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Singapore Press Holdings

Формат:      Страниц 140
     мягкая обложка
Lambert M. S.    
Книга по Требованию    
1835 руб
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The new logo was launched on March 30, 2009 by President S R Nathan and Chairman Tony Tan Keng Yam. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Singapore Press Holdings Limited was formed on August 4, 1984 through a merger of three organisations, the Straits Times Press group, the Singapore News and Publications Limited and Times Publishing Berhad. Singapore Press Holdings Limited is a media organisation in Singapore with businesses in print, Internet and new media, television and radio, outdoor media, and property. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! SPH has a team of roughly 1,000 journalists, including correspondents operating around the world. In 2009, SPH celebrated its 25th anniversary and, for the first time, changed its corporate logo.
Скретч постер "#100 дел Books Edition".
Это дизайнерский скретч постер с сотней книг для развития, вдохновения и хорошего настроения. Это идеальный подарок для тех, кому аромат
600 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Мельница "Молинеро" для специй, четырёхуровневая.
Мельница «Молинеро» полностью механическая, не требует подзарядки от электросети или от батареек. Вы можете не только перемалывать, но и
646 руб
Раздел: Измельчители, приспособления для резки
Турка, 375 грамм, медная.
Турка изготовлена из меди. Медь обладает равномерной теплопроводностью, что позволяет приготовить кофе, отличающийся изысканным ароматом.
814 руб
Раздел: Турки

Синтаксическая синонимичность
Например: Preside ixo ’s Admi is ra io has released i s seco d “i fla io aler ” i which risi g wages are alleged o be he mai cause of i fla io (Mor i g S ar, 1970). Mrs. Bevel was se e ced o serve wo years ( he Worker, 1972). 3. Глаголы побуждения, разрешения, просьбы: o call, o direc , o e courage, o i s ruc , o groom, o press, o rouse, o urge, o au horize, o e i le, o u oppose. Например: here is my h ha he US Ce ral I ellige ce Age cy is o ly au horized o work abroad. (World Magazi e, 1970). he secre ary- reasurer was direc ed o hold i escrow ( he Worker, 1965). Параллельный лингвистический анализ придаточных обстоятельственных предложений времени, причины, условия и сопутствия, равноценных эквивалентным образованиям he Preposi io al Absolu e Par iciple Co s ruc io и he Absolu e Par iciple Co s ruc io и обеспечивающих взаимную трансформацию, приводит к следующему заключению. Субъектно- предикативные отношения, выступающие в роли обстоятельств времени, причины, условия и сопутствия в этом стиле языка реализуется почти полностью посредством придаточных предложений, которые более ясно, чем эквивалентные конструкции указывают на тип обстоятельственных семантических отношений.

