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Atomic/Molecular Collisions with Photons and Charged Particles. Few theoretical and experimental studies in (e,2e), atomic-photoionization and molecular-photofragmentation processes

Формат:      Страниц 140
     мягкая обложка
Swerlova O. (Зверлова О.Ю.)    
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Toward this goal, the following three problems have been investigated: 1. Distorted-wave Born approximation studies of (e,2e) collisions. 2. Relativistic many-body correlation studies of spin-orbit interaction activated inter-channel coupling effects in atomic photoionization. 3. Momentum resolved spectrometry-based experimental studies, using INDUS-1 synchrotron radiation source, on the photofragmentation of (a) sulphur hexafluoride and (b) carbon dioxide and theoretical analysis of the fragmentation dynamics of triply ionized carbon dioxide. This is on account of the fact that the collision and photoionization processes are related to each other by the time-reversal symmetry and complement each other. Experimental and theoretical studies of collision and photoionization/ photofragmentation processes involving atoms and molecules, in one form or another, are commonly used in the investigations on a large number of atomic and molecular processes. The problems investigated in this book were selected to provide acquaintance - however modest - with both experimental and theoretical techniques employed in both collision and photoionization/ photofragmentation phenomena.
Подушка для сидения "Подушка-сидушка про", с "памятью".
С помощью нашей подушки для сидения "с памятью" "Подушка-сидушка про" Вы гарантированно сможете улучшить свою осанку и
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Раздел: Полезные мелочи
Стул-стол для кормления Вилт "Алекс" (бежевый).
Удобный стульчик-трансформер для кормления Вашего малыша. Можно использовать без столешницы, поэтому по мере взросления вашего малыша, вы
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Набор фигурных ножниц со сменными лезвиями.
Закругленные концы. Автоматическое открывание. Зигзаг. 8 сменных лезвий. Размер: 160 мм.
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Раздел: Ножи, ножницы, резаки

Поэтому словосочетание «классный руководитель» будет соответствовать в английском языке «form mas er» - a eacher who is i charge of a class or a form for purposes of admi is ra io . Как известно, деление на классы (s reami g) в английской школе определяется способностями и успеваемостью учащихся, в соответствии с этим буквенные значения А,Б используются для обозначения классов, где учатся наиболее способные ученики, С,Д - со средними способностями, так как предполагается, что в течении года возможно перемещение из класса в класс в зависимости от достигнутых успехов. В каждом классе имеется список успеваемости, так называемый «class lis ». Англичане, говорящие «class lis » всегда имеют в виду «ra ki g order i class», т.е. порядковый номер учащегося по дисциплине. «Class lis » таким образом отличается от аналогичного словосочетания «список класса» в русском языке своими фоновыми знаниями: как известно, список класса в русской средней школе составляется по алфавиту и остается неизменным в течении года. Лексический фон представляет собой знания о социальной действительности, является важной составляющей коммуникативной компетенции. Незнание его приводит к многочисленным нарушениям языковой нормы или просто к построению бессмысленных для данной культуры фраз.

