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Customer Satisfaction and Service Loyalty in Banking Industry. The Case of Wegagen Bank, Mekelle Branch, Mekelle, Ethiopia

Формат:      Страниц 108
     мягкая обложка
Kibrom A.W.    
Книга по Требованию    
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Service quality, corporate image, and price were addressed as determinants to investigate their correlation with customer satisfaction and service loyalty at the bank. The world economy faces an increasingly trend in the importance of the service industry. In the highly competitive banking industry, the success and failure of a business organization merely depends on how well it satisfies the needs and wants of customers. The results indicate service quality as the most determinant of both customer satisfaction and service loyalty at the bank. Quality service delivery is not an optional competitive strategy which may, or may not, be adopted to differentiate one bank from another: today it is essential to corporate profitability and survival. Financial institutions play a crucial role in facilitating the accumulation and allocation of capital by channeling individual savings through loans to governments, businesses and individuals.
Сиденье для унитаза Froebel с лесенкой и ручками, зеленый.
Сиденье для унитаза с лесенкой - задача этого сиденья - заинтересовать ребенка самостоятельно пользоваться туалетом, а также обеспечить
1266 руб
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Форма разъемная для кулича Regent "Easy" круглая, 16x12,5 см.
Форма для выпечки разъемная из алюминия с антипригарным покрытием. Удобная застежка. Поверхность устойчива к царапинам. Размер: 16x12,5 см.
540 руб
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Аптечка "Скорая помощь" большая.
Аптечка необходима в каждом доме. Высота аптечки позволяет хранить не только таблетки, но и пузырьки с жидкостью в вертикальном положении.
323 руб
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Preventing serious deseases
Wha o do o preve serious deseases.Well, i may sou d improbable, bu eve i he ce ury of high ech ologies preve i g deseases is s ill ac ual. hough i our ime he huma i y has overcome such creepy deseases as plague, lues, leprosy a d fever, a he same ime some ew very serious deseases have appeared. AIDS, ca cer a d hear deseases sweep away more a d more lives. he drug addic io , alcoholism a d bad ecology cause da gerous deseases oo. So wha o do o preve desease? Firs , you should ake care of your heal h, because o o e else ca do ha for you. Wha does i mea . Avoid bad habi s like smoki g, hard dri ki g a d of course usi g drugs. Keep hygie e regula io s a d ha will solve half a problem. A o her hi g is solvi g ecological problems. Reduci g he air, soil a d wa er pullu io will co siderably decrease he amou of deseases, i duced by ha fac ors. Solvi g hese problems dema ds ha i should be suppor ed by appropria e educa io al programs. People should lear abou all ha fac s, ha have a y effec o heir heal h. Of course ha de ermi es he impor a ce of he gover me al role. he s a e should also provide people wi h Heal h service. Public hospi als rea people i case of emerge cy free of charge a d doc ors also war people abou harmful fac ors – i 's much easier o preve desease ha o rea i .

