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Proof-Carrying Code

Формат:      Страниц 84
     мягкая обложка
Lambert M. S.    
Книга по Требованию    
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Proof-carrying code (PCC) is a software mechanism that allows a host system to verify properties about an application via a formal proof that accompanies the application's executable code. The host system can quickly verify the validity of the proof, and it can compare the conclusions of the proof to its own security policy to determine whether the application is safe to execute. This can be particularly useful in ensuring memory safety, i.e. preventing buffer overflows and other vulnerabilities common in some programming languages. Proof-carrying code was originally described in 1996 by George Necula and Peter Lee.
Звуковой плакат "Таблица умножения".
Представляем Вашему вниманию уникальную новинку — развивающие звуковые плакаты, которые содержат стихотворения, занимательные и
576 руб
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Табурет "Престиж" с ободом.
Табурет на 4-х опорах с ободом, диаметр трубы 20 мм. Прочный каркас. Защитные вставки на ножках. Удобное хранение. Мягкое сиденье.
599 руб
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Карточки Первого Года "Достижения" (16 карточек).
Карточки Первого Года жизни ребенка "Достижения" – совершенно новый способ наблюдать, как растет и меняется малыш от месяца к
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ІВМ PC is a compatible comptroller of connection of...
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Cher 'Living Proof' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 42375 Мегалайнер
229 руб
The Da Vinci Code: A Novel (на англ.яз.) Anchor Books Браун Д.
650 руб
Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Parts 1, 2 and 3 ЮрИнфоР Батлер У.Э.
1053 руб
The Da Vinci Code ISBN 0-552-14951-9 Transworld Publishers Браун Д.
690 руб
Fool-Proof Marketing John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) Bly R.
846 руб
The Rough Guide to Da Vinci Code Penguin Group Haag
Location guides to Da Vinci Code sites in Paris, Rome, Jerusalem, New York, London and Edinburgh.
533 руб
Sakrileg - Da Vinci Code Luebbe Brown D.
Langdon begibt sich zum Tatort und erkennt schon bald, dass der Tote durch eine Reihe von versteckten Hinweisen auf die Werke Leonardo da Vincis aufmerksam machen wollte – Hinweise, die seinen gewaltsamen Tod erklä ren und auf eine finstere Verschwö rung deuten. Bei seiner Suche nach den Hintergrü nden der Tat wird Robert Langdon von Sophie Neveu unterstü tzt, einer Kryptologin der Pariser Polizei und Enkeltochter des ermordeten Kurators.
1177 руб
Premium B1. Coursebook with Exam Reviser, Access Code and iTests CD-ROM (+ CD-ROM) Premium B1 Pearson Education (Longman) Rachael R.
1406 руб
Baby Proof Орион Emily G.
316 руб
The Da Vinci Code (Movie tie-in) Random House, Inc. Dan B.
Brown has created a page-turning thriller that also provides an amazing interpretation of Western history. Brown' s hero and heroine embark on a lofty and intriguing exploration of some of Western culture' s greatest mysteries - from the nature of the Mona Lisa' s smile to the secret of the Holy Grail. Though some will quibble with the veracity of Brown' s conjectures, therein lies the fun. "The Da Vinci Code" is an enthralling read that provides rich food for thought.
637 руб
Rabbit-proof Fence Oxford Bookworms Library Oxford University Press Doris P.G.
This is the true stoy of that walk, told by Molly' s daughter, Doris. It is also a prize-winning film. Fourteen-year-old Molly and her cousins Daisy and Gracie were mixed-race Aborigines. In 1931 they were taken away from their families and sent to a camp to be trained as good ' white' Australians. They were told to forget their mothers, their language, their home. She and her cousins escaped and walked back to Jigalong, 1600 kilometres away, following the rabbit-proof fence north as part of their guide across the desert. But Molly would not forget.
456 руб
SATH: Simulated Annealing C code To FPGA Hardware compiler. Customizing Pipelined Simulated Annealing IP cores with a dedicated C to FPGA compiler Книга по Требованию Jonathan P.
