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Gluing Seiberg-Witten Moduli Spaces. a mathematical approach

Формат:      Страниц 60
     мягкая обложка
Pedram S.    
Книга по Требованию    
1894 руб
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The book should be accessible to graduate students and mathematicians working in this field. In 1994, Seiberg and Witten introduced new sets of invariants for four-manifolds, which were considerably more tractable than Donaldson's and led to new advances in geometry and topology in dimension 4. Methods have been developed to understand the nature of these invariants in greater depth, and this book is a step in that direction, where we discuss how to glue monopoles in a quite general setting, and the conditions under which this is possible. This will result in a local fiber-product description for the moduli space when the 4-manifold under consideration is split into two pieces along a separating 3-dimensional sub-manifold, and will give us a great deal of insight into the structure of Seiberg-Witten moduli spaces.
Мышь для ПК "Божья коровка", красная.
Оригинальная оптическая компьютерная мышь. Размер упаковки: 24х11,5х5 см. Упаковка – блистер. Размер мыши: 9.5х5х3 см.
494 руб
Раздел: Компьютерные клавиатуры, мыши и коврики
Карандаши акварельные, с кисточкой, 24 цвета.
Шестигранный корпус покрыт лаком на водной основе. Карандаши заточенные. Длина карандаша: 176 мм. Очень мягкие, не крошатся, цвета яркие,
351 руб
Раздел: Акварельные
Коробка для хранения елочных украшений (112 ячеек).
Удобная складная коробка на молнии для хранения и транспортировки хрупких елочных украшений. Стенки коробки выполнены из полупрозрачного
1455 руб
Раздел: 5-10 литров

Шарлота Бронте
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On Moduli Spaces of Semistable Sheaves on K3 Surfaces. In Search of new Irreducible Symplectic Manifolds Книга по Требованию Markus Z.
We establish a connection to the already investigated moduli spaces or generalisations thereof, and we are able to extend the known results to all of the open remaining cases for rank 0 and many of those for positive rank.
2362 руб
Social Spaces Vol. 2 ACC Distribution Joe B.
2835 руб
Plazas & Squares Urban Spaces: Macmillan Publishers Dimitris K.
1697 руб
Lighting Spaces HarperCollins Publishers Roger Y.
In over 500 beautifully-reproduced photographs you will see how light can establish moods and manipulate attitudes, reinforce feelings and heighten excitement.
4149 руб
Human Spaces / Человеческие пространства Rockport Publishers Crisp B.
5 руб
Interior Spaces of the USA and Canada. Volume 7 Images Publishing Group
It is much sought after as the definitive pictorial overview of trends and developments in interior design and decorating in the world' s most lucrative marketplace. From high-end corporate headquarters to budget-conscious designs for education and health facilities, this book offers the best in designs by North America' s most successful architecture and interior design firms.
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Garden Details: Ideas. Inspiration. Great Garden Spaces Images Publishing Group Marg T.
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2406 руб
Urban Spaces. № 4 Harper design
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1578 руб
New Trends In Commercial Spaces / Новые направления в дизайне Page One Krauel J.
There are trend-setters and there are trend-followers.
5 руб
Converted Spaces Taschen
5 руб
Strike a Pose: Eccentric Architecture and Spectacular Spaces Die Gestalten Verlag R. K.
Conceived and edited by Lukas Feireiss, the editor of Spacecraft, this publication inspires beyond the traditional borders of genre, further indicating architecture’s pop appeal and its contagious and entertaining effect.
3288 руб
Parametric POMDPs. Planning in continuous spaces for mobile robot navigation Книга по Требованию Alex B.
This book is concerned with planning and acting under uncertainty in partially-observable continuous domains.
3191 руб
Analysis and Visualisation of Semantic wikis as Cooperative Spaces. Social Network Analysis Книга по Требованию Crispen M.
In the multitude of collaboration technologies available to date wikis have established themselves as technologies for collective article editing reaching the highest levels of popularity with the online open encyclopedia wikipedia.
1997 руб
Sensing Movement, Living Spaces. An Investigation of movement based on the lived experience of 13 professional dancers Книга по Требованию Susanne R.
In the book,' Sensing Movement, Living Spaces,'
3215 руб
A Metric Splitting of Alexandrov Spaces. Boundary Strata of nonnegatively curved Alexandrov Spaces and a Splitting Theorem Книга по Требованию Andreas W.
More precisely, let M be compact and of dimension n. Assume that M has k+1 boundary strata such that their common intersection is empty, but any intersection of k strata is nonempty.
2362 руб
Das Girl: Crossing Spaces and Spheres. The Function of the Girl in the Weimar Republic Книга по Требованию Nina S.
Linking the emergence of the Girl to the tension between modernist mass culture and the bourgeois public sphere both the cultural critic Siegfried Kracauer and the psychologist Fritz Giese see the Girl as the Germanic spiritualization of an American beauty ideal.
3234 руб
Analytic Function Spaces. Properties of Operators and Duality Книга по Требованию Niklas P.
Properties of the operators mentioned above that we investigate are amongst others; the spectrum, the closed range property and boundedness.
2008 руб
Digital Urban Spaces . net. Repraesentation, Struktur, Nutzung und soziale Zusammensetzung computergenerierter urbaner Raeume im Internet Книга по Требованию
Ein Schluesselelement stellt hierbei mit Sicherheit der vernetzte Computer dar.
3234 руб
Pseudo-Differential Operators on Gevrey Spaces. Distribution Theory Книга по Требованию Akhilesh P.
Pseudo-differential operators arise naturally in the solution of boundary value problemsfor partial differential equations.
2008 руб
Exponential Decay of Correlations and Analyticity of the Pressure for Certain Unbounded Models in Statistical Mechanics Witten Laplacian Methods For Critical Phenomena. Книга по Требованию Lo A.
The formula was initially introduced by Bernard Helffer and Johanne Sjoestrand.
2008 руб

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