Девственницы-самоубийцы: Роман (пер. с англ. Ковжуна А.) Амфора Yes-Press ISBN 5-94278-398-5 Амфора/Yes-Press Амфора Евгенидес Дж.
<p>' Девственницы-самоубийцы' - первый роман современного американского писателя Джеффри Евгенидеса.
179 руб
Press Out and Play Ladybird Books
241 руб
World Press Photo 09 Thames & Hudson Kari L.
Universally recognized as the definitive competition for photographic reporting, it has been described by Michael Rand – for many years Art Director of The Sunday Times Magazine – as ‘the international photographic contest. ’ Publishing the results of the most recent annual World Press Photo Contest, this exceptional book contains the most haunting and inspiring photographs from 2008 – nearly 180 pictures submitted by photojournalists, picture agencies, newspapers and magazines throughout the world.
879 руб
Happy Hearts 2. Press Outs (2 of 3). Дополнительные материалы (2 из 3) Happy Hearts Express Publishing
42 руб
Singapore Зеленый гид ABBYY Press (АБИ Пресс) Jonathan P. G.
881 руб
A History Of The Cambridge University Press, 1521-1921 Книга по Требованию Sydney C.R.
5 руб
The Case Studies of Poland, Ukraine, and Russia The Independent Press in the Emerging Democracies. Книга по Требованию Lyudmyla P.
This book addresses the relationship between press and regime from the angle of the comparative studies of the emerging democracies, which are Poland, Ukraine, and Russia.
1981 руб
Developing an appropriate volunteer management model. An exploration of the hospice sector in Singapore Книга по Требованию Pei F.N.
The findings are analyzed with reference to the volunteer involvement model suggested by Rochester (1999).
1997 руб
Magnitude and Nature of HIV/AIDS Coverage in the Ethiopian Press. The Case of Addis Admas and Addis Zemen Newspapers Книга по Требованию Anteneh M.T.
This book, therefore, provides detailed analyzes of the magnitude and nature of HIV/AIDS coverage in Ethiopian newspapers.
1997 руб
Globalisation and Convergence. A Comparative Study of University Policy and Practice in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand, 1946-1996 Книга по Требованию
This book intends to fill some of these gaps by means of a cross-national historical study.
3234 руб
The book will analyze the evolution of interest group coalitions and the persistent conflict surrounding FTAs and international trade since the end of the Cold War by examing the negotiations leading to the agreements signed with Jordan, Singapore, and Chile.
3234 руб
Human Rights, Scandal, and the Press. The Symbolic Construction of Public Discourse in Mexico Книга по Требованию Luis E.R.
The book concludes that despite other significant explanations, the symbolic frameworks that emerged in the course of each of these critical events, forged by an increasingly independent press, were key in the rise and consolidation of human rights as a discourse in Mexico’s public sphere, which in turn shows the significance of symbolization and its eventual social effects.
3234 руб
Singapore Malay Theatre. Issues of cultural identity Книга по Требованию Puvaneswari A.
This is due to the Singapore government' s nation building strategies, which aimed to promote harmonious living among the four major ethic groups: Chinese, Malays, Indian and Eurasians. Using contemporary cultural and post colonial theories, the author examines the impact of hybrid cultural practices on the socio-economic development of the Singapore Malay community. This book is also the first fully comprehensive analyses of two prominent Singapore Malay theatre groups: Teater KAMi and Teater Ekamatra. Singaporean Malays have adopted hybrid cultural practices over a period of forty years.
3234 руб
Strategies of Resistance,Journalism and Military rule in Nigeria The Press Under Stress. Книга по Требованию JIMMY I.
In some cases where the ‘offending' journalist is not found, members of his or her immediate family have been known to be arrested in their stead. In the light of these rather unfortunate developments, it becomes imperative for the media to come up with strategies to remain relevant and credible while dealing with censorships and violations of press freedom. These strategies are what the author, a journalist and scholar who has studied and is widely travelled across three continents – Africa, Europe and America - offers in this book. The media in these countries are usually severely repressed and censored and journalists are routinely arrested, imprisoned,forced into exile, maimed and even killed, for writing and publishing stories that are true about their governments. Freedom of expression which is taken for granted by many in Europe and America as a fundamental right of citizens and the media is something that is a rare phenomenon in developing countries and Africa.
3234 руб
Energy Future Holdings Corporation Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
That purchase was the largest leveraged buyout in history.
1599 руб
Music of Singapore Книга по Требованию Norton F.G.
In addition, the arts centre has ensured a representation of classical music from the four primary cultures in the land.
1395 руб
Black Sun Press Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
They enjoyed the reception their initial work received, and decided to expand the press to serve other authors, renaming the company the Black Sun Press, following on Harry' s obsession on the symbolism of the sun. They printed limited quantities of meticulously produced, hand-manufactured books, printed on high-quality paper. Publishing in Paris during the 1920s and 1930s put the company at the crossroads of many American writers who were living abroad. In 1928, as Editions Narcisse, they printed a limited edition of 300 numbered copies of "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allan Poe. Black Sun Press was an English language book publisher founded in 1927 as Editions Narcisse by poet Harry Crosby and his wife Caresse Crosby (nee Mary Phelps Jacob), American expatriates living in Paris. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! In April 1927 they named their press after their black whippet Narcisse, and they used the press as an avenue to publish their own poetry in small editions of finely-made, hard-bound volumes.
1599 руб
Muzak Holdings Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1395 руб
July 2005 in Malaysia and Singapore Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1191 руб
Johor–Singapore Causeway Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It serves as a road, rail, and pedestrian link, as well as water piping into Singapore.
1843 руб

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