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Electromagnetic Transients Programs helping the analysis of the power interaction on either the load or the network side EMTP Modelling of Control and Power Electronic Devices.

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There are cases where the increasing use of power electronics to enhance process efficiency and controllability creates other problems. To evaluate the promising solutions offered with the growing use of power electronic devices in transmission and distribution systems, as well as to analyze their interaction and impact on either the load or the network side, computer programs based on the EMTP (Electromagnetic Transients Program) are becoming more useful. The quality of the electric power delivered to customers by utilities may not be acceptable for some types of sensitive loads, which are typically power electronics- and computer-based loads controlling industrial processes. Hopefully, the models developed in this work may help on the electrical compatibility assessment among loads and power system. The development of new EMTP-based models for representation of controls and power electronic devices has been the main subject of this Ph. D. thesis project. Its main contributions were the development of a "simultaneous solution for linear and nonlinear control and electric power system equations" (SSCPS), through the compensation method and the Newton-Raphson iterative algorithm.
Прыгунки 3 в 1 "Спортбэби" (прыгунки, качели, тарзанка) с качельным крюком.
Характеристики: Петля из стропы для крепления на крепежный крюк или на специальный зажим. Пряжка для регулировки высоты (при правильной
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Раздел: Прыгунки, вожжи
Глобус Земли физический + политический, с подсветкой, 250 мм.
Глобус Земли физический + политический, с подсветкой. Диаметр: 250 мм. Расцветка подставки в ассортименте, без возможности выбора!
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Раздел: Глобусы
Авто-вентилятор с функцией обогрева.
Каждый автомобилист знает, что нередко погода на улице заставляет нас дискомфортно чувствовать себя и в салоне собственного автомобиля. В
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Six Wives of Henry VIII
Но прибывшая в Англию невеста (в отличие от ее портрета) Генриху категорически не понравилась. Анна стала четвертой женой Генриха VIII, но король не был увлечен ей, и брак быстро пришел к разводу. Анна осталась в Англии, однако, она оставалась в хороших отношениях с королем и всеми тремя его детьми, так же как с его будущими королевами. Ki g He ry VIII's fif h wife was Ca heri e Howard. A a rac ive you g lady, she had bee pushed i o he marriage by her ow ambi io , as well as he pressure of her powerful family. Ca heri e Howard was he iece of powerful duke of orfolk a d a cousi of A a Boley . He ry married her i July, 1540 o passio a e love. I was soo fou d ou , ha before her marriage Ca heri e had had several lovers, amo g hem bei g a musicia , He ry Ma ock, or Ma ox; her cousi , homas Culpepper; a d Fra cis Dereham, o whom she had bee be ro hed. Dereham a d Culpepper were execu ed i December 1541 a d heir accomplices were pu ished. O he 13 h of February 1542 he quee was beheaded oo. Пятой женой короля Генриха VIII была Екатерина Говард.

