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Adaptive Optimization

Формат:      Страниц 100
     мягкая обложка
Lambert M. S.    
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These transactions may be checks, deposits, and a large number of more obscure transactions. When the program executes, the actual data may consist of clearing tens of thousands of checks without processing a single deposit and without processing a single check with a fraudulent account number. Adaptive optimization is a technique in computer science that performs dynamic recompilation of portions of a program based on the current execution profile. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. With a simple implementation, an adaptive optimizer may simply make a trade-off between Just-in-time compilation and interpreting instructions. Consider a hypothetical banking application that handles transactions one after another. At another level, adaptive optimization may take advantage of local data conditions to optimize away branches and to use inline expansion to decrease context switching. An adaptive optimizer would compile assembly code to optimize for this common case.
Блюдо для блинов с крышкой "Сочная клубничка", 23 см.
Блюдо для блинов с крышкой прекрасно впишется в кухонный интерьер. Материал: доломит. Диаметр: 23 см.
737 руб
Раздел: Блюда
Комплект пеленок для девочки Idea Kids фланель импортная (2 штуки), 130х90 см.
Пеленки - это самые первые вещи, в которые Вам предстоит одеть Вашего малыша. Комплект пелёнок - станет верным помощником в первые месяцы
396 руб
Раздел: Пелёнки
Настольная игра "Уве Розенберга Пэчворк".
Настольная игра "Пэчворк" - одна из лучших абстрактных игр в мире. На протяжении игры участники составляют полотно из отдельных
691 руб
Раздел: Классические игры
MULTILEVEL AND ADAPTIVE METHODS FOR NONLINEAR OPTIMIZATION PROBLEMS. From quantization to materials design Книга по Требованию Maria E.
The new method utilizes the geometric properties of the energy surfaces together with effective sampling techniques to improve on the starting points for the minimization, which allows for a more accurate detection of miscibility gaps and more reliable materials characterization.
2008 руб
Development of four novel UWB antennas assisted by FDTD method. Design and Optimization Книга по Требованию Kwan-ho L.
The measurement and the simulations agree due to the realistic modeling of the geometry.
2747 руб
Multiobjective Optimization Models. For Distributing Biosolids to Reuse Fields Книга по Требованию Prawat S.
Using the Blue Plains advanced wastewater treatment plant located in Washington, DC as a case study, we find several Pareto optimal points between costs and odors where different treatments (e. g. , lime addition) and biosolids distribution (e. g. , to what reuse fields biosolids should be applied) strategies should be employed.
3191 руб
Cognitive Model Optimization with Parallel Genetic Algorithms. Investigating Individual Differences Книга по Требованию Sue K.
The optimization approach was highly successful in fitting the serial subtraction model superseding the field’s traditional manual optimization process.
1981 руб
Customer dedicated facilities and Inventory sharing Network Design and Inventory Optimization. Книга по Требованию Ilyas I.
As part of that effort, service parts logistics, which manages the post-sales distribution of spare parts needed to maintain and repair products in use, has gained importance.
3191 руб
We next consider stochastic equilibrium problems arising from Nash-Cournot competition, inspired by a Cournot bidding model for electricity markets.
1997 руб
Monitoring and Optimization of Power Transmission. Theory and Applications Книга по Требованию Bei G.
In this book, four main topics have been introduced: 1) state estimation with the consideration of FACTs devices; 2) harmonic state estimation; 3) observability analysis of state estimation; and 4) optimal placement of capacitors. Flexible A. C. Transmission systems can be used to control the branch flows in deregulated power systems. A solution scheme, that allows easy incorporation of FACTs variables into state estimation, is designed and implemented. Due to the increasing levels of harmonics in today' s power systems caused by nonlinear devices. Harmonic state estimation problem is investigated. Novel methods for observability analysis is developed for state estimation: Determination of Observable Islands; Multiple Measurement Placement; and Extension of Hachtel' s Augmented Matrix. Increasing number of nonlinear loads being connected to the distribution systems lead to power quality concerns by the electric utilities. This issue has also been studied in this book. With the advocating of smart grids and the fact that the occurrence of blackouts is more and more frequent in the world, the robust monitoring and optimization of power markets become more and more critical.
