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Wheat improvement in Australia ..

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Guthrie F.    
Книга по Требованию    
300 руб
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Книга представляет собой репринтное издание. Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т.п.
Карандаши цветные "Lyra Groove Slim", 12 цветов + точилка.
Карандаши с эргономичным захватом по всей длине. Диаметр грифеля 3,3 мм! Точилка. Уникальные карандаши с канавками! Запатентовано! Научите
484 руб
Раздел: 7-12 цветов
Цветные счетные палочки Кюизенера.
Возраст: 3 - 7 лет. Каждая палочка – это число, выраженное цветом и величиной. С математической точки зрения палочки это множество, на
553 руб
Раздел: Счетные наборы, веера
Мешок для обуви "Мир скорости", 41х49 см.
Мешок для обуви с одним отделением и карманом на молнии. Размер: 41х49 см.
348 руб
Раздел: Сумки для обуви

The Subjects We Do at School
Why did you decide o ake your e ra ce exams o he I s i u e? Vocabulary: o do subjec s — изучать школьные предметы o go o school — учиться в школе school-leaver — выпускник o pay a e io o sm h. — обращать внимание на чтолибо exac scie ces — точные науки however hard I ry — как я ни стараюсь o mix up — смешивать, перемешивать o make sm h. ou — разбираться в чем-либо, понимать что-либо o swo sm h. — зубрить что-либо vice versa — наоборот o be of grea help o smb. — очень помогать кому-либо dull — неинтересный, скучный o improve sm h. — улучшать что-либо skills a d habi s — умения и навыки o spe d (spe , spe ) — проводить o work hard a sm h. — работать упорно над чем-либо weak poi — уязвимое место o make good progress i sm h. —^делать успехи в чемлибо o . ake a exam — сдавать экзамен e ra ce exam — вступительный экзамен impossible — невозможный, невозможно o do wi hou — обойтись без because of — из-за o expa d — расширять lear ed a d well-educa ed — эрудированный и образованный a leas — по крайней мере o resor o smb. — обращаться к кому-либо Предметы, которые мы изучаем в школе.

Spectral Reflectance Indices in Wheat Breeding. Potentials as an Indirect Selection Tool for Yield Improvement Книга по Требованию
Complementing breeding effort by deploying alternative methods of identifying higher yielding genotypes in a plant breeding program is important for obtaining greater genetic gains.
2008 руб
NGO 'Roots Of Australia Music Explorer' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 11374 Бомба-М
229 руб
Australia 13Ed Lonely Planet
5 руб
Australia. Photographs by Jeff Drewitz teNeues
5 руб
Coral Reef. Inside Australia's Great Barrier Reef Cambridge Reading для российских школ Дрофа Meredith H.
5 руб
In the electrokinetics studies, the thesis covers eight major parameters that may influence the process.
2385 руб
News Media Communication of Sustainability and the Environment:. An Exploration of Approaches to Improvement Книга по Требованию Komathi K.
News media coverage of sustainability and environmental issues is often regarded as informal education necessary for gaining public support towards related actions.
3191 руб
The Italian Diaspora in Australia. Representations of Italy and Italians in Australian Literature Книга по Требованию Antonio C.
This research project, part of a doctoral thesis, which includes a novel, An Olive Branch for Sante, traces the progression of the Italian diaspora in Australia and how it evolved over three generations.
3191 руб
Korean Migrant Women in Australia. A Narrative Analysis of the Labour Market Experiences of NESB Women Книга по Требованию Jane G.L.
This hierarchy is expressed through the exclusion or inclusion of people at designated levels in the labour market organisation.
3191 руб
Impact of Technology on Wheat Production. A Decomposition Analysis of Output Change for Smallholder Farmers in Bale Highlands, Southeastern Part of Ethiopia Книга по Требованию Mengistu K.A.
Finally, relevant policy implications that would contribute to an attempt of attaining the country’s rural development and poverty reduction goals are drawn.
2403 руб
LAND USE CHANGES AND THE PROPERTIES OF STORMWATER ENTERING A WETLAND ON A SANDY COASTAL PLAIN IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA Wetlands, stormwater runoff and landcover changes in catchments. Книга по Требованию Halina T. K.
The main aims of this work were to: determine the importance of stormwater drains in the water and pollutant balance of the lake and to evaluate pollutant retention rates by the wetland.
3215 руб
Forging Diplomacy. A socio-cultural investigation of the Carnegie corporation of New York and the "Art of Australia 1788-1941" exhibition Книга по Требованию Louise R.
This account highlights the museum as a significant arena for establishing and legitimating social norms and practices whilst steering cultural values and would be especially useful for professionals interested in the role alliance building plays in the promotion of cultural and political agendas.
3215 руб
Vocational Education in Australia. The Power of Institutional Language Книга по Требованию
This book should be useful to anyone interested in Australian education and government policy, or those exploring competency based training and quality compliance more generally.
2769 руб
Determinants of International Competitiveness. A Comparative Study of the Sugar Industry in Australia, Brazil, and the European Union Книга по Требованию
Understanding of competitiveness has primarily been pursued in terms of economic variables and market conditions.
2769 руб
Peformance Analysis and Improvement Modeling TCP Loss Recovery. Книга по Требованию
This book can be a useful resource for students and professionals in the field of computer networking who seek for further understanding of TCP and its performance.
2416 руб
The Clash of Conceptual Languages Around Australia's Mabo Decision. The Reception to Indigenous Claims for Recognition of Traditional Connections to Land and Sea Книга по Требованию
The Australian High Court' s 1992 Mabo decision was hailed as a turning point in relations with its Indigenous peoples as this was the first occasion when a claim to traditional connections to lands or waters was recognised by its legal system. Intense debate and activity ensued with Federal Parliament adopting a legislative framework to recognise native title and the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation considering its broader constitutional implications. Dr Robson' s work examines the conflicting conceptual languages that were voiced about relations with its Indigenous peoples.
3234 руб
Work Timing Arrangements in Australia in the 1990s. Evidence from the Australian Time Use Survey Книга по Требованию
The Australian Time Use Survey, conducted nationally by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 1992 and 1997, provides a unique opportunity to examine actual work timing arrangements in the Australian workforce.
2416 руб
Irish Migration to Australia after 1945. A case study of the 'New Irish' Книга по Требованию Jean C.
Reasons why people leave Ireland are integral to the discourse of Irish migration.
3234 руб
A Framework to align Strategy, Improvement Performance, and Customer Satisfaction The Six Sigma Scorecard. Книга по Требованию Adriana B.
The use of a Case Study as a research methodology allowed a high level of engagement between management research and management practice.
2784 руб
Employment Protection Regimes in Australia and Italy 1979 to 2000 Книга по Требованию Marco M.
This development proved to be crucial as it seriously undermined Labour’s capacity to bargain with Capital in the antipodal country.
3234 руб

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