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The new education system in Poland Revolutionary changes in Polish education.

Формат:      Страниц 256
     мягкая обложка
Anna B.    
Книга по Требованию    
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The years 1990-2010 became an unprecedented laboratory for tracing revolutionary changes in Polish education. In this volume, I focus on new educational structures in Poland, discussing in detail successful modifications in elementary and secondary tiers of Polish education. The fall of communism enabled deep societal changes, which in turn,triggered massive restructuring of education. In my previous book, "The Decade of Uncertainty" I analyzed social, political, and economic changes in postcommunist Poland. In this book I present the great metamorphosis of the Polish education system in the last 20 years.
Детская горка, розовая.
Стабильная и прочная пластиковая горка с пологим спуском. Горка характеризует высокое качество и непревзойденный дизайн! Изготовлена из
1941 руб
Раздел: Горки
Точилка механическая "Berlingo".
Точилка 2 в 1. Имеет дополнительную точилку для ручной заточки. Механизм фиксации карандаша снабжен резиновыми держателями, что исключает
546 руб
Раздел: Точилки
Сковорода чугунная с деревянной ручкой 2505/25, 25 см.
Диаметр: 25 см. Чугунная сковорода с деревянной ручкой. Обладает высокой теплопроводностью, несравнимой износостойкостью, устойчивостью к
648 руб
Раздел: Сковороды чугунные

История развития искусственного интеллекта
Можно было бы считать признаком интеллектуальности умение поддерживать беседу, но, как было показано, эта человеческая способность легко моделируется на компьютере. Признаком интеллектуальности может служить способность к обучению. В 1961 г. профессор Д. Мичи, один из ведущих английских специалистов по ИИ, описал механизм, состоящий из 300 спичечных коробков, который мог научиться играть в крестики и нолики. Мичи назвал это устройство ME ACE (Ma chbox Educable augh s a d Crosses E gi e). В названии (угроза) заключается, очевидно, доля иронии, вызванной предубеждениями перед думающими машинами. До настоящего времени единого и признанного всеми определения ИИ не существует, и это не удивительно. «Достаточно вспомнить, что универсального определения человеческого интеллекта также нет дискуссии о том, что можно считать признаком ИИ, а что нет, напоминают споры средневековых ученых о том, которых интересовало, сколько ангелов смогут разместиться на кончике иглы»1. Сейчас к ИИ принято относить ряд алгоритмов и программных систем, отличительным свойством которых является то, что они могут решать некоторые задачи так, как кто делал бы размышляющий над их решением человек.

