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Медико-биологические дисциплины

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Медико-биологические дисциплины

List of Eponymous Medical Signs

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Frederic P.    
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A medical sign is an objective indication of some medical fact or characteristic that may be detected by a physician during a physical examination of a patient. This list includes other eponymous entities of diagnostic significance; i. e. tests, reflexes, etc. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Eponymous medical signs are those that are named after a person or persons, usually the physicians who first described them, but occasionally named after a famous patient. Signs may have no meaning for, or even be noticed by, the patient, but may be full of meaning for the healthcare provider, and are often significant in assisting a healthcare provider in diagnosis of medical condition(s) responsible for the patient' s symptoms. Examples include elevated blood pressure, a clubbing of the fingers (which may be a sign of lung disease, or many other things), and arcus senilis.
Жидкие песочные часы (оранжевые).
Песочные часы «жидкие оранжевые» - антистресс. Часы направлены на то, чтобы отвлечь Вас от напряжения и снизить стресс. Они не только
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Раздел: Часы песочные
Подушка детская , 40x60 см, арт. 48640C.
Размер: 40x60 см. Чехол: 100% хлопок. Наполнитель: заменитель лебяжьего пуха DownFill.
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Раздел: Подушки
Сумка деловая "Glasgow", А3.
Контрастные ручки и окантовка. Внутри отделения для хранения документов формата А3. Одно отделение, 2 кармана внутри, на молнии. Размер:
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Лекарственная болезнь
Лекарственная болезнь Доктора и пациенты не всегда осознают, что практически любой симптом у людей любого возраста может быть вызван или усилен применением лекарственных препаратов. Согласно исследованию, опубликованном в Jour al of he America Medical Socie y (Журнал американского медицинского общества), лекарственная болезнь является причиной смерти около 100 000 человек и причиной появления различных тяжелых заболеваний у 2.2 миллиона человек в год. Примечательно, что согласно данным исследователей, в 50% случаев лекарственная болезнь могла бы быть предотвращена врачом или пациентом, поскольку в эти пятьдесят процентов попали взаимодействия лекарств и неоправданно высокие дозы препарата (известные врачу), аллергические реакции (известные пациенту), назначения, не учитывающие индивидуальных особенностей пациента. По результатам американских общенациональных исследований, дорогие и опасные в употреблении антибиотики постоянно назначаются 44% детей и 51% взрослых для терапии заболеваний, вызываемых совершенно нечувствительными к антибиотикам вирусами - простудные вирусные заболевания у практически здоровых детей и взрослых являются самоограничивающимися, то есть проходят в течении недели с применением или без применения антибиотика.

1000 Signs: Альбом (на нем.яз.) Colors,Taschen
1740 руб
Big Tray Deee 'GeneralS List' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 88161 BMG
639 руб
Anatomy of the Living Human: Atlas of Medical Imaging Konemann Csillag A.
995 руб
Mason and McCall Smith's Law and Medical Ethics Oxford University Press Mason K.
New to this edition - Contains a new chapter on the European dimension - Consolidates the medico-legal aspects of pregnancy in one chapter - New material has been included which covers new case law and European regulation This book continues to provide an overview of the inter-relationship between ethical medical practice and the law.
2149 руб
Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary Oxford University Press
533 руб
Oxford Concise Colour Medical Dictionary Oxford University Press Elizabeth A. M.
The dictionary has also been expanded in many areas, notably medical ethics, clinical governance, emergency medicine, pathology, and diagnosis.
1349 руб
Medical Design Daab
5 руб
A List Of Books, Magazine Articles And Maps Relating To Chile Книга по Требованию Philip L.P.
5 руб
Medical Lectures And Aphorisms Книга по Требованию Samuel G.
5 руб
Perceived Stress, Coping Resources, and Perfectionism. as Predictors of Life Satisfaction in a Sample of AUB Medical Students Книга по Требованию Sarah T.
It also examined whether adaptive perfectionism moderates the relationship between perceived stress and life satisfaction.
1981 руб
Application Based Anomaly Detection Anomaly Detection Modeling In Medical Pervasive Systems. Книга по Требованию Biniyam A.
Misuse detection is used for matching only known patterns of attacks while anomaly detection is capable of identifying new attacks by matching with an already established normal profile.
1981 руб
Reminders of home:. A survey of the semiotic signs related to human dwelling-places Книга по Требованию Tami S.
Human cultures have evolved a distinctive set of semiotic signs to indicate ‘home’, the place one returns to. This book surveys a wide range of semiotic signs which communicate the message ‘home’, including architectural elements, decorative devices and protective graphic symbols defined within a broad spectrum of societies and time periods.
1997 руб
eLearning Acceptance in Hospitals. Continuing Medical Education of Healthcare Professionals Книга по Требованию Lara B.
Hospitals can choose to organize CME activities for their employees and may therefore opt to offer eLearning activities.
3987 руб
The Soviet Empire of Signs. A History of the Tartu School of Semiotics Книга по Требованию Maxim W.
This book examines the history of Yuri Lotman’s Tartu (or Moscow-Tartu) School of Semiotics, which was active in the Soviet Union in the 1960s-1980s, and combines a comparative perspective on the Tartu paradigm with close attention to its social context.
3215 руб
The Effects of Cooperative Learning in a Medical Education Program. A Comparison Study in a Medical Education Program Cooperative Learning versus Traditional Lecture: Книга по Требованию
In the 21st century educators in the field of medical education will face a pedagogic paradigm shift to empower students to develop critical thinking skills and embrace collaborative learning.
2416 руб
Signs of Change:. Distributed Leadership and Team Culture in the Implementation of Effective Professional Development Книга по Требованию A. J.G.
Through educational research we know professional development is pivotal to implementing changes we need in schools and yet, mandated or pre- packaged professional development often meets with resistance; little or no change occurs.
2784 руб
Medical Wellness in Sachsen-Anhalt. Eine Potenzialanalyse von ausgewaehlten gesundheitstouristischen Betrieben des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt Книга по Требованию Barbara N.
Die Anbieterseite dieses neuen Marktes ist daher aufgefordert, auf diese Entwicklung zu reagieren.
2416 руб
Toward a Semiotics of Chinese Cinema. A Critical Study of Cinematic Signs Книга по Требованию Kuang-Jung C.
This work is to initiate a semiotic re-examination of Chinese cinema.
2784 руб
Learning and Teaching in Human Anatomy. Applying current theories in educational research to medical student learning Книга по Требованию Robert E.M.
Examinations in anatomy can also be structured to reward higher learning outcomes through the Biggs and Collis model of ' SOLO Taxonomy' . This book summarises the author' s personal experiences of applying current theories in educational research to develop more advanced anatomy teaching methods and would be relevant for teachers of anatomy across a variety of disciplines. This can be avoided by situating anatomy within the domains of evolution, embryology or clinical medicine, which provide understanding and application in ways that encourage deep learning approaches. Modern medical school human anatomy teaching frequently leads to students adopting surface learning approaches, such a memorizing lists of structures through mnemonics.
2008 руб
Pseudonymization of Medical Images. Development and implementation of a method for the pseudonymized processing of DICOM images Книга по Требованию Daniel A.
Through the digitalization process in medical healthcare, privacy concerns arose and there is a call for new security improvements.
2416 руб

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