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Analysis and Design of RPC Girders REACTIVE POWDER CONCRETE.

Формат:      Страниц 364
     мягкая обложка
YEN L.V.    
Книга по Требованию    
3051 руб
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Since the beginning of the 20th century, concrete has become the most used construction material. The world production of cement in 2007 was about 2. 6 billion tons, compared to just 10 million tons in 1990. Normal and high strength concretes were developed in the early 1900' s and 1950' s, respectively, whereas the development of ultra-high- performance concrete known as reactive powder concrete (RPC) was originated in the mid 1990' s. RPC is an ultra-high strength cementitious material that contains a high quantity of cement and silica fume, low quantity of water, incorporates large amounts of fibres and exhibits remarkable ductility, durability and strength properties. In this book, the mechanical behaviour of steel fibre reinforced RPC girders is detailed and design models presented. Particular emphasis is placed on non-flexural actions such as shear and bursting where steel fibres are used to replace conventional steel reinforcing bars. Traditionally, concrete was understood as a mixture of cement, water and aggregate but in modern concrete other constituents may also be present such as mineral components, chemical admixtures and fibres.
Пластиковое лото. Силуэты. Комплект из трех игр.
Набор «Силуэты» – это комплект из трёх развивающих игр. В него входит: 9 картонных двухсторонних карт с рисунками, 54 прозрачные
549 руб
Раздел: Лото детское
Комплект в коляску Карапуз "Цветочки", цвет: бежевый (3 предмета).
Комплект в коляску состоит из 3-х предметов: - матрац 45х75 см; - подушка 45х40 см; - одеяло 75х80 см. Материал: 100% хлопок. Наполнитель:
555 руб
Раздел: Подголовники и подушечки
Стенд "Календарь природы". С карточками чисел, дней недели, месяцев и бланком дневника наблюдений.
Календарь природы — важный инструмент ознакомления детей с окружающим миром. Ежедневный учет явлений природы развивает у детей
546 руб
Раздел: Демонстрационные рамки, планшеты, таблички

Проектирование локально-вычислительной сети
Для транспортировки через объединенные сети, базирующиеся на IP, дейтаграммы IPX формируются внутри заголовков UDP/IP. Протоколы высших уровней e Ware поддерживает большое разнообразие протоколов высших уровней; некоторые из них несколько более популярны, чем другие. e Ware shell (командный процессор) работает в оборудовании клиентов (которое часто называется рабочими станциями среди специалистов по e Ware) и перехватывает обращения прикладных задач к устройству Ввод/Вывод, чтобы определить, требуют ли они доступ к сети для удовлетворения запроса. Если это так, то e Ware shell организует пакеты запросов и отправляет их в программное обеспечение низшего уровня для обработки и передачи по сети. Если это не так, то они просто передаются в ресурсы местного устройства Ввода/Вывода. Прикладные задачи клиента не осведомлены о каких-либо доступах к сети, необходимых для выполнения обращений прикладных задач. e Ware Remo e Procedure Call ( e ware RPC) (Вызов процедуры обращения к отдаленной сети) является еще одним более общим механизмом переадресации, поддерживаемым ovell. e ware Core Pro ocol ( CP) (Основной протокол e Ware) представляет собой ряд программ для сервера, предназначенных для удовлетворения запросов прикладных задач, приходящих, например, из e Ware shell.