A case study carried out on simulated annealing-based scheduling software used for spacecraft systems is explained.
2385 руб
Sensor Process and Device for Determining a Physical Value. DE10 2004 037 519 B4 A Proof of Concept Книга по Требованию Julian S.
The sensor concept treated in this work deals with the core of this problem.
3621 руб
The Code-Switching of Trilingual Montrealers. A Case Study Книга по Требованию Ephie K.
This study focuses on the concept of code-switching which can be defined as the verbal strategy by which multilingual speakers change linguistic code(s) within the same speech event as a sign of cultural solidarity or distance, and as an act of cultural identity.
2416 руб
Der neue kulturaesthetische Code der Allesfresser Wandel des Musikgeschmacks in der Gesellschaft. Книга по Требованию
Sind Distinktionen und der exklusive Genuss ausgewaehlter kultureller Gueter der gueltige Code fuer jemanden, der sein soziales Ansehen durch aesthetische Entscheidungen heben will oder ist die Grenzueberschreitung, die Rezeption von vielen unterschiedlichen Genres, der neue Code, fuer jemanden der fuer seinen Geschmack gesellschaftliche Anerkennung wuenscht.
2008 руб
Code and Frequency Synchronization for DS-CDMA Systems. Rectangular and Bandlimited Waveforms Книга по Требованию Khaled A.
The proposed method can be implemented both blindly and in a training-assisted fashion.
2416 руб
The amount of shear walls necessary to satisfy Earthquake Code requirements QUANTIFYING SEISMIC DESIGN CRITERIA FOR CONCRETE BUILDINGS. Книга по Требованию Ahmet T.
Therefore, the design engineer must calculate the sway profile of the building several times during the design process.
3234 руб
Option Pricing Under the Variance Gamma Process. With Detailed Algorithms and Programming Code in C to Price Options Книга по Требованию Filo F.
The good fit to market data of option prices modeled with variance gamma has attracted increasing interest in the process, seen as an ideal candidate to improve classic Black and Scholes' s option pricing. This monograph provides an excellent overview of the research to date on option pricing under variance gamma. The book will be invaluable to practitioners and academics who want to easily implement the model and understand the theory behind it. The monograph offers in-depth explanation of the pricing problem and provides a detailed implementation of finite difference algorithms used to price options. As the only published work that offers ready-to-use algorithms for a wide array of European and American, vanilla and barrier options, it is a great resource for researchers that want to use variance gamma to improve their risk management, trading and theoretical research. The monograph also presents programming code in C implementing every numerical algorithm presented in the work, making the research immediately usable even to the non-expert reader. Variance gamma is a pure jump stochastic process that allows to control volatility, skewness and kurtosis.
3234 руб
Transcendental-Phenomenological Proof and Descriptive Metaphysics. An attempted defence Книга по Требованию Byron C.
Firstly, the interpretive dimension is established via reflections on the motivations for a purely conceptual approach to the issues as framed within analytic philosophy.
2416 руб
Performance Analysis of Optimized Code. Binary Analysis for Performance Insight Книга по Требованию Nathan R. T.
It is implemented in Rice University' s HPCToolkit, a performance analysis toolkit. To achieve high performance, such codes rely on compilers to inline routines and optimize loops. Consequently, to effectively interpret performance, transformed loops must be understood in the calling context of transformed routines. *** To understand the performance of optimized object-oriented code, we describe how to analyze optimized object code and its debugging sections to recover its program structure and reconstruct a mapping back to its source code. Experiments show that performance visualizations based on this information provide unique insight into the performance of complex object-oriented codes written in C++. *** This work should be of interest to performance tools developers and, more broadly, application developers who care about performance. Modern applications frequently employ sophisticated object-oriented design. In these codes, deep loop nests are often spread across multiple routines. Using this mapping, we combine the recovered static program structure with dynamic call path profiles to expose inlined frames and loop nests.
2008 руб

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