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Miniatures and borders from the Book of Hours of Bona Sforza, Duchess of Milan in the British Museum

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Книга по Требованию    
604 руб
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Книга представляет собой репринтное издание. Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т.п.
Игрушечная коляска-люлька.
Кукольная коляска-люлька фирмы "Melogo Toys", выполненная по типу и подобию настоящих колясок – мечта каждой девочки. Поддон
1499 руб
Раздел: Коляски-люльки
Ростомер говорящий "Теремок".
Дети так быстро растут! Следить за их ростом поможет говорящий ростомер «Теремок» от Азбукварика. Нужно только повесить его на
482 руб
Раздел: Ростомеры
Шкатулка декоративная "Стиль", 15,5x12,5x11,5 см (бутылочный).
Шкатулка декоративная для ювелирных украшений, с выдвижными ящичками. Размер: 15,5x12,5x11,5 см. Материал: комбинированный.
1586 руб
Раздел: Шкатулки для украшений

Перевод английского каламбура
Одно время головка чеширского сыра придавалась форма широко улыбающейся кошки. Автор использует здесь свой излюбленный стилистический прем: он «оживляет» не имеющий самостоятельного значения компонент фразеологического сочетания (идиома) и превращает его в одно из персонажей повествования. В этом случае, как и во многих других, перевод Набокова выделяется из общепринятой тенденции. Действительно, сейчас, похоже, все знают, что Чеширский Кот - это персонаж сказка Льюиса Кэрролла "Алиса в Стране чудес", который всегда улыбается и может исчезать. Однако, Набоков исходил из того, что русскоязычный ребенок может не понять, почему от именно Чеширский, а тем более, почему он улыбается. Поэтому у него мы видим следующее: «Это Масленичный Кот. Не всегда коту масленица, - ответила Герцогиня - Моему же коту - всегда. Вот он и ухмыляется». Далее следует не менее интересный текст, с использованием игры слов: "If everybody mi ded heir ow busi ess," said he Duchess i a hoarse growl, " he world would go rou d a deal fas er ha i does," "Which would o be a adva age," said Alice, who fel very glad o ge a oppor u i y of showi g off a li le of her k owledge. "Jus hi k wha work would i make wi h he day a d igh ! You see he ear h akes 24 hours o ur rou d o i s axis - " " alki g of axes," said he Duchess, "chop off her head!" ' "If everybody mi ded heir ow busi ess".

The Book of Dave: A Revelation of the Recent Past and the Distant Future Penguin Group Will S.
And, what if Dave had indeed made a mistake?
427 руб
Catalogue Of The Books Presented By Edward Capell To The Library Of Trinity College In Cambridge Книга по Требованию Greg W.W.
5 руб
The day-hours of the Church of England, newly revised according to the prayer-book and the authorized translation of the Bible Книга по Требованию
1147 руб
Cambridge Preliminary English: Test 3: Student s Book with Answers: Examination Papers from the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (Past Papers) Cambridge University Press
549 руб
Tolkien C.The Book of Lost Tales 1
560 руб
The Book of When? Dictionary of Times & Seasons CRW Publishing Dale R.
Part 2 takes the 366 days of the Gregorian leap year one by one and looks at observances, holidays, and how they relate to other calendars.
5 руб
The Book of Heroic Failures Pearson Stephen P.
224 руб
The Book of the Rowan Dragon Blade: Macmillan Publishers Andre N.
Over a year has passed since the defeat of the Great Foulness, and the ravaged earth has begun to heal.
231 руб
The Book of the Kings & Queens of Britain Wordsworth Reference Wordsworth G.S.P F.
265 руб
The Book of Lost Tales (part 2) HarperCollins Publishers Tolkien J.R.R.
Each tale is followed by a commentary in the form of a short essay, together with texts of associated poems, and contains extensive information on names and vocabulary in the earliest Elvish languages.
1177 руб
The Book of Lies Hodder&Stoughton Brad M.
What could that murder have to do with the biblical one?
312 руб
The Book of Business Etiquette Книга по Требованию Anonymous
1145 руб
The Book Of Daniel Книга по Требованию Samuel R. D.
5 руб
The Book Of The Secrets Of Enoch Книга по Требованию Anonymous
Книга представляет собой репринтное издание 1896 года (издательство "Oxford, Clarendon Press").
602 руб
Martius, The book of Palms Taschen
At the time, this encyclopedic treasury contained the sum of human knowledge on the topic, and included 240 exquisite chromolithographic illustrations, including landscape views of palm habitats and botanical dissections.
9714 руб
The Book and Philosophy. The Role of the Book as a Medium for Philosophy in Deleuze, Derrida and Smith Книга по Требованию
Smith, on the other hand, does think of the book as book -- the form of the book -- and points the way for a new analysis of Deleuze and Derrida' s similar projects. This work will be of interest to students of philosophy, aesthetics, art theory, media studies and anyone else interested in the current role of the book and the contemporary debate of the role of the writer. Because of the link between the traditional model of the book and the traditional role of philosophy, both Deleuze and Derrida take as an integral part of their own projects a rethinking of the book. Both Gilles Deleuze and Jacques Derrida explore the concept of the book as a medium of philosophy -- a medium which affects the possible message. "The Book and Philosophy," explores the attempt of both Deleuze and Derrida to rethink the role of the book in the history of philosophy. Drawing on the book artist Keith Smith, it is shown that though Deleuze and Derrida speak of the book, what really interest them is the literature within the book (Deleuze) and the book as a metaphor for total knowledge (Derrida).
1981 руб
A Comparative Study of Gender Representation in the Bible. The Use of Inclusive Language in the New International Version and New Revised Standard Version of the Book of Genesis Книга по Требованию Poh C.L.
With comprehensive analysis at the level of the word, phrase and discourse, coupled with alternative readings from The Woman’s Bible and The Gospel of Mary, this book is an ideal read for academics in the fields of Gender Studies and Feminist Stylistics, as well as seekers of the truth.
2008 руб
An Analysis of Subject-Before-Finite-Verb Clauses. An Analysis of Subject-Before-Finite-Verb Clauses in the Book of Genesis Based on Traditional Grammarians Книга по Требованию Kyoungwon C.
Chapter 5 discusses modern attempts to redefine subject-before-finite- verb clauses.
2416 руб
The Book of Pooh Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The series departs from many of the established facts of Milne' s books; for example, Tigger resides in the Hundred Acre Wood from the start, and Kanga and Roo are later introduced as newcomers. Neither Christopher nor his mother speak with an English accent, however in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Christopher has an American accent. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! It is the third television series to feature the characters from the Disney franchise based on A. A. Milne' s works; the other two were the live-action Welcome to Pooh Corner (to which this series bears resemblance) and the animated The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh which ran from 1988-1991.
1191 руб
The Gallant Hours Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
1395 руб

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