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Multiple Data Transmission Techniques and Channel Optimization. For Emergency Medical Situation

Формат:      Страниц 52
     мягкая обложка
Alexander L.G.    
Книга по Требованию    
1923 руб
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The book is based on the authors' research experience. Clear and easy text and numerous illustrations assist easy understanding for the topics. We would like to express our gratitude to VDM Publishing House Limited, for his interest, awareness, help, collaboration and cooperation for publishing the book. Multiple Data Transmission Techniques and Channel Optimization for Emergency Medical Situation is very much essential for human civilization and it is expanding fast as an academic as well as industry-based discipline. The book provides the research as a foreword to the field of data communication, networking, and emergency medical situation intended for use of research students of electronics and telecommunication Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Physics and Electronics as well as Biomedical Electronics.
Набор "LeftRight" для правшей.
Созданы специально для обучения письму детей дошкольного и младшего школьного возраста. - Вырабатывают у ребенка навык правильно держать
482 руб
Раздел: Наборы настольные
Фигурка (копилка) декоративная "Бельчонок/Непоседы" 8x12,5x15,5 см.
Фигурка декоративная, настольная. Изготовлена из полимерных материалов. Размер: 8x12,5x15,5 см.
570 руб
Раздел: Копилки
Флэш-диск "Smart Buy. Click", 16GB, черный.
Инновационный выдвижной коннектор. Элегантный дизайн и приятная на ощупь отполированная поверхность. Отверстие для шнурка. Цвет корпуса:
491 руб
Раздел: Более 8 Гб

Комплексна профілактика ускладнень сторонніх тіл дихальних шляхів у...
Методи дослідження - клінічні методи, що включають аналіз скарг, анамнестичних даних, оцінку об'єктивного статусу хворого при першому звертанні й у різний термін після видалення СТДШ; лабораторні методи, що включають клінічні й біохімічні аналізи крові, сечі; цитологічні дослідження клітинного складу бронхіального секрету; оглядова рентгенографія органів грудної клітки; дані візуальної оцінки при проведенні трахеобронхоскопії, статистичні – для оцінки отриманих результатів. Наукова новизна отриманих результатів: на підставі комплексного аналізу анамнестичних, клінічних, рентгенологічних, ендоскопічних і лабораторних даних виділені найбільш значимі чинники ризику розвитку ускладнень у дітей зі СТДШ у найближчі та віддалені терміни після аспірації. Розроблено та впроваджено в клінічну практику s of Medici e degree, special y 14.01.09 – Pedia ric Surgery. V.K. Gusak Emerge cy a d Res ora ive Surgery I s i u e of Academy of Medical Scie ce of Ukrai e, Do e sk, 2008. he hesis addresses diag os ics, rea me a d prophylac ics of early a d la e surgery complica io s of foreig body aspira io by childre . he research is based o resul s of exami a io , rea me a d rehabili a io of 230 childre wi h foreig bodies i heir respira ory rac s. he research covered 149 boys a d 81 girls.