The Road Toward Molecular Electronics Applications. Correlation between Structural, Mechanical, and Charge Transport Properties of Molecular Monolayers and Surfaces Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy Книга по Требованию Yabing Q.
Organic molecules may revolutionize our world by offering alternative molecule-based electronic devices to supplant the traditional electronics, computing systems, and energy harvesting devices.
2416 руб
Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals Molecular Orbital Method Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
In mathematical sense, these wave functions are the basis set of functions, the basis functions, which describe the electrons of a given atom.
2416 руб
Inclusive Photons and Neutral pions in Heavy-ion Collisions. Inclusive Photons and Neutral pions productions in Heavy-ion Collisions Книга по Требованию Ahmed H.
It is expected such collisions to produce a deconfined phase of quarks and gluons.
3051 руб
Fundamental particles in pictures and without hypotheses Спутник+ Poltoratsky B.F.
The present book contains the results of the research of a circular and vertical motion of electromagnetic waves under various conditions of their distribution.
529 руб
Remote Synchronization Method for the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System. study of a novel satellite timekeeping system which does not require on-board atomic clocks Книга по Требованию Fabrizio T.
This allows the system to operate optimally when satellites are in direct contact with the ground station, making it suitable for a system like the Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System, QZSS.
3191 руб
Molecular investigations on archival tissues. Analysis of autopsies and biopsies from urinary bladder cancer collected since 1932 Книга по Требованию Jorunn L.
In this monograph bladder cancer is used as an example for such studies.
1981 руб
The Pathophysiology of Sickle Cell Disease. Cellular, Molecular and Biochemical Mechanisms Книга по Требованию Katherine W.
It is less well known as a disease that targets the microvasculature, characterized by increased expression of cell adhesion molecules, enhanced production of reactive oxygen species, abnormal blood cell-endothelial cell interactions in postcapillary venules and altered vasomotor responses in arterioles.
2769 руб
Computational algorithms for protein-protein interaction detection. Rule discovery from gene expression data and effective protein interaction inference in molecular structures Книга по Требованию Panagiotis D.
In this book the author presents a new rule mining framework for “in silico” inference of protein-protein interactions and an effective class of techniques that identify domain- domain interactions from multiple domain protein structures.
1997 руб
Heisenberg limited measurements with entangled light Quantum Imaging and Sensing with Entangled Photons. Книга по Требованию Aziz K.
Particularly, the manipulation of quantum entanglement has found enormous potential for improving performances in the techniques of quantum imaging such as quantum interferometry, lithography, microscopy and geometrical optics.
1997 руб
AC ELECTROOSMOSIS FOR LAB-ON-A-CHIP APPLICATIONS. 1) Trapping/concentration of colloidal and bio-particles by integrating microcantilever Книга по Требованию Nazmul I.
AC electroosmosis (AC-EO)is the study of particle and fluid motion induced by AC electric fields.
2403 руб
Energy-based model of condensing on metric spaces. Modeling, analysis and simulations of condensing of particles Книга по Требованию Mostafa Z.
The model presented here gives a new idea of rules of self-organizing groups based on the local energy.
2362 руб
The Evolution of Cholera. Molecular Evolution of the Pathogenic Clones of Vibrio cholerae Книга по Требованию
It would be expected that the same evolutionary processes are continually at work in creating shifts in the predominant pathogenic clone in endemic regions, and possibly lead to the emergence of the next pandemic clone of V. cholerae. By looking at several aspects of evolutionary change, the results from this study clearly demonstrate that considerable evolutionary distinctions exist between the various pathogenic lineages of V. cholerae. Genetic mechanisms for evolutionary change; recombination, horizontal gene transfer, gene displacement and gene loss, have contributed to these genotypic distinctions and are likely to have been important in the divergence of the pathogenic clones from the common ancestral lineage.
3215 руб
Soil Microbial Communities under Different Management Practices in Forest Ecosystems of Subtropical Australia Molecular Biological Studies of Soil Microbial Communities. Книга по Требованию
It also gives two successful case studies of forest soils in subtropical Australia.
3234 руб
Quantifying Nano Forces in Three-Dimensions using AFM: Quantitative Measurements of Nano Forces using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). Applications in the Biological, Physical and Chemical Sciences Книга по Требованию
This book is designed for researchers and students who are interested in carrying out nano scale force measurements in the biological, physical and chemical sciences on a range of systems.
2784 руб
Efficient Hash Collision Search Strategies on Special-Purpose Hardware Finding Hash Collisions. Книга по Требованию Sven S.
In this book we examine which alternative hardware technologies are suited for developing specialized architectures for the execution of attacks on hash functions.
2008 руб
Quantum Chemical Studies on Atomic-scale Tribology. of Diamond and Boron Nitride Книга по Требованию Jussi K.
The studied case of ice-Ih sliding on h-BN represents a novel application of periodic quantum chemical methods for heterogeneous friction system.
2008 руб
Heterojunctions on Titanium Oxide Nano Particles. Heterojunctions of Zinc Selenide and Zinc Sulfide on Titanium Oxide Nano Particles and Their Photocatalyses Книга по Требованию Tsung-Hsiang S.
It would not hinder titanium oxide absorption and preserve the role of fluorine and nitrogen co-doping.
2784 руб
Insights into Star Formation Processes Numerical Simulations of Molecular Turbulence. Книга по Требованию Georgi P.
It is discovered that, given the supersonic dynamics, the chemical processes can be significantly accelerated, implying that molecular clouds may be undergoing both rapid dynamical and chemical changes.
2784 руб
The Metastasis Suppressor: Ndrg-1. Examining the Molecular Function and Iron Regulation of Ndrg-1 in Cancer Книга по Требованию Zaklina K.
However, the molecular function of this elusive protein remains unknown.
2416 руб
Applications to Multilevel Molecular Systems and to Excitonic Molecular Aggregates Heterodyne Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy. Книга по Требованию Igor V. S.
The molecular information in the 2D Spectroscopy is recovered from detailed analysis of the 2D spectra.
2008 руб

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