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Objective Dairy Cattle Lameness Detection System. Lameness Index Prediction Functions using a Reaction Force Detection System

Формат:      Страниц 176
     мягкая обложка
Parimal R.    
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Cow lameness necessitates medical treatment, reduces milk production, affects body condition, impairs reproduction performance, and impacts animal well being. The system has a walkthrough layout with an initial step-up and two parallel, left and right floor plates that are each supported by four load cells. Today, early detection of hoof and leg ailments is not a reality for most farmers as they can record an incidence only at the stage when the cow is visibly crippled. An extensive lameness study was conducted for two years and a statistical model using logistic regression was developed. Currently, the RFD system is marketed globally as StepMetrix by BouMatic. When a cow walks through the system, the ground reaction forces are recorded as a function of time. This model resulted in a Lameness Index Predicting Function (LIPF) which predicts the Lameness Index (LI) of hind limbs. Bovine lameness due to hoof and leg ailments causes significant economic losses to the dairy industry and it is an important animal welfare issue of great concern. This book explains the development of a novel system designated as the Reaction Force Detection (RFD) system.
Датчик обнаружения угарного газа.
Ежегодно сотни людей по всему миру погибают от отравления угарным газом. Именно поэтому в каждом доме, где используется любая
783 руб
Раздел: Детекторы, датчики движения
Таблетки для посудомоечных машин "Paclan Brileo. Classic", 80 штук.
Таблетки обладают отличным моющим действием за счет входящих в состав "умных" энзимов (амилазы и протеазы). Отлично моют посуду,
592 руб
Раздел: Для посудомоечных машин
Тачка "Садовод".
Играя с тачкой «Садовод» ваш малыш сможет почувствовать себя более самостоятельным и взрослым, помогая своим родителям на даче или в
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Раздел: Садовый инвентарь

Оратории Йозефа Гайдна
В музыкальной ткани первой оратории соединились хоровые мадригалы и речитативы с аккомпанементом оркестра. В Италии 17 века имели место два типа оратории : 1) вульгарная ( простонародная ) 2) латинская. Вульгарная берет начало из молитвенных собраний Филиппо Нери. Она строится на основе итальянского поэтического текста. Главными представителями этого жанра являлись: Каччини, Страделла, Анерио. Латинская оратория вобрала традиции литургической драмы, соединив ее с гомофонным стилем. Расцвет латинской оратории - творчество Кариссими (1605-1674). Им было создано 16 ораторий , в том числе ”Иевфай”, ”Суд Соломона”, ”Валтасар”. Кариссими соединяет хоровые полотна с арией lame o. Учениками Кариссими были Шерпантье во Франции , Скарлатти в Италии. Классический тип оратории создал Г.Ф. Гендель в Англии в 30- 40-x годах 18 века. Ему принадлежат 32 оратории: среди них ”Самсон” (1741), ”Мессия” (1740) – на библейские сюжеты; ”Геракл” (1747) - на мифологический; ”Веселость, задумчивость и умеренность” (2740) – на светский сюжет.

