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Integrating Internet in Teaching Arabic Language. A new Approach of Teaching Arabic Language

Формат:      Страниц 292
     мягкая обложка
Ibrahim A.    
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This book is a unique in integrating the Internet in teaching Arabic language. The book is about the theoretical and practical framework of teaching Arabic via the website. The book will be considered as a reference for the university students. It emphasises on the practical work from the field of teaching. It uses modern sophisticated technology in the class e. g. (new group, Websites as well as email).
Бумага "Снегурочка", для ксерокса, А3.
Формат - А3. 80 грамм, 97%, 500 листов.
409 руб
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Столик сервировочный Regent "Linea Bamboo", 50х30х6,5 см.
Столик сервировочный из серии BAMBOO изготовлен из бамбука с обработанной поверхностью. Бамбук - экологически чистый материал, он ценится
1637 руб
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Жвачка для рук "Неогам", оранжевый.
Неогам монстр оранжевый — необычная забава, которая позволит вам увлекательно и с пользой провести время! Эта необычная игрушка умеет
445 руб
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Название всех стран, жители, столицы, языки (на английском...
Cou ry Capi al I habi a La guage Afgha is a Kabul Afgha Pash u, Dari Alba ia ira e Alba ia Alba ia , Greek A igua a d Barbuda Sai Joh s A uqua , Barbuda E glish A gola Lua da A gola Por uguese, Ba u Arge i e Bue os Aires Arge i e Spa ish Aus ralia Ca berra Aus ralia E glish Aus ria Vie a Aus ria Germa , Slove e Bahrai Ma ama Bahrai i Arabic Ba gladesh Dhaka Ba gladeshi Ba gla Barbados Bridge ow Barbadia E glish Belgium Brussels Belgia Du ch, Fre ch Bolivia Sucre Bolivia Spa ish, Aymara Bo swa a Gaboro e Mo swa a (si g) Ba swa a (plural) Se swa a Brazil Brazilia Brazilia Por uguese Bru ei Ba dar Seri Begawa Bru eia Malay Bulgaria Sofia Bulgaria Bulgaria Buru di Bujumbura Buru dia Kiru di Burma Ra goo Burmese Burmese Cameroo Yaou de Cameroo ia E glish

A Proficiency Based Book For Teaching and Learning Arabic Language and Culture ? ? ? ? ? ? al-Jaleys Part One. Книга по Требованию Mohammed J.
This approach is based on the following conditions; (1) include meaningful, natural language, (2) include whole language, not language fragments, and (3) be functional, and help students learn in a meaningful and cultural context.
2626 руб
The Internet and the Language Classroom Cambridge University Press Gavin D.
380 руб
A comparison between the modificational structures of the English language and the Arabic language of which class 1 words are head Книга по Требованию Faik S.
300 руб
Changing Language Teaching through Language Testing: A Washback Study Studies in Language Testing Cambridge University Press
The washback effect was observed initially at the macro level, including different parties within the Hong Kong educational context, and subsequently at the micro level, in terms of the classroom, including aspects of teachers' attitudes, teaching content and classroom interactions. Further, the book offers insights into the concept that a test can be used as a change agent to encourage innovation in the classroom. Despite persistent assertions of washback (the influence of testing on teaching and learning) limited research studies have been undertaken on the subject. Even fewer studies have made use of quantitative and qualitative methods to examine washback. This book, at the intersection of language testing and teaching practices/programs, investigates the impact of the introduction of the 1996 Hong Kong Certificate of Education in English, a high-stakes public examination, on classroom teaching and learning in Hong Kong secondary schools.
3317 руб
The Globe Dictionary of the English Language Книга по Требованию Language E.
1457 руб
Arabic Instructors' Attitudes on Communicative Language Teaching. Perspectives from an Intensive Language Program Книга по Требованию Deniz G.
The survey included a) the significance of grammar; b)error correction, c)pair and group work, and d) student and teacher roles dimensions of communicative language teaching. Discussion of the survey results in relation to these four constructs is followed by the discussion of emergent themes in these four areas in the interviews. We argue that the results of the study are revelations of teacher at certain time in their career and more professional development could come true trough carrying out action research projects. The data were gathered through an attitude scale and some focus group and one-on-one interviews in a major foreign language institute involving 96 Arabic instructors. This is a study on Arabic instructors' perceptions on some aspects of communicative language teaching.
1878 руб
Extensive Reading Activities for Teaching Language Cambridge University Press Bamford
Teachers will find this handbook a valuable resource not just for reading courses, but for all types of language courses.
1947 руб
Task-Based Language Teaching Cambridge University Press David N.
While Designing Tasks underpins this new title, the material has been thoroughly updated and includes four completely new chapters.
2481 руб
In Charge Ned 2 Language Development and Teaching Cards Pearson
3133 руб
Teaching & Researching Computer-assisted Language Learning Pearson
3707 руб
Activities for Language Teaching with Limited Time and Resources Lessons from Nothing. Cambridge University Press Bruce M.
1484 руб
The Language Teaching Matrix Cambridge University Press Jack C. R.
Each chapter discusses and examines the theoretical and practical dimensions of a central issue in language teaching.
4696 руб
Teach Yourself Teach English as a Foreign Language Hodder&Stoughton David R.
Are you looking for a complete course in teaching English as a foreign language which takes you effortlessly from beginner to confident teacher?
1679 руб
Communicative Language Teaching in an EAP Program. A Study of International Students' English Language Acquisition Книга по Требованию Anouchka P.
1981 руб
Minority Languages on the Internet. Promoting the regional languages of Spain Книга по Требованию Peter G.
A macro-history of language promotion by Europe’s colonial powers, and of Spain’s regional language nationalism, is developed to answer this question.
3215 руб
Their success was further confirmed by the questionnaire results in which the students expressed their views about the approaches to translation.
2769 руб
Drama in English Language Teaching. The Motivational Force of Drama in English Language Teaching Книга по Требованию Agnes J.
Finally, for better motivation should the focus be put on process rather than product?
2008 руб
Integration of Pathology Teaching In Medical Education. The Fractured Relationship of Faculty and Student Perceptions Книга по Требованию Rani K.
2784 руб
Teaching English as a foreign language in the 21st century:. Perceptions, attitudes, dilemmas, types of talk and educational needs Книга по Требованию Bjorg O.E.
The thesis addresses the field of didactics and studies a group of teachers of English as a foreign language (EFL):
3234 руб
Stylistic and Literary Criticism. Language Teaching Through Literature Книга по Требованию Balew D.
Particularly, the overall aim of the book is to integrate literature in English Language Classroom as the analysis and exploration of literature can promote language enrichment and literary understanding.
2784 руб

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