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Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

Формат:      Страниц 144
     мягкая обложка
Lambert M. S.    
Книга по Требованию    
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Its stated purpose is to ' protect the interests of investors and further the public interest in the preparation of informative, fair, and independent audit reports' . Although a private entity, the PCAOB has many government-like regulatory functions, making it in some ways similar to the private "self-regulatory organizations" (SROs) which regulate stock markets, broker-dealers, etc. in the United States. Precisely two members of the PCAOB must be or have been a Certified Public Accountant. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The PCAOB has five members, including a chairman, each of whom is appointed by the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (or PCAOB) is a private-sector, non-profit corporation created by the Sarbanes–Oxley Act, a 2002 United States federal law, to oversee the auditors of public companies.
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Международные стандарты бухгалтерского учета и финансовой...
К процессу разработки правил и подходов к учету в США имеют отношение следующие организации: Американский институт дипломированных общественных бухгалтеров (America I s i u e of Cer ified Public Accou a s – AICPA); Комитет по стандартам финансового учета (Fi a cial Accou i g S a dards Board – FASB); Комиссия по ценным бумагам и биржам (Securi ies a d Excha ge Commissio – SEC); Комитет по стандартам учета для государственных органов (Gover me al Accou i g S a dards Board – GASB); Налоговая служба (I er al Reve ue Service – IRS); Американская бухгалтерская ассоциация (America Accou i g Associa io – AAA). Американский институт дипломированных общественных бухгалтеров (AICPA) – это национальная профессиональная организация бухгалтеров (степень дипломированного общественного бухгалтера СРА – Cer ified Public Accou a – является аналогом российской квалификации аудитора), которая сыграла решающую роль в разработке американских стандартов. В США процесс разработки стандартов учета начался в конце 30 х годов XX века, когда AICPA создал специальный орган для разработки общепринятых учетных принципов – Комитет по бухгалтерским процедурам (Commi ee o Accou i g Procedure – CAP).

Reforming Australian Public Sector Accounting. An Episode of Institutional Thinking Книга по Требованию Bradley P.
Such notions are applied to a range of public sector organisations for the first time, even though the primary missions or objectives of many of these organisations are social, rather than financial in orientation.
3234 руб
Annual Report of the Chicago & Alton Railway Company Книга по Требованию Company A.R.
500 руб
Political Studies and Public Administration in a Century. Historical, Theoretical and Institutional Account of the Relation between the Two Academic Disciplines Книга по Требованию Hiba K.
The two fields not only study and develop such techniques, but also work toward accomplishing such cohesion.
3215 руб
Government Business Enterprises. The Impacts of Board Governance and Capabilities-Strategy Match on Financial Performance and Accountability-Emphasis Книга по Требованию Cheaseth S.
The modern operational arrangement of Government Business Enterprises (GBEs) has received considerable attention and been subject to much debate.
3234 руб
Public Limited Company Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
A public limited company is a type of limited liability company in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland which is permitted to offer its shares to the public.
1395 руб
Reports to the Board of Directors of the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company Книга по Требованию Dodd A.
955 руб
Illustrated catalogue of the art and literary collections of Miss Emilie Grigsby of New York city ... to be sold by unrestricted public auction during ... Anderson auction company ... New York city Книга по Требованию Grigsby E.B.
955 руб
Biennial Report of the Board of State Commissioners of Public Charities of the State of Illinois Книга по Требованию
1455 руб
Public instruction in Sardinia. An account of the system of education, and of the institutions of science and art, in the kingdom of Sardinia Книга по Требованию Botta V.
500 руб
A sketch of the life, character, and public services of Thomas Jefferson, with some account of the aid he rendered in establishing our independence and government Книга по Требованию Davis T.J.
500 руб
Australian Mining Companies' Accounts Книга по Требованию Godden D.
500 руб
A corruption measure applied to Italian Regional Public Accounts. A physical sector-based corruption measure illustrated with Italian Regional Public Accounts dataset Книга по Требованию Gianpiero T.
In this work, I use both data on public expenditure and on physical endowment in order to analyse the gap in public good availability across Italian regions both in monetary and in physical terms.
1894 руб
Giving an Account of All His Engagements, from the Siege of Toulon to the Battle of Waterloo: Also, . with His Public and Private Life, from the Co Life and Campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte: Книга по Требованию Charles L.F.P.
753 руб
Открытые методики рекламы и Public Relations (PR). Рекламное измерение Креативные технологии. Ось-89 Сычев С.В.
149 руб
Welcome to the World of Public Relations (Приглашаем в мир Паблик Рилейшнз): Учебное пособие для вузов - 128 с. ISBN 5-88774-063-9 ~91.08.12 767 М: ИМПЭ Захарова Е.В., Ульянищева Л.В.
155 руб
'Russian Complete Coursebook' Living Language (A Random House Company) (под ред. Петерсон Н.Л.) Изд. 1-е 2 аудиокассеты ISBN 5-94619-135-7 5-94619-137-3 Дельта Паблишинг
229 руб
Паблик Рилейшнз и реклама крупным планом. Гриф УМО Министерства образования РФ (+ CD-ROM) Public Relations and Advertising in Close-Up: ИМПЭ-ПАБЛИШ Захарова Е.В.
Авторы приводят языковые особенности таких крайне актуальных областей Паблик Рилейшнз, как реклама, сотрудничество со средствами массовой информации, работа со спичрайтерами и ораторами.
5 руб
Гриф УМО ВУЗов России Учебное пособие по английскому языку к сборнику Anne Gregory "Public Relations in Practice". МГИМО-Университет Ильина О.К.
217 руб
Dictionary of accounting terms 4th ed. Barron's Educational Series Siegel
Also included are many terms from related business disciplines that the accountant must know, such as finance, personal finance, investments, Internet, economics, quantitative tools, and international business.
559 руб
Dr Seuss Board: Wacky Book of Opposites HarperCollins Publishers Dr. S.
233 руб

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