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Singaporean Mandarin

Формат:      Страниц 120
     мягкая обложка
Lambert M. S.    
Книга по Требованию    
1591 руб
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It is one of the 4 official languages of Singapore along with English, Malay and Tamil. Singaporean Mandarin is the dialect of Mandarin Chinese spoken in Singapore. The official Standard Mandarin of the Republic of Singapore, known in Singapore as Huayu, is based on the phonology of the Beijing dialect and the grammar of Vernacular Chinese is almost identical to the standard of Mandarin used in the People' s Republic of China, known in mainland China as P? t? nghua; Singaporean Mandarin became widely spoken by the Chinese community in Singapore since the Speak Mandarin Campaign in 1979. Singaporean Mandarin is generally considered to be the second most commonly spoken language in Singapore, after English. As of 2000, 82% of the literate Chinese Singaporean were literate in the language and were able to speak Singaporean Mandarin. Due to its widespread usage, Singaporean Mandarin has generally become a common language spoken amongst Chinese Singaporean.
Зажигалка Zippo "Classic" с покрытием Chrome Arch, 36x12x56 мм.
Материал: латунь. Тип: бензиновая, широкая. Размер: 36х56х12 мм.
1240 руб
Раздел: Зажигалки
Шапка-маска Norfin "Mask" (размер L).
Шапка-маска флисовая. Состав: полиэстер (100%). Размер: L.
348 руб
Раздел: Утепленные шапки, маски
Подгузники "Pampers Active Baby-dry" 4 макси (70 штук, джамбо упаковка), 7-14 кг.
Для каждого "доброго утра" нужно до 12 часов сухости ночью. Именно поэтому подгузники "Pampers Active Baby-Dry" имеют
1461 руб
Раздел: Более 11 кг
The Easy Way (+ Audio CD) Mandarin Chinese. Barron's Ed Philip F. W.
This second edition of "Mandarin Chinese the Easy Way" comes with an audio compact disc that supplements the book, providing pronunciation help and listening comprehension material in the form of spoken dialogues.
1691 руб
Self-Reported Strategy Use While Reading in English and Mandarin. A Study of Four ESL Students Книга по Требованию Echo P.
The research describes the strategies applied by these subjects and compares whether or not they used different strategies in processing English and Chinese.
2784 руб
Explorations in the Development of Young Children's Speech Act of Threatening in Mandarin Chinese. Threatening,Pragmatics,Speech act Книга по Требованию Yalien W.
2008 руб
Mandarin Oriental, New York Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1395 руб
Mandarin (Bureaucrat) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The English term comes from the Portuguese mandarim, borrowed from Malay, and ultimately coming from Sanskrit mantrin (meaning councilor or minister).
2008 руб
Singaporean GCE 'O' Level Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Most of the examinations are set by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES), while the remainder are set by Singapore' s Ministry of Education. The examination is taken by students at the end of their fourth year in secondary school, typically at age 16. The system is comparable to the United Kingdom' s GCSE test, which is also usually given to 16-year-olds.
1387 руб
Singaporean General Election, 2001 Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
It has been the city-state' s ruling political party since 1959. From the 1963 general elections, the PAP has dominated Singapore' s parliamentary democracy and has been central to the city-state' s rapid political, social, and economic development. However, it has been criticised for laws that suppress free speech and other civil liberties. In the 2006 Singapore general election, the PAP won 82 of the 84 elected seats in the Parliament of Singapore while receiving 66. 6% of total votes cast. The Singapore parliamentary general elections of 2001 were held on 3 November. The People' s Action Party, the incumbent ruling party, won 82 out of 84 seats in the election, including 55 walkovers.
1185 руб
Singaporean Response to 2005 Kashmir Earthquake Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
In his letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Lee said he was deeply saddened by the loss of life in Kashmir as a result of the earthquake. He said: "On behalf of the Government and people of Singapore, I would like to convey our condolences and deepest sympathies to you and to the families of the victims. " He added that India demonstrated resilience and resolve in the wake of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, and he was confident that it would once again respond decisively to this challenge.
1835 руб
A mandarin phonetic reader in the Pekinese dialect Книга по Требованию Karlgren B.
955 руб
The mandarin's fan Книга по Требованию Hume F.
955 руб
The mandarin Книга по Требованию Dawe C.
955 руб
Meritus Mandarin Singapore Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1123 руб
Get Started in Mandarin Chinese (+ Audio CD) Teach Yourself Hodder&Stoughton Lianyi S.
You can still rely on the benefits of a top language teacher and our years of teaching experience, but now with added learning features within the course and online.
2451 руб
Mandarin Phrasebook Collins GEM HarperCollins Publishers
382 руб
Стульчик для кормления Jetem "Enjoue Mandarin" (оранжевый)
Jetem Enjoue – стульчик для кормления элегантного дизайна с возможностью наклона спинки до лежачего положения.
9955 руб
Сумка-тележка Reisenthel "Trolley M patchwork" (mandarin)
В дополнение к этому сзади есть карман на молнии для мелочей.
6595 руб
Бокалы для вина Duni "Flair. Mandarin" (пластиковые), 180 мл, 6 штук
526 руб
Пряжа "Schachenmayr Baby Smiles. Bravo Baby" (цвет: 01025, mandarine, мандариновый (оранжевый))
При правильном уходе не вытягивается и не скатывается.
218 руб

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