Contemporary Buildings and Interiors Concrete Creations: Thames&Hudson
1704 руб
Black Powder War (Temeraire, Book 3) Random House, Inc. Naomi N.
Yet disaster threatens the mission at every turn–thanks to the diabolical machinations of the Chinese dragon Lien, who blames Temeraire for her master’s death and vows to ally herself with Napoleon and take vengeance.
266 руб
EFL Teachers' Beliefs and Practices on Incidental Focus on Form. Preemptive and Reactive Focus on Form Книга по Требованию Zhila M.
It includes a comprehensive introduction to the theoretical and pedagogical aspects of incidental focus on form and offers a wealth of relevant data extracts and examples taken from a spectrum of EFL classes.
3191 руб
Strength of FRP-Wrapped Concrete Columns. Experimental Tests Книга по Требованию WANG L.
Furthermore, it is revealed and explained that confinement provided by a jacket with sharp corners is insignificant in increasing the strength of columns but significant in increasing the ductility of columns.
2769 руб
Confined Reinforced Concrete Circular Columns. New eccentricity Based Confinement Model Книга по Требованию Ahmed A.E.F.
However, the need to develop analysis tools for the actual ultimate capacity of columns is evident.
2403 руб
Tomography-based Methods for Reactive Flows in Porous Media. Applied to Solar Thermal Reforming of Hydrocarbons Книга по Требованию Joerg P.
The book is addressed to practitioners, scientists, and advanced students dealing with heat and mass transfer in porous media.
2769 руб
THz Spectroscopy of Biomolecules. Reactive Molecules and Hydration Dynamics of Biomolecules Investigated by THz Spectroscopy Книга по Требованию
The result is a dynamic interplay, a dance to the same tune at terahertz frequencies, of high importance to the cell and life in general.
2403 руб
It has the potential to assist practicing engineers and researchers in understanding the characterization of a concrete barrier, anchor slab, and reinforced soil retaining wall assembly under an impact load condition.
2008 руб
An approach to e-contracting that enables pro-active and reactive monitoring Monitoring Multi-party Contracts for E-business. Книга по Требованию Lai X.
Under our monitoring mechanism, a multi-party contract can be dynamically monitored during the contract execution, and all responsible parties for a contract violation under execution of a multi-party contract can be detected.
2784 руб
Mixed Formulation Beam Finite Element. Modeling of Shear Critical Steel and Reinforced Concrete Members Книга по Требованию Afsin S.
The development of reliable analytical models is essential for the advance of performance-based earthquake engineering in the design of new structures and in the seismic condition assessment of existing structures.
2416 руб
The Viability of Partially Post-Tensioned Concrete. Durability, Corrosion, and Fatigue in Aggressive Environments Книга по Требованию Jeffery V.
However, design codes have been slow to adopt provisions for the design of partially prestressed concrete because of concerns over fatigue and corrosion.
2784 руб
Bridge Deck Bonded Concrete Overlays. Performance-Based Aspects and Structural Benefits Книга по Требованию Mohammad A.
The bond strength and composite action between the bridge deck and overlay are experimentally evaluated.
3234 руб
Corrosion of Steel Under Mass and Energy Transport in Porous Media. Modeling of Steel Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete Coupled with Mass and Energy Transport in Porous Media and its Experimental Verification Книга по Требованию Dr. R.R.H.
An enhanced simulation tool has been developed for the coupled effects of mass and energy transport through porous media of reinforced concrete using cutting edge corrosion modeling techniques.
3234 руб
Tantalum Oxide Thin Films for Embedded Capacitors. Using Pulsed DC Reactive Sputtering Книга по Требованию PUSHKAR J.
Various processing and integration challenges in depositing thin films using reactive sputtering and their effects on electrical performance of thin-film capacitors are discussed.
3234 руб
A Reliability-Based Optimization Approach. Concepts and Methods Applied to Reinforced Concrete Structures Книга по Требованию Caio N.
So, reliability-based optimization models (RBDO) are an interesting tool for this kind of problem, since their objective is always to seek the best compromise between economy and safety.
2784 руб
Size Effect in High Strength Concrete Beams. Experimental Confirmation Книга по Требованию Brandon K.
Specimens used in the present experimental study conform to RILEM (Reunion Internationale des Laboratoires d' Essais et de Recherches sur les Materiaux et les Constructions) recommendations. The specimen was loaded at mid-span by a concentrated load and was simply supported over span S. A notch of depth a0 is cut into the cured beam. The span-to-depth ratio of the specimen is 3. 0. The ratios of notch/depth ratio are 0. 15, 0. 30 and 0. 50. Three identical specimens for each notch/depth ratio and same size were tested. The notch width was around 7mm. All concrete specimens required the use of water reducing agent (superplasticizer) in order to increase its workability. The moulds were filled with concrete in three layers and each layer was compacted well using a needle vibrator. The specimens were de-moulded after 24 hours of casting and cured by immersing them in water. Notches of various depths were cut in beam specimens using a concrete cutting machine. Specimens were compacted using a needle vibrator. Along with test specimens, cubes and cylinders were also cast for compressive strength determination.
2008 руб
UV-REAKTIVE FLEXIBLE POLYNORBORNENE MIT VERANDERBAREM BRECHUNGSINDEX. UV-Reactive flexible polynorbornenes with modifiable refractive index Книга по Требованию Roman F.
Zwei-Photonen- Strukturierungen wurden mit einem gepulsten Ti:
2008 руб
Chili Powder Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
2008 руб
Concrete Ship Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Few concrete ships were completed in time to see wartime service during World War I, but during 1944 and 1945, concrete ships and barges were used to support U. S. and British invasions in Europe and the Pacific.
1599 руб
Powder diffraction Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
The three dimensional space can be described with (reciprocal) axes x*, y* and z* or alternatively in spherical coordinates q, ? *, ? *. In powder diffraction intensity is homogeneous over ? * and ? * and only q remains as an important measurable quantity.
1599 руб

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