Aerodynamic measurements of the landing gear. Aerodynamics of the landing gear using different data acquisition techniques like Particle image velocimetry, Hot-film Anemometry, flow visualization Книга по Требованию Aditya R.
Contours of turbulence intensity, normalized wake velocity and normalized total pressure loss for both configurations are compared.
1997 руб
Iterative Receiver Design for LTE Downlink. Turbo Equalization Techniques, Channel and Noise Variance Estimation for Fast Fading Channels Книга по Требованию David S.
For bit decisions loglikelihood ratios are used, which are updated at each iteration step to increase the reliability of the decision.
2008 руб
Intelligent Analysis to Mine Temporal Data Advanced Time Series Forecasting Using Data Mining Techniques. Книга по Требованию Francisco M.A.
It explores several clustering algorithms and proposes methods to exploit their strengths when dealing with temporal data.
2626 руб
Multiple Criteria Optimization Studies in Reactive In-Mold Coating. Polymer processing improvement through data envelopment analysis and nonlinear optimization Книга по Требованию Mauricio C.
The goal of this work is to develop an optimization strategy for the application of reactive in-mold coating to SMC and thermoplastic parts in presence of multiple and conflicting performance measures The potential environmental and economic benefits of using IMC as a primer and, in the ideal case, to replace painting completely are large.
3234 руб
Evolution of multiple alignments. Towards efficient data exploitation and knowledge extraction in the genomic era Книга по Требованию Julie D.T.
Genomics and proteomics technologies have led to a paradigm shift in bioinformatics, where the traditional reductionist approach is replaced by a more global, integrated view.
2747 руб
Optimized Distributed DataStore Exchange. Loading and querying data on distributed virtualized web application servers Книга по Требованию Moritz M.
Under the covers ODDSE furthermore implements an adaptive and reliable management of interactions with App Engine servers.
2403 руб
Online Optimization and Data Integration for successful Web Recommendations Web Recommendations for E-Commerce Websites. Книга по Требованию Mykola G.
Based on the gained experience, we extend our approach to the case, when the data presented on a website are integrated from several data sources.
3987 руб
Design Optimization of FRP Composite Panel Building Systems. Emergency Shelter Systems; Evaluation of Existing Systems and Development of Alternate Shelter Systems Using Innovative Materials and Techniques Книга по Требованию
Specifically, an investigation into existing shelter systems available for use in emergency situations by the US armed forces.
2784 руб
Network-Aware Optimization in Distributed Data Stream Systems. Sharing Data Stream Contents and Processing Results in Distributed Environments Книга по Требованию Richard K.
To increase the possibilities for sharing, the extended approach of data stream widening is able to alter existing streams to additionally contain all the necessary data for a new query.
3234 руб
Observational Astronomy and data analysis. New observational techniques and analysis tools for wide field CCD surveys and high resolution astrometry Книга по Требованию Octavi F.
Among them, image deconvolution in wide-field images, new star centering algorithms, and new CCD acquisition techniques such as fast-drift scanning applied to lunar occultations and speckle interferometry.
3234 руб
High-dimensional Data Analysis. From Optimal Metrics to Feature Selection Книга по Требованию
In Part One of the book, the phenomenon of the concentration of the distances is considered, and its consequences on data analysis tools are studied.
2784 руб
Reliable Data Management Framework for Flash Storage Systems. Access Patterns, Memory Operations, Performance Optimization Книга по Требованию Sanam S.R.
The effective way to mitigate the impacts of flash drawbacks is to manage the data by its access patterns.
2008 руб
The PSO provides a population-based search procedure in which individuals called particles change their positions with time.
2008 руб
Background, Methods, and Comparison of Classifiers Using Univariate and Genetic Algorithm-Based Feature Selection and Supervised Learning Techniques Feature Selection and Binary Classification Using Microarray Data. Книга по Требованию
This research entails a rigorous and systematic comparison of statistical classifiers composed of supervised learning methods and either univariate or genetic algorithm-based multivariate feature subset selection (FSS) techniques, all applied to six published two-class microarray datasets.
3234 руб
Different Applications of Cascaded Genetic Algorithms. Data Clustering, Function Optimization and Shape Recognition Книга по Требованию Gautam G.
The ultimate goal of the method is to provide the enhancement of the conventional GAs.
3234 руб
Evolution-Data Optimized Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Evolution- Data Optimized or Evolution-Data only (EV-DO, EV, etc. ) is a 3G telecommunications standard for the wireless transmission of data through radio signals, typically for broadband Internet access.
1140 руб
Action and Phase Jump Analysis on Orbit Data. A Precise Technique for Error Analysis in High Energy Accelerators Книга по Требованию Javier C.
Very precise measurement of skew quadrupole errors and gradient errors at RHIC interaction regions are shown and how these measurement were used to set the interaction regions skew quadrupole correctors.
2280 руб
Single-channel seismic profiling and the analysis of multiple events. Estimation of seismic propagation parameters from analysis of reverberatory sequences Книга по Требованию Thomas M.
The amplitudes and phases of individual wavelets in such sequences encode values of propagation parameters such as bulk densities and reflection/absorption coefficients.
1894 руб
Методы и модели анализа данных: OLAP и Data Mining (+ CD-ROM) БХВ-Петербург Барсегян А.А.
Приведено описание методов и алгоритмов решения основных задач анализа: классификации, кластеризации и др. Описание идеи каждого метода дополняется конкретным примером его применения.
198 руб
Data Mining Основы информационных технологий Бином. Лаборатория знаний Чубукова И.А.
Курс ориентирован на студентов высших учебных заведений, обучающихся по специальностям в области информационных технологий.
488 руб

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