A New Host-Based Hybrid IDS Architecture - A Mind Of Its Own. The Know-how Of Host-Based Hybrid Intrusion Detection System Architecture Using Machine Learning Algorithms With Feature Selection Книга по Требованию Murat T.
It is an essential book.
2747 руб
PSO Optimization of MLP Face Detection System with Min-Max Features. Optimization for Structure Optimization and Feature Selection Книга по Требованию Ihsan Y.
The MLP was also tested on a set of real-life images that represent the face detection realistic scenario with detection rates of 88. 17%. To maximize the classification accuracy of the MPSO1-optimized MLP, another modified version of PSO called Modified Particle Swarm Optimization II (MPSO2) was used to optimize the structure of the MLP classifier.
3234 руб
Milk production in Canada, crop rotations, dairy barns, breeding dairy cattle, feeding, care and management of milch cows Книга по Требованию Grisdale J.H.
1291 руб
Netzwerksicherheit und Intrusion Detection. Implementierung und Evaluierung eines Intrusion Detection Systems auf Basis des Open Source Systems Snort Книга по Требованию Wolfgang R.
Darueber hinaus erklaert es, wie man mit Hilfe des Open Source Produktes Snort, ein solches IDS in ein Netzwerk integriert und wie Snort aufgebaut ist.
2008 руб
Neural Learning Methods for Visual Object Detection. Brain-like Principles for Environment Perception in Artificial Cognitive Systems Книга по Требованию
On the one hand, a more fundamental understanding of the mechanisms employed by the human brain for this purpose is desired, and, on the other hand, important technical applications could be realized by successful visual object detection, particularly in the domain of intelligent vehicles.
2416 руб
Objective IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Intermediate Workbook with answers Objective IELTS Cambridge University Press Black
The course is uniquely informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus, using analysis of real IELTS candidate papers.
741 руб
Objective IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Intermediate Teacher's Book Objective IELTS Cambridge University Press Black
Each level offers 60-80 hours of study, which can be extended using the Workbook and CD-ROM.
1663 руб
Predicting the Perceived Interest of Object in Images. "Region of Interest" detection using the "Bayesian probabilistic approach" Книга по Требованию Srivani P.
These results were then used to determine the likelihood of perceived interest given various factors such as location, contrast, color, luminance, edge-strength and blur.
1997 руб
Adopting New Zealand Dairy Farm Principles in Argentina. An Empirical Research on Dairy Systems Книга по Требованию
Though Argentine dairy farmers have been attracted to NZ systems for more than 40 years and despite the fact that the NZ knowledge appears to be beneficial to Argentine farms, NZ practices have been rarely adopted.
3234 руб
Modeling and Identification for Anomaly detection in Mechanical System. A Masters of Science Paper in Electrical engineering Книга по Требованию Amol K.
The information on evolving anomaly will serve as an input to the life extending control policy that will, in turn, generate corrective actions to mitigate fatigue crack damage in the specimen structures and thereby extend the remaining life of the system without any significant loss in performance.
2008 руб
A Construction Site Layout Planning Decision-making System. for Dynamic, Unequal-area and Multi-objective Optimization Problem Книга по Требованию Xin N.
In order to enhance the knowledge and practices of solving unequal-area and dynamic problems, the CSLP decision-making system using ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithms is proposed in the study.
3234 руб
System dynamic modeling approach Modeling the impacts of climate change on cattle water demand and supply in Botswana. Книга по Требованию sennye m.
The results can be used to determine the vulnerability of the livestock sector to impacts of climate change on water resources in semi-arid environments of Africa.
3234 руб
Crossbred had respective performance values that lied between the two breeds.
2416 руб
Vehicle Detection And Tracking "Smart Video Surveillance System". Книга по Требованию Md. H.A.
It also presents some of the key technical challenges to implement the system.
2632 руб
Algorithms for Smart Video Surveillance. Moving Object Detection, Tracking and Classification Книга по Требованию Yigithan D.
Traditionally, the video outputs are processed online by human operators and are usually saved to tapes for later use only after a forensic event.
1894 руб
Exploratory Survey with an Objective to Establish Hematological Values and Karyotyping in Indigenous (Achhami) Cattle CONSERVATION EFFORTS FOR ENDANGERED INDIGENOUS CATTLE IN NEPAL. Книга по Требованию Kumud D.
Nepal is blessed with a huge bio-diverse nature that in itself is a potential center-stage for research initiatives.
1894 руб
Common Lisp Object System Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Originally proposed as an add-on, CLOS was adopted as part of the ANSI standard for Common Lisp and has been adapted into other Lisp dialects like EuLisp or Emacs Lisp.
1315 руб
The Royal Family: The System of Government of the United Kingdom. Наглядное пособие ISBN Дрофа Брюсова Н.Г.
172 руб
Русская версия: System 2003: Microsoft Office: Практическое пособие (пер. с англ. Босиса О. Р. , Трубникова Г. Г. ) + CD-Rom - 992 с. {Шаг за шагом} М: СП Эком
530 руб
Blue System 'Body Heat&Deja Vu' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 50050 X
109 руб

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