IT INNOVATIONS AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN NIGERIAN BANKS. The Nigerian Experience Customer Satisfaction and IT Innovations: Книга по Требованию Omoneye O.
Originally, banking in Nigeria was dominated by manual transactions.
1894 руб
The Transformation of Service Experience. Reviewing of Customer Experience From Personal-based service to e-Service in Telecom industry Книга по Требованию Siripong C.
Many businesses have sought competitive advantage by making use of the electronic resources provided through rapid developments in information technology and the internet.
2416 руб
Morality and Moral Reasoning in the Banking Industry. An Ethical and Cognative Moral Development Examination Книга по Требованию Joseph C.
This work examined certain key characteristics of the banking employee that may make him/her a more ethical and moral decision-maker based on Kohlberg’s Cognitive Moral Development theory.
2008 руб
Assessment of Customer Satisfaction in Women's Beauty Salon. Identifying factors that affect customer satisfaction level in women's beauty salon and evaluate the relative importance of each of the factors Книга по Требованию Mahlet T.
Hence, the rationale behind undertaking this study is to assess the basic factors that affect customer satisfaction level in women’s beauty salon.
2008 руб
CHALLENGES OF RESTRUCTURING ON HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN NIGERIA. A Case Study of the Nigerian Banking Industry Книга по Требованию Lukman R.
Besides, the book adopted a survey to generate the needed data using institutional questionnaire administered to twenty-four (24) banks at the Nigerian Inter-banks Settlement System (NIBSS).
1899 руб
Balancing the forces for training programs and work alignment:. A study of automotive retail, service and repair industries in Kenya and Australia Книга по Требованию Kisilu M.K.
3058 руб
CUSTOMER SERVICES IN COMMERCIAL BANKS. A Case Study of State Bank of India Книга по Требованию SRINIVAS K.
Satisfaction with bank services is the positive feeling of happiness after getting a customer has a service form his bankers.
3234 руб
Job Burnout. A study among customer service professionals in the call centre industry in India Книга по Требованию Shilpa J.
A comprehensive model of job burnout is tested using two multivariate techniques- canonical correlation analysis and regression analysis; moreover, a standardized instrument to measure job burnout is also developed and validated.
3051 руб
Teacher' s Book English for the Travel and Tourist Industry. At Your Service: At Your Service Oxford University Press Trish S.
83 руб
Relationship Marketing in China. The Effect of the Four Dimensions of Relationship Marketing in China on the Customer Loyalty in the Chinese Consumer Market Книга по Требованию Thijs M. v.d.T.
However, until now little research has been carried out in the field of relationship marketing in China (guanxi) in the Chinese consumer market.
1997 руб
An Exploratory Investigation of the Private Club Sector of the Hospitality Industry Private Club Member Perspectives of Service Quality. Книга по Требованию
Strategic analysis of private club member views using the Critical Incident Technique provide a high level of insight into the basis for negative and positive service encounters.
1997 руб
Digital Marketing Communication in the Tourism Industry. A Tool for Customer Acquisition Книга по Требованию Florian S.
It covers the most common methods for establishing an effective online presence, and contrasts these with current trends as well as the future outlook of internet marketing as it continues to bridge ever greater geographical distances and transform the conventional roles of market and customer.
2008 руб
Firm growth of Spanish manufacturing and service industries. Gibrat's Law, persistence and firm growth equilibria Книга по Требованию Mercedes T.C.
This book provides an overview of firm growth phenomenon and its determinants of Spanish manufacturing and service firms.
3234 руб
Motivation, Expectation, And satisfaction Among Engineering Faculty. to engage in teaching, research, scholarship, and service activities Книга по Требованию Danai L.
The means and standard deviations for each of the motivation, expectation, and satisfaction items were calculated.
2008 руб
Voraussetzung und Nutzung fuer den erfolgreichen Einsatz von CRM-Systemen anhand von Druckereien in Deutschland Customer Relationship Management-Systeme in der graphischen Industrie. Книга по Требованию Holger R.
Seit Jahren ist in der Druckindustrie eine ruecklaeufige Tendenz der Auflagenvoluminas, z. B. bei Zeitschriften (Periodika), Zeitungen und auch Akzidenzdrucken zu beobachten.
2008 руб
Abgrenzung IT-Asset und Configuration Management nach ITIL. als Basis IT-Service Management mit besonderer Beruecksichtigung des Software Asset Management am Beispiel der IT einer Bank Книга по Требованию Walter E.
Wenn diese Abgrenzung nicht erfolgt, ist es seiner Meinung nach unumgaenglich, dass es frueher oder spaeter zu Kompetenzkonflikten kommt, sei es, dass sich niemand zustaendig fuehlt oder dass sowohl der Asset Manager als auch der Configuration Manager der Meinung sind, dass etwas in die jeweils eigene Verantwortung falle.
2416 руб
Workers Safety in the Construction Industry in Developing Countries. Southern West Bank - Palestine as a Case Study Книга по Требованию Majed A.
The main objective of this study was to assess and evaluate the current safety situations on construction sites in the southern part of the West Bank of Palestine.
1878 руб
Industrial Management. for Manufacturing and Service Industries Книга по Требованию Aregawi G.G.
It is simultaneously using the ability to apply engineering principles and the skill in organising and directing resources, people and projects.
1923 руб
Royal dissertations I. on manners, customs, industry... Книга по Требованию II K.o.
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
601 руб
Online Consumer Behavior in Social Media. Successful Strategies to Get Engagement, Loyalty, and Sharing Behavior from Your Customers Книга по Требованию Silvia V.
The volume is composed by three different studies. First study: we investigate two key group determinants of participation in online communities, venue interactivity and community engagement, and consider their consequences on online and offline consumer behavior.
3051 руб

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