just transfer the MP3 files on the CD to your portable media device.
429 руб
An acoustic study of Spanish voiceless stops. Differences in three speaking styles: conversation, sentence and read text Книга по Требованию Pilar M.
This book looks at some acoustic properties of sounds where this difference is reflected.
2385 руб
Transfer of knowledge from the lab to the market. Evidence from Spanish university Spin-offs Книга по Требованию Ferran V.
Although Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) only has been working for approximately ten years in Spain this figure is receiving a growing interest from academics.
1997 руб
Spaniards, Caciques, and Indians. Spanish Imperial Policy and the Construction of Caste in New Spain, 1521-1570 Книга по Требованию
However by the 1540s, the Crown shifted to widening the gap between themselves and their new subjects.
2769 руб
The Development of Racial Awareness. A study with Spanish children from 3 to 5 years of age Книга по Требованию Silvia G.
During these critical ages children become more realise that color of skin is a relevant social cue.
2008 руб
English Abandonados and Afortunados. Class and Spanish Justice in the Atlantic World, 1568-1576 Книга по Требованию Robert B.
Ingram, through a deposition, gave Shakespeare the location, some characters, and some indisputable elements from which the Tempest sprang.
2416 руб

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