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Enhancing Team Performance. The role of music, group mood, and interpersonal coordination

Формат:      Страниц 72
     мягкая обложка
Nathalie C.    
Книга по Требованию    
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Organizations all over the world have come to adapt their structures to focus more on teams, instead of individual work. Interpersonal coordination plays also a vital role in the whole equation. The importance and numerous benefits of effective teamwork have already been broadly discussed. Leaders in organizations have recognized that teamwork and the coordination of knowledge are important for team effectiveness. A quote like "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" is a perfect example. People have worked together since the dawn of time and yet there is still room for improvement! However, if so much is already known about teamwork, is there anything left to investigate and improve? This book will give new insights about the extent to which three specific variables, namely music, group mood and interpersonal coordination, can enhance the quality of team performance. The potential influence of these variables could ultimately lead to the enhancement of team performance. Music is known to have the capacity to induce both positive and negative affect among individuals.
Табурет "Плетенка" складной (малый).
Табурет, сделанный из пластмассы высокого качества. Ширина: 310 мм. Длина: 270 мм. Высота: 275 мм. Размеры сидения: длина - 230 мм, ширина
349 руб
Раздел: Стульчики
Рюкзак ортопедический мягкий «Marvel. Мстители».
Вместительный ортопедический рюкзак «Marvel» Мстители – это удобный помощник. Благодаря своей мягкой, но прочной конструкции, он имеет
3262 руб
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Кружка хамелеон "Звездное небо".
Оригинальная кружка, меняющая цвет (проявляется рисунок). Размер кружки: 12x8x9,5 см. Объём кружки 300 мл. Материал: керамика
442 руб
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The history of English
Degrees of Compariso . he Verb. Gramma ical ca egories of he Fi i e Verb. Co juga io of Verbs i OE. Morphological Classifica io of Verbs. S ro g Verbs. Morphological Classifica io of Verbs. Weak Verbs. Mi or Groups of Verbs. Gramma ical ca egories of he Verbal. he I fi i ive he Par iciple Sy ax. he Simple Se e ce Compou d a d Complex Se e ces Word Order Lec ure Classes 5-6: Developme of he Gramma ical Sys em (11 h-18 h ce uries) he ou Decay of ou decle sio s Gramma ical Ca egories of he ou he Pro ou Perso al a d Possessive Pro ou s Demo s ra ive Pro ou s. Developme of Ar icles O her Classes of Pro ou s he Adjec ive Decay of Decle sio s a d Gramma ical Ca egories Degrees of Compariso he Verb Simplifyi g Cha ges of he Verb Co juga io Verbals. he I fi i ive a d he Par iciple. Developme of he Geru d. Cha ges i he Morphological Classes of Verbs S ro g Verbs Weak Verbs Mi or groups of Verbs Grow h of ew Forms wi hi he Exis i g Gramma ical Ca egories he Fu ure e se ew Forms of he Subju c ive Mood I erroga ive a d ega ives Forms wi h do Developme of ew Gramma ical Ca egories Passive Forms.

Team Reward Systems, Team Performance and National Culture. A Framework for Selecting Team Reward Systems Книга по Требованию Lynsey d.H.
The desired team behavior, and thus the appropriateness of a specific team reward system, depends on the nature of team performance that is required to successfully complete a certain task.
1997 руб
Real-time Computing Systems. Enhancing the Performance of Distributed Real-time Systems Книга по Требованию Hoai H.B.
Software control systems may be subject to high interference caused by concurrency and resource sharing.
2784 руб
Ghana: Enhancing Competitiveness Through Performance-Based Payment. An Analysis of Economic, Organisational and Legal Factors Influencing the Success of Performance-Based Payment Schemes in Ghana Книга по Требованию Michael O.
Based on a large number of expert interviews with managers, workers’ representatives and researchers the book gives an overview of the systems appropriate in the Ghanaian setting and provides recommendations for their implementation.
2784 руб
Enhance Heat Transfer Performance of Compact Heat Exchangers. by Minimizing the Contact Resistance between Fins and Tubes Книга по Требованию Wui-wai C.
This book lists forty-nine references.
3234 руб
The Contribution of Senior Management. Enhancement in the Performance Effectiveness. Книга по Требованию MALIMI N.
Managing is one of the most important activity whereby human beings began forming social organizations to accomplish aims they could not work as individuals.
2261 руб
Optimization techniques for parallel applications on clusters. Dynamic optimization techniques to enhance scalability and performance of MPI-based applications Книга по Требованию Rosa F.
Therefore, we can conclude that it is necessary to develop techniques for improving the performance of both communication and I/O subsystems.
2280 руб
Начало пути (под ред. Генса Г. В. ) Концепция Business Performance Management: Альпина Бизнес Букс Тартынская О.
398 руб
Для детей от 3 лет - - с. {City team} Военная бригада (вертолет, танк, 3 машинки): Набор металлических машинок: КИТАЙ
162 руб
LEGO Alpha Team [CDR] { } ~93.11.25 200 НД
119 руб
Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln Simon and Schuster Books Goodwin D.
698 руб
Peak Performance: Success in College and Beyond McGraw-Hill Sharon F.
All the interactive exercises and assessments have been revised to promote critical thinking, and a new culminating chapter now focuses on exploring majors, career development, and service learning.
3679 руб
Dream Team 3. Student's Book Dream Team Oxford University Press Norman W.
261 руб
Dream Team Starter. Workbook Dream Team Oxford University Press Norman W.
176 руб
Harvard Business Review on Employee Performance The McGraw-Hill Companies
While often loathed by supervisors and subordinates alike, appraisals are necessary precursors of performance improvement.
1227 руб
Team Deutsch 1. Arbeitsbuch Klett
1063 руб
Team Deutsch 3. Kursbuch (+ 3 Audio-CDs) (+ Audio CD) Klett
1227 руб
Enhancing Digital Information Awareness. Humanising User Interfaces with Speech-based Assistants Книга по Требованию Nuno R.
Digital information awareness is the process by which people obtain knowledge about important personal information stored on their computers.
3191 руб
Enhancing Health Among Drug Users in Prison Книга по Требованию Anne H.B.
A new screening instrument for drug use disorders is presented, and separate prison studies evaluate auricular acupuncture as well as cognitive- behavioral treatment.
2385 руб
Interpretation, Performance, Play, and Seduction. Textual Adventures in Tubmud Книга по Требованию Ragnhild T.
In this study, Tubmud is approached from three theoretical perspectives:
3191 руб
It showed the inadequacies inherent in Darcy' s law as a modeling equation for flow in porous media. Laboratory experiments were conducted to determine the criteria for and the onset of non-linear flow in core samples. It was discovered that non-Darcy flow will occur in a porous media as long as the pressure gradients in the porous media is sufficient. The main determining property for non-linearity is the permeability of the porous media. A mathematical equation was developed to model non-Darcy flow, following standard scientific procedures. The mathematical model developed was used to simulate reservoir behavior while considering Darcy and non-Darcy flow in the reservoir. COMSOL Multiphysics, a software used for solving partial differential equations (PDE) was used for the simulations. The results were presented, discussed and analyzed for several reservoir geometries. The results of this work is useful for reservoir engineers and production engineers who need to optimize flow rate and well performance. It will also be applicable in well diagnosis for remedial action or work over. This work reviewed several scenario where non-Darcy or non-linearity in flow exists in the reservoir.
2385 руб

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