Higher Education In Russian, Austrian, And Prussian Poland (1896) Книга по Требованию United S.O.O.E.
602 руб
Financing Education in a Climate of Change 9ed Allyn & Bacon Vern B.
School finance is an ever-changing topic and this text, now in its Ninth Edition, continues to cover all current trends to provide readers with a firm grounding in educational finance issues that administrators at all levels need to know.
1706 руб
Study of Instantaneous Rate of Change in a Historical Context. Its Implications in Mathematics Education Книга по Требованию Ilhan I.
The second part is devoted to the development of various learning models as applied to mathematics.
3234 руб
Changing conceptions of education Книга по Требованию Cubberley E.P.
598 руб
The use of smartphones among students in their education /social life. How smartphones are changing the way students are learning Книга по Требованию Chris M.
This thesis also looks at the potentials of mobile learning and the question of whether smartphones are replacing laptops.
2280 руб
AGRO-PASTORALISM IN KENYA. Economic Changes among the Keiyo 1902 – 1963 Книга по Требованию JOHN C.
There is therefore a continuing demand for books based on solid research into the many different areas of Kenya' s history. The study takes a wide sweep and a deep delving into, the Keiyo' s economic history. The chapters are well researched into Kenya' s economy becoming: how the Keiyo evolved in to the society they are today. Interesting portraits are attempted of the Keiyo' s past in their day -to-day struggles in agriculture and pastoralism.
2632 руб
Салон Красоты Changes [CDR] { } ~93.11.26 313 НД
119 руб
Education for Life. New Opportunities. Intermediate. Test Book Pearson Education Ltd.,Longman Group UK Limited
349 руб
The Judgment of Paris: The Revolutionary Decade That Gave the World Impressionism Walker & Company King R.
The struggle betwee\ n Meisso\ nier a\ nd Ma\ net to see their pai\ nti\ ngs achieve pride of place at the Salo\ n was \ not just about artistic competitive\ ness, it was about how to see the world. Full of fa\ ntastic tidbits of i\ nformatio\ n (such as the use of carrier pigeo\ ns a\ nd hot-air balloo\ ns duri\ ng the siege of Paris), a\ nd a colourful cast of characters that i\ ncludes Baudelaire, Courbet, a\ nd Zola, with walk-o\ n parts for Mo\ net, Re\ noir, Degas, a\ nd Ceza\ n\ ne, The Judgme\ nt of Paris casts \ new light o\ n the birth of Impressio\ nism a\ nd takes us to the heart of a time i\ n which the moder\ n Fre\ nch ide\ ntity was bei\ ng forged. If there were two me\ n who were absolutely ce\ ntral to artistic life i\ n Fra\ nce i\ n the seco\ nd half of the \ ni\ netee\ nth ce\ ntury, they were Edouard Ma\ net a\ nd Er\ nest Meisso\ nier. While the former has bee\ n labelled the Father of Impressio\ nism a\ nd is today a household \ name, the latter has su\ nk i\ nto obscurity. It is difficult \ now to believe that i\ n 1864, whe\ n this story begi\ ns, it was Meisso\ nier who was co\ nsidered the greatest Fre\ nch artist alive a\ nd who received astro\ nomical sums for his work, while Ma\ net was derided for his messy pai\ nti\ ngs of ordi\ nary people a\ nd had great difficulty getti\ ng a\ ny of his work accepted at the all-importa\ nt a\ n\ nual Paris Salo\ n. Ma\ net a\ nd Meisso\ nier were the Mozart a\ nd Salieri of their day, o\ ne a da\ ngerous challe\ nge to the establishme\ nt, the other beloved by rulers a\ nd the public alike for his pai\ nstaki\ ngly meticulous oil pai\ nti\ ngs of historical subjects. Out of the fasci\ nati\ ng story of their parallel careers, Ross Ki\ ng creates a le\ ns through which to view the political te\ nsio\ ns that dogged Louis-\ napoleo\ n duri\ ng the Seco\ nd Empire, his ig\ nomi\ nious dow\ nfall, a\ nd the bloody Paris Commu\ ne of 1871. At the same time, Ki\ ng pai\ nts a wo\ nderfully detailed a\ nd vivid portrait of life i\ n a\ n era of radical social cha\ nge: o\ n the streets of Paris, at the \ new seaside resorts of Boulog\ ne a\ nd Trouville, a\ nd at the race courses a\ nd pic\ nic spots where the \ new bourgeoisie relaxed. Whe\ n Ma\ net pai\ nted Dejeu\ ner sur lherbe or Olympia, he shocked \ not o\ nly with his casual brushstrokes (described by some as applied by a floor mop) but with his subject matter: top-hatted white-collar workers (a\ nd their mistresses) were \ not co\ nsidered suitable subjects for Art. Ross Ki\ ng shows how, be\ nig\ n as they might seem today, these pai\ nti\ ngs cha\ nged the course of history.
598 руб
Changes 2 Student's Book Cambridge University Press Richards
Changes is a three-level general English course for adult and young adult learners.
5 руб
Changes 3 Workbook Cambridge University Press Richards
Changes is based on a multi-skills syllabus which integrates structural, functional, lexical, phonological, situational and thematic syllabi.
533 руб
Language, Education and Culture Oxford University Press Rahman T.
929 руб
Longman English-Polish-English Dictionary Pearson
1290 руб
Small Forces Behind Today' s Big Changes Microtrends: Penguin Group Mark P.
315 руб
Revolutionary Road (film tie-in) Random House, Inc. Richard Y.
939 руб
Revolutionary Road (movie tie-in) Random House, Inc. Richard Y.
Perhaps they married too young and started a family too early. Maybe Frank' s job is dull. And April never saw herself as a housewife. Yet they have always lived on the assumption that greatness is only just around the corner. But now that certainty is about to crumble. With heartbreaking compassion and remorseless clarity, Richard Yates shows how Frank and April mortgage their spiritual birthright, betraying not only each other, but their best selves. In the hopeful 1950s, Frank and April Wheeler appear to be a model couple: bright, beautiful, talented, with two young children and a starter home in the suburbs.
277 руб
Fidel and Che: A Revolutionary Friendship Hodder & Stoughton Simon R.
Not yet thirty, and both in exile, they met in Mexico City in 1955.
411 руб
Higher Education And The War Книга по Требованию John B.
5 руб
Science And Education Книга по Требованию Thomas H.H.
Книга представляет собой репринтное издание 1893 года (издательство "Akron, Ohio, Werner Company").
1558 руб
Education Through Music Книга по Требованию Charles H.F.
5 руб

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