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The Decade of Uncertainty Volume I. Political, societal, and economic changes in Poland

Формат:      Страниц 164
     мягкая обложка
Anna B.    
Книга по Требованию    
2626 руб
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The sudden exposure of formerly isolated Poland facilitated economic, political and social changes on an unprecedented scale. The underlying assumption of my book is that Poland' s opening to the world was a core change that, as in domino theory, initiated a societal metamorphosis. In the new millennium, Poland is known as an open, cosmopolitan country that features the innovative political and economic systems. This book focuses on social and economic reforms in postcommunist Poland. It enabled deep societal changes in Central Europe. In the 1990s, Poland has become a blueprint for a successful transition from communism to liberal democracy. The fall of communism was among the most important events in contemporary history. It is a postmodern inquiry into globalization of a communist country.
Глобус "ELITE", двойная карта, диаметр 30 см, новая карта, подсветка.
Диаметр: 30 см. Двойная русифицированная физическая/политическая карта мира. Внутренняя подсветка. Утяжеленная подставка. Прозрачный
2697 руб
Раздел: Глобусы
Набор фломастеров (36 цветов).
Яркие цвета. Проветриваемый и защищенный от деформации колпачок. Помогают научиться координировать движения рук. Возраст: от 3 лет.
396 руб
Раздел: Более 24 цветов
Комплект постельного белья 1,5 "Трансформеры" (цвет: синий, бязь).
В настоящее время бязь — основной вид тканей для пошива постельного белья. Бязевое бельё, по свидетельству хозяек, выдерживает бесконечное
1335 руб
Раздел: Детское, подростковое

Применение компьютеров в медицине
Для платформы ASPE ™ и других корпорация «Акусон» разработала перспективный пакет новых возможностей визуализации – “Perspec ive Adva ced Display Op io ”, работающих в трех режимах. Free S yle™ – технология широкоформатного сканирования в режиме «свободной руки – freeha d» без каких-либо ограничений по времени и позиции датчика. 3D fe al assessme surface re deri g и 3D orga assessme volume ric re deri g – трехмерная оценка поверхности и объема. Применение такого ультразвука позволило выявлять опухоли клеточно-почечного рака. Одной из важнейших задач при выявлении злокачественных опухолей является их дифференциальная диагностика от доброкачественных образований различной природы. 3. Ядерное медицинское приборостроение в России. С. Д. Калашников был ведущим специалистом в области ядерного медицинского приборостроения. Он разработал спец проект миниатюрной транспортабельной гамма камеры – камеры на основе полупроводникового детектора с компьютером – ноутбуком. Уже сегодня проводятся экспериментальные образцы малогабаритных гамма – камер с массой не более 100 кг. 4. Современные тенденции магнитного резонанса в медицине.