Advanced Simulation Methods For Gallium Nitride Electronic Devices. An accurate analysis of state-of-the-art high-frequency and high-power Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistors Книга по Требованию Fabio A.M.
Subsequently, an intensive characterization on more than 10 wafers has been performed, in order to identify parasitic effects related to charge trapping phenomena.
1923 руб
Flight control modes (electronic) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Aircraft with fly-by-wire flight controls require computer controlled flight control modes that are capable of determining the operational mode (computational law) of the aircraft.
1843 руб
Power Electronics for PEM Type Fuel Cells. Design and Control of an Electric Energy-Conditioning System Книга по Требованию Shane M.
This could be caused due to geographic isolation, load mobility, demanded values of voltage or current that are not compatible with the local networks, etc.
3051 руб
Lost Control Die Gestalten Verlag Neasden C.C.
These seemingly contradictory, but in NCC’s work so coherently united characteristics give their work a powerful appeal.
4058 руб
Microgrid : Stability Analysis and Control. Modeling, Stability Analysis and Control of Microgrid for Improved Power Sharing and Power Flow Management Книга по Требованию RITWIK M.
A frequency and voltage isolation technique between microgrid and utility is shown by using a back-to- back converter.
2416 руб
Examination of the Optimal Power Flow based FACTS Devices. Optimal Location of FACTS,Power Quality, Global Optimization Methods, Decomposed Network,Algerian Electrical Network Planning and Control Книга по Требованию Belkacem M.
In this context to overcome the technical difficulty related to power system security, a new concept has been introduced to power system operation and control called Flexible Alternative Current Transmission System (FACTS).
3051 руб
Control of Single-Phase AC-DC Converters with High Power Factor. Control Techniques for Better Performance and Added Functionality Книга по Требованию Konstantin L.
This book presents improvements in control techniques for single-phase unidirectional and bidirectional ac-dc boost converters with high power factor.
1981 руб
Enterprise Modelling. A Component-Based Approach to Design and Construction of Change Capable Manufacturing Cell Control Systems Книга по Требованию Radmehr P. M.
A new development of this modelling structure allows pre-modelled tasks to be selected, detailed and organised and suitable resources and reusable control system components (or building blocks) assigned to groups of tasks.
3215 руб
Model-Based Dependability Evaluation of Critical Control Systems. A practical survey of advanced techniques for model-based system testing and reliability evaluation Книга по Требованию Francesco F.
The complexity and criticality of modern control systems are rapidly growing.
2403 руб
Magnetic beads for microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices. A finite element model of a total analysis system: from transport and separation to positioning and magnetoresistive detection Книга по Требованию Alexander W.
A constructive method is developed to design sensor arrays with a defined spatial resolution.
3621 руб
Adaptive Vibration Control of Flexible Structures. A Multi-Model Multi-Mode Resonant Approach Книга по Требованию
This book provides balance in theoretical and practical aspects of adaptive vibration control design, and is suitable for engineers, postgraduate students and researchers who have interest in active vibration control of flexible structures.
3215 руб
Articulated Steer Vehicles: Fundamental Issues in Modeling, Stability Analysis and Controller Development Dynamics and Control. Книга по Требованию
In this book, for a typical ASV, a comprehensive study of the causes of the snaking, and of the effects of the vehicle parameters and operating conditions on the stability is presented.
2784 руб
Specifically, (a) by using the concept of invariant sets, robustness is achieved without online computation; (b) by using a two-level control structure, optimization is separated from stabilization; (c) by constructing a continuum of terminal sets, both large operating regions and local optimality can be achieved without large number of control decision variables; (d) by decomposing a nonlinear control problem into a sequence of linear control problems, a nonlinear non-convex optimization problem is reduced to a convex optimization problem.
2416 руб
Electronic Business Models and Their Dynamic Nature Revolution of e-Business Models. Книга по Требованию Aleksi H.
In the late 1990s, the business model concept appeared to describe a business logic according to which electronic businesses were typically described in brief and put into practice.
3234 руб
Framework for Call Admission Control Analysis in Multi-Rate DS-CDMA. An Analytical Framework for Approximating the Downlink Transmit Power in Multi-Rate DS-CDMA Systems Книга по Требованию Ashraf S. H.M.
This book presents three models for approximating the transmit power probability distribution: the lognormal random variable approximation, the min-max lognormal random variable approximation, and the least-squares cubic fitting.
2008 руб
Improved Quantum Cascade Lasers through Modeling and Experiments. Modeling, design, and characterization of quantum cascade lasers for use in astrochemistry, electronic countermeasures, and zucchinis Книга по Требованию Scott H.
Their development has caused significant simultaneous research in mid-infrared spectroscopy systems.
2416 руб
Magnetic Levitation and It's Application to Telemanipulation. Design, Implementation and Control of a Magnetic Levitation Device Книга по Требованию Ehsan S.
Magnetic levitation technology has shown a great deal of promise for micromanipulation tasks.
3234 руб
Passive Terahertz Devices Based on Optically Excited Silicon. Introduction to Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy, Possible Methods for Beam Controlling in Terahertz Range, and Preliminary Experimental Results Книга по Требованию
THz research has focused mainly on biomedical or spectroscopic applications whereas applications in communication systems have rarely been discussed in the literature.
2008 руб
U-Model Based Nonlinear Control. A New Control-Oriented Approach Книга по Требованию Naveed R.B.
The main difficulty being felt by the research community is the lack of a general modelling framework that can facilitate synthesis of a simplistic control law, while being capable of providing accurate approximation of nonlinear systems.
2416 руб
For Single machine-infinite bus and Multi-machines power system Basics, Modeling, Techniques Intelligent Power Systems Stabilizers Design. Книга по Требованию Emad E.
Recent development in the control and digital technology introduced different digital controllers as an efficient mean in improving the transient and dynamic characteristics of synchronous generators.
3234 руб

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