1997 руб
Adaptive Task Selection using Threshold Techniques in Sensor Networks. Ideas, Abstractions, and Applications Книга по Требованию Wesam H.
Lasting for as long as possible, and ful? lling the network purposes are the ultimate goals of sensor networks.
3215 руб
Adaptive Security in Dynamic Group Communications. Dynamics-aware key management and data origin authentication techniques for highly dynamic and large scale multi-party communications Книга по Требованию Yacine C.
Nevertheless, the lack of security in the multicast paradigm obstructs the large scale deployment of such multi-party applications that have a large place in the information technology market.
2769 руб
Biolayer Modeling and Optimization for the SPARROW Biosensor. Introduction of the Stacked Planar Affinity Regulated Resonant Optical Waveguide (SPARROW) Biosensor Книга по Требованию Ke F.
In this book, an analytic model is established for the SPARROW biosensor which accounts for those nonidealities such as waveguide interface roughness, biolayer surface roughness, biolayer partial coverage, and spatially random surface loading with which the design of the biosensor can be guided and optimized.
2403 руб
Online Optimization and Data Integration for successful Web Recommendations Web Recommendations for E-Commerce Websites. Книга по Требованию Mykola G.
Based on the gained experience, we extend our approach to the case, when the data presented on a website are integrated from several data sources.
3987 руб
Adaptive Vibration Control of Flexible Structure Книга по Требованию
This book is an essential reading for engineers and scientists working in the fields of intelligent materials, structural vibration, advanced control and related smart technologies.
2403 руб
POWER SUPPLIES FOR WIRELESS INTEGRATED MICROSYSTEMS (WIMS). Design and Optimization Книга по Требованию Fabio A.
Our underlying hypothesis was that selection of the optimum electrochemistry and usage of physical vapor deposition would reduce intrinsic losses because of the high resulting precision, while allowing integration with chips because of more benign processing conditions to MEMS.
2008 руб
Robust Adaptive Control of Gyroscope Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of a Mems Vibratory Gyroscope. Книга по Требованию
The angular velocity and all gyroscope parameters including coupling parameters are real-time determined.
2416 руб
De-interlacing Algorithm Using Motion Adaptive and Edge-based Analysis Книга по Требованию
De-interlacing is the process to convert interlaced format into progressive format.
2008 руб
Computer Vision System for Ginseng Drying. Remote Sensing, Control and Optimization of Quality in Food Thermal Processing Книга по Требованию
Relational models were used as components of control system.
2784 руб
Design Optimization of FRP Composite Panel Building Systems. Emergency Shelter Systems; Evaluation of Existing Systems and Development of Alternate Shelter Systems Using Innovative Materials and Techniques Книга по Требованию
Specifically, an investigation into existing shelter systems available for use in emergency situations by the US armed forces.
2784 руб
A Comparison of the Footwear Industry in Italy and the UK The Influence of Network Structures on the Adaptive Efficiency of Industrial Districts: Globalisation and the Viability of Industrial Districts. Книга по Требованию
This research addresses the theme of the viability of industrial districts in dealing with dramatic changes in their competitive environment.
3234 руб
Black Box Simulation Optimization. Generalized Response Surface Methodology Книга по Требованию Ebru M. A.
Indeed, simulation optimization has led to the numerical solution of large-scale, real-world decision-making problems.
2008 руб
Adaptive Downlink Multi-user MIMO Wireless Systems. Investigations, Analyses, Strategies Книга по Требованию Elva C.W.
The ultimate goal of this work is to 1) investigate the impact of various realistic considerations, e. g. spatial fading correlation, imperfect CSI, on system performance and develop adaptive algorithms to improve system performance under these considerations; 2) investigate methods to further improve the spectrum efficiency by exploiting the synergy between the PHY layer and the MAC layer. The investigation and analysis of this work may be helpful in defining MU-MIMO systems for different scenarios and should be especially useful to professionals in the wireless communications area. In this work, new and novel downlink multi-user MIMO systems are described and investigated. Future wireless communication systems are expected to provide a wide variety of new services, from high- quality voice to high-definition video and wireless multimedia for anyone, anywhere at anytime. Recent years have witnessed fast and tremendous growth in the wireless communication industry. This results in ever increasing demands for high data rate through harsh wireless channels over scarce frequency spectrum and is the key challenge in wireless system design.
2784 руб

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