Histoire De La Decadence Et De La Chute De L'empire Romain, Volume 15 (French Edition) Книга по Требованию Gibbon E.
1151 руб
Учебное пособие для старшеклассников и студентов неязыковых вузов с углубленным изучением английского языка Изд. 8-е, испр. , доп. - 344 с. Reference & Practice (Грамматика английского языка: Рекомендации & Практика): English grammar with a separate key volume: СПб:Антология Дроздова Т.Ю., Берестова А.И., Маилова В.Г.
128 руб
L`Italianissimo Manuale d`italiano Corso elementare Volume 1 (Учебник итальянского языка: Начальный курс обучения: В 2 кн.: Т. 1: Кн. 1) - 304 с. ISBN 5-7804-0266-3 5-7804-0267-1 ~94.02.06 090 М: Росткнига Smirnova O.O. (Смирнова О.О.)
960 руб
Volume 2 (Учебник итальянского языка: Начальный курс обучения: В 2 кн. : Т. 1: Кн. 2) L Italianissimo Manuale d italiano Corso elementare: Росткнига Smirnova O.O. (Смирнова О.О.)
Основной целью книги является дальнейшее развитие устной (говорение и аудирование) и письменной (чтение и письмо) коммуникации на итальянском языке.
649 руб
Myth Adventures. Volume 1 Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc. Асприн Р.
875 руб
Teachers' Book. In 4 Volumes. Volume 1 Contemporary Chinese. Sinolingua
680 руб
Contemporary Chinese. In 4 Volumes. Volume 2 Teachers' Book. Sinolingua
740 руб
Contemporary Chinese 3. Exercise Book. In 4 volums. Volume 3 нет серии ISBN 7-80052-919-3 Sinolingua
440 руб
The Judgment of Paris: The Revolutionary Decade That Gave the World Impressionism Walker & Company King R.
The struggle betwee\ n Meisso\ nier a\ nd Ma\ net to see their pai\ nti\ ngs achieve pride of place at the Salo\ n was \ not just about artistic competitive\ ness, it was about how to see the world. Full of fa\ ntastic tidbits of i\ nformatio\ n (such as the use of carrier pigeo\ ns a\ nd hot-air balloo\ ns duri\ ng the siege of Paris), a\ nd a colourful cast of characters that i\ ncludes Baudelaire, Courbet, a\ nd Zola, with walk-o\ n parts for Mo\ net, Re\ noir, Degas, a\ nd Ceza\ n\ ne, The Judgme\ nt of Paris casts \ new light o\ n the birth of Impressio\ nism a\ nd takes us to the heart of a time i\ n which the moder\ n Fre\ nch ide\ ntity was bei\ ng forged. If there were two me\ n who were absolutely ce\ ntral to artistic life i\ n Fra\ nce i\ n the seco\ nd half of the \ ni\ netee\ nth ce\ ntury, they were Edouard Ma\ net a\ nd Er\ nest Meisso\ nier. While the former has bee\ n labelled the Father of Impressio\ nism a\ nd is today a household \ name, the latter has su\ nk i\ nto obscurity. It is difficult \ now to believe that i\ n 1864, whe\ n this story begi\ ns, it was Meisso\ nier who was co\ nsidered the greatest Fre\ nch artist alive a\ nd who received astro\ nomical sums for his work, while Ma\ net was derided for his messy pai\ nti\ ngs of ordi\ nary people a\ nd had great difficulty getti\ ng a\ ny of his work accepted at the all-importa\ nt a\ n\ nual Paris Salo\ n. Ma\ net a\ nd Meisso\ nier were the Mozart a\ nd Salieri of their day, o\ ne a da\ ngerous challe\ nge to the establishme\ nt, the other beloved by rulers a\ nd the public alike for his pai\ nstaki\ ngly meticulous oil pai\ nti\ ngs of historical subjects. Out of the fasci\ nati\ ng story of their parallel careers, Ross Ki\ ng creates a le\ ns through which to view the political te\ nsio\ ns that dogged Louis-\ napoleo\ n duri\ ng the Seco\ nd Empire, his ig\ nomi\ nious dow\ nfall, a\ nd the bloody Paris Commu\ ne of 1871. At the same time, Ki\ ng pai\ nts a wo\ nderfully detailed a\ nd vivid portrait of life i\ n a\ n era of radical social cha\ nge: o\ n the streets of Paris, at the \ new seaside resorts of Boulog\ ne a\ nd Trouville, a\ nd at the race courses a\ nd pic\ nic spots where the \ new bourgeoisie relaxed. Whe\ n Ma\ net pai\ nted Dejeu\ ner sur lherbe or Olympia, he shocked \ not o\ nly with his casual brushstrokes (described by some as applied by a floor mop) but with his subject matter: top-hatted white-collar workers (a\ nd their mistresses) were \ not co\ nsidered suitable subjects for Art. Ross Ki\ ng shows how, be\ nig\ n as they might seem today, these pai\ nti\ ngs cha\ nged the course of history.
598 руб
The Paris Salons 1895-1914. Volume IV: Ceramics and glass Antique Collector's Club
Здесь размещены иллюстрации примерно 950 керамических и 300 стеклянных изделий.
4980 руб
University Physics Volume 2 with Mastering Physics. 11ed Benjamin Cummings Hugh Y.
1706 руб
Understanding & Using English Grammar 3Ed Student Text, Volume A Pearson
620 руб
The Complete Novels and Stories Volume I Sherlock Holmes: Random House, Inc. Arthur C.D.
Now, in two paperback volumes, Bantam presents all fifty-six short stories and four novels featuring Conan Doyle' s classic hero - a truly complete collection of Sherlock Holmes' s adventures in crime!
494 руб
The Sharing Knife Volume Two: Legacy HarperCollins Publishers Lois M.B.
703 руб
Monty Python's Flying Circus: Just The Words Volume One Methuen Monty P.
633 руб
Interior Spaces of the USA and Canada. Volume 7 Images Publishing Group
It is much sought after as the definitive pictorial overview of trends and developments in interior design and decorating in the world' s most lucrative marketplace. From high-end corporate headquarters to budget-conscious designs for education and health facilities, this book offers the best in designs by North America' s most successful architecture and interior design firms.
5 руб
SPA-DE Volume 2: Space & Design - International Review of Interior Design Rikuyosha, Azur Corporation
Illustrated in full colour throughout, and with text in English, this book is indispensable to anyone interested in contemporary architecture and spatial design.
5 руб
Dian Hanson's: The History of Men's Magazines. Volume 2: From Post-War to 1959 Taschen Dian H.
5 руб
Film Posters of the 90's: The Essential Movies of the Decade Taschen, Aurum Press Tony N.
Together, they have also produced Horror Poster Art, Science Fiction Poster Art, and Film Posters of the 30' s, 40' s, 50' s, 60' s, 70' s, and 80' s. Despite Hollywood' s infatuation with digital, the poster has remained one of the most important means of promoting films. The images in this book represent the crè me de la crè me of a dazzling decade of filmmaking and graphic art. Tony Nourmand is co-owner of the Reel Poster Gallery in London and a poster consultant! for Christie' s; Graham Marsh is a designer and art director.
5 руб
The Harry Bosch Novels: Volume 3 (A Darkness More Than Night, City of Bones, Lost Light) Orion Books Michael C.
The pair, first at odds, must now work together to clear Harry' s name… CITY OF BONES When the bones of a young boy are found scattered in the Hollywood Hills, Harry Bosch is drawn into a case that recalls the darkest memories from his own haunted past. Then a love affair begins to blossom for Bosch - until a disastrous mission leaves him in more trouble than ever before, as he faces an unimaginable decision… LOST LIGHT When he left the LAPD, Harry Bosch took a file with him - the case of a film production assistant murdered four years earlier during a $2 million robbery on a movie set. The LAPD think the stolen money was used to finance a terrorist training camp. Thoughts of the original murder victim are lost in the federal zeal, and when it seems the killer will be set free to aid the feds' terrorist hunt, Bosch finds himself in conflict with his old colleagues and the FBI.
1360 руб

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