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Psychological and Cultural Impact Credit Risk Assessment.

Формат:      Страниц 332
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Barry H.    
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It has been said to me ‘salespeople are the biggest enemy of credit' ; how can you maximize sales with that approach? Most firms do not recognize the cultural and psychological effects that develop from making credit management an accounting function. This book explains how credit managers will use the power of credit and take responsible risks when they are freed from the shackles of an accounting culture. It explains the effect of psychological and cultural factors on the way credit risk assessment decisions are actually made under different organizational cultures. This includes the linkage between functional departments and effects on organizational learning. The study is based on a series of interviews with credit managers in the manufacturing industry. However, most firms view credit management as a debt collection and accounting function, the cultural effect of which often reduces sales potential. Trade credit is a driving force in the marketing of products; good credit management provides profits to firms who are wise enough to use it as a powerful marketing strategy. Credit Risk Assessment.
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Исследование образов мужчин и женщин у подростков
В числе родоначальников сексологии назовем венского психиатра Р. Крафта – Эбинга, немецкого дерматолога и венеролога И. Блоха, основоположника психоанализа З. Фрейда, английского врача публициста Х. Эллиса и д.р. Это были люди разных взглядов и убеждений, но общим для них было агрессивное принятие общественностью их трудов и работ, касающихся проблем пола и секса. Так, Р. Крафт–Эбинг по цензурным соображениям многие места своей вышедшей в 1886 году книги о сексуальных психопатиях написал по латыни, что не помешало обвинить его в смаковании грязных деталей и поставить вопрос о его лишении звания почетного члена Британской медико-психологической академии. И. Блох, которому принадлежит термин «сексология», больше половины своих работ был вынужден публиковать под псевдонимом. Х. Эллис – автор семитомного исследования по психологии пола (“S udies i he Psychology of Sex” 1897-1928), сегодня признанного классическим, подвергался судебному преследованию за «непристойность» своих работ, и никто из авторитетных ученных не заступился за него. М. Хиршфельд основал первый в мире сексологический журнал и сексологический институт – впоследствии его разгромили нацисты.

Application of Artificial Intelligence to Assess Credit Risk. A Predictive Model For Credit Card Scoring Книга по Требованию Samsul I.
1894 руб
Risk Assessment of Malnourished Children for Dying Due to Malignancy. by Meta Analysis Книга по Требованию A. S. M. B.
In this book, our aim is to pursue an active investigation of effect malnutrition on children with malignancy using meta analysis.
2403 руб
Cancer Risk Assessment of Trihalomethanes in Drinking Water. Consilience Cancer Risk Assessment to System Dynamic Analysis in Policy Evaluation Perspective Книга по Требованию
Evaluating the most applicable and optimum quantification level of health risk is the main purpose of this paper.
2416 руб
Credit Risk Modeling. An Empirical Analysis on Pricing, Procyclicality and Dependence Книга по Требованию FOUED A.
The second section analyses the relationship between credit default swap index spread and stock market returns and the third section provides a comprehensive analysis on the cyclicality of default rates,recovery rates and their dependence using financial data provided by Bank Call Reports from 1991 to 2005 for all US commercial banks with total assets greater than $300 millions.
2416 руб
Application of GIS and Remote Sensing to wildfire risk assessment in West Africa Assessing Wildfire Risk in West Africa Using Remote Sensing and GIS. Книга по Требованию Kolade A.
Verification of the results with fire occurrence maps of 1993 indicate that the prediction of high risk often correspond with a high number of occurrence of fires.
2008 руб
Structural Credit Risk Models. An Empirical Study Книга по Требованию Mads G.N.
However, if the objective is the latter, then the future models need to better account for the high costs linked with capital restructures in times of ? nancial distress. To better examine their differences, the models are benchmarked against the much celebrated Merton' s model. Generally it is shown that structural credit risk models have empirical validity. However, all is not perfect. Since structural credit risk models may have two objectives. One being to accurately predict credit spreads, and another to determine the optimal capital structure. It is argued that if the goal is the former, then future structural models need to incorporate a more ? exible framework that can price the many di? erent types of bonds that make up a company' s debt simultaneously.
1878 руб
An Impact on Risk Assessment and Audit Planning Auditor' s Analysis of Client' s Strategy Content and Strategy Process. Книга по Требованию Natalia K.
Analysis of strategy content appears to facilitate assessments of the client' s control environment at the entity level and assessments of the control risk at the level of a business process. Findings in this study provide evidence in support of “systems thinking” driven analyses of client strategy during the planning phase of an audit. Auditors who perform analyses of a client' s strategy improve their assessments of inherent and auditee risk, when managers' assessments are used as within-cell matched benchmarks. This study examines whether (a) the analysis of client strategy improves the effectiveness of risk assessments and audit planning; and (b) the analysis of client strategy content or strategy process is associated with more accurate risk assessments. Since the late 1990s, auditing firms have been developing and implementing new, “strategic systems” audit approaches that emphasize the link between business risks arising from client operations in the context of a given industry, and accounting choices associated with measuring, recording, and reporting the results of these operations.
2280 руб
Credit Risk Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1315 руб
Stress Response of Escherichia coli at Low Temperatures. Implications for Microbial Risk Assessments and Food Safety Книга по Требованию Tineke J.
A better understanding of the complex behaviour of mesophilic pathogens is essential for predicting microbial growth and for identification of effective methods for controlling their growth in chilled foods.
2784 руб
Computational Hemodynamics of Cerebral Aneurysms. Assessing the Risk of Rupture from Hemodynamic Patterns Книга по Требованию Marcelo C.
Therefore, the best patient care would be to treat only those patients who are likely to rupture, which requires a better understanding of the process of aneurysm formation, progression, and rupture.
2784 руб
Environmental Finances. A contribution to the model of valuation to Brazilian risk of credit, aggregating the environmental variable Книга по Требованию MARCELO F.
2008 руб
Introduction to New Geometric Approaches in Finance. With Applications on Credit and Bankruptcy Risk Книга по Требованию Alireza B.
The book will be a useful reference for researchers and practitioners in business and finance facing risk management, market ranking modeling and analysis of credit risk and bankruptcy.
2280 руб
Houwitser 'Damage Assessment' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 56398 Фоно
139 руб
Risk (на англ.яз.) Berkley Books Фрэнсис Д.
349 руб
Financial Institutions Management. A Risk Management Approach The McGraw-Hill Companies Saunders A.
5 руб
The Civil Contingencies Act: Risk, Resilience and Law in United Kingdom Oxford University Press Walker C.
This book provides a detailed exploration of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and its supporting documentation.
3699 руб
Advances in Risk Management Palgrave Gregoriou
9911 руб
Shining Star A Assessment Guide Pearson
370 руб
Shining Star C Test Generator / Assessment Pack Pearson
1875 руб
Top Notch 1 Complete Assessment Pack & ExamView (+ Audio CD) Pearson
5 руб

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