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Making sense of mass spectrometry data Novel computational techniques in mass spectrometry based proteomics.

Формат:      Страниц 160
     мягкая обложка
Lukas M.    
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The scope of this book focusses on computational methods that support analytical approaches for the quantification of proteins. In addition, the concept of the MasterMap as a comprehensive repository for the storage of extracted and processed protein signals is presented. The functionalities of SuperHirn and the MasterMap are highlighted by the quantification and classification of protein abundance changes in complex biological samples. Liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS) is a popular technique for the characterization of protein mixtures. Proteins are involved in essentially any cellular process and constitute key players in the regulation of biological systems. This book addresses the challenges of LC-MS based approaches and describes a novel computational framework for the in-depth analysis of large scale mass spectrometry data sets. The convenience of the introduced computational methodology is further discussed in different applications addressing emerging topics in protein-centered biology. In particular, the software SuperHirn for the detection and quantification of protein signals is introduced.
Рюкзак "Махаоны", с 1 карманом (розовый).
Стильный рюкзак с яркой расцветкой предназначен для студентов, школьников и всех любителей носить сумки за спиной. Подвесная система
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Раздел: Без наполнения
Мантоварка алюминиевая, 3 сетки, 6 л.
Мантоварка, алюминиевая, 3-х уровневая. Размеры: длина - 28 см, ширина - 29 см. Мантоварка имеет 3 съемные сетки. Пригодна для
1064 руб
Раздел: Скороварки, пароварки, мантоварки
Сахарница с ложкой "Лавандовый букет", 660 мл.
Сахарница с ложкой прекрасно впишется в кухонный интерьер. Материал: доломит. Объем: 660 мл.
319 руб
Раздел: Сахарницы

Билеты по английскому языку за 11 класс
People are losi g heir jobs because ma y fac ories a d pla s are goi g ba krup .Bu i spi e of he problems Russia is faci g a prese , here are a lo of oppor u i ies for his cou ry o become o e of he leadi g cou ries i he world. I'm sure ha we, he you ger ge era io , ca do very much o make Russia as s ro g a d powerful as i used o be.Российская Федерация Российская Федерация - самая большая страна в мире. Это занимает о первом седьмом из поверхности земли. Это закрывает(охватывает) восточную часть Европы и северной части Азии. Его полная область - приблизительно 17 миллионов квадратных километров. Страна вымыта 12 морями 3 ocea s: he ихий океан, арктический и Атлантика. На юге Россия граничит с Китаем, Монголией, Кореей, Казахстаном, Джорджией(Грузией) и Азербайджаном. На западе это граничит С Норвегией, Финляндией, Балтийскими Государствами, Belorussia, Украиной. Это также имеет морскую границу со США. Есть едва страна в мире, где такое разнообразие пейзажа и растительности может быть найдено. Мы имеем степи на юге, равнинах и лесах во внутриобластном, тундре и aiga в ir h, горной местности и пустынях на востоке. Есть два Великих равнин в Russia: he Большой Российской Равнине и Западной Сибирской Низменности.

Algorithmic Study on Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics. Methods for Proteomic Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis Книга по Требованию
We aimed to improve existing algorithms and develop new algorithms for proteomic mass spectrometry data analysis.
2008 руб
REACTIVITY OF ALUMINUM OXIDE CLUSTERS. An Anion Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry, and Density Functional Theory Study of Isomeric Separation and Gas Phase Reactions Книга по Требованию FATMA A.
To gain control of the catalytic reactions on its surface and to increase its utility, aluminum oxide has been the subject of many years of chemical research in both experimental and theoretical avenues.
1997 руб
Mass Spectrometry of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds from Petroleum. Studies on Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization and Tandem Mass Spectrometry Книга по Требованию Lisandra C.H.
Methods for the analysis of PASHs are constantly being improved to meet the new environmental regulations requiring a reduction in the amount of sulfur.
3234 руб
History of mass spectrometry Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The history of mass spectrometry dates back more than one hundred years and has its roots in physical and chemical studies regarding the nature of matter.
2008 руб
Computational Techniques and Algorithms for Image Processing. Reviews, Principles and Applications on Pattern Recognition, Image Enhancement, Compression and Watermarking Книга по Требованию S. R.
Consequently we collected chapters from 28 academic teams working in various sub-fields of image processing from various countries such as USA, UK, Mexico, Poland, Jordan, India, Pakistan and Korea.
3051 руб
Residue Number System (RNS) based Computing Technique for Interferometric Sonar based Imaging Parallel Computing for Interferometric Sonar based Imaging. Книга по Требованию Mohamed F.
This work presents a novel method for the determination of phase delay, which is based on Residue Number Systems (RNS) arithmetic.
2769 руб
Symbolic Computation Techniques for Large Expressions from Math. and Engineering. Symbolic Computation Techniques for Solving Large Expression Problems from Mathematics and Engineering Книга по Требованию
This thesis studies the use of computer algebra methods to solve some large expression problems from mathematics and engineering.
3234 руб
Augmented Reality for First Response Scenarios. Navigational and Reference Device Based on Computer Vision Techniques Книга по Требованию Robert A.B.
Presented here are the design rationales, user interface and interaction design details as well as software/hardware component selection and integration steps.
2784 руб
A Novel Hydrogen Storage Technique. Modeling against Commercial Targets Книга по Требованию Ilgaz C.
Today' s energy needs and environmental concerns push the development of renewable and efficient energy systems. Basic structural modeling was performed to determine required material properties for such a wall with the aim to lighten the way in pursue of novel materials for such an application. The concept proposed herein features a high pressure tank wall with dual functionality, as to store some amount of hydrogen and provide strength at the same time. Therefore novel storage methods have recently been subject to many research activities including this work. However, they need to be backed up by efficient hydrogen storage containers in order to enable a full hydrogen based economy. Current storage techniques do not satisfy the needs, as they were not designed for such an application and in that extend. Significant progress has been made to improve these systems. Fuel cells running on hydrogen are likely to become these engines.
2385 руб
Theoretical and Experimental Methods TECHNIQUES FOR STUDYING HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER ENHANCEMENT. Книга по Требованию Alina A.M.
This book is meant for researchers, teachers and students.
3191 руб
Using Students’ First Language in a Computer-Based ESL Class. A Case Study in Saudi Arabia Книга по Требованию David B.
A second and more recent polarizing item is the degree to which technology is beneficial in second language learning.
1997 руб
A guide for researchers and designers A framework for gesture-based human computer interactions. Книга по Требованию Maria K.
For over 40 years, gestures provided an alternative to the keyboard and mouse for most application domains, employing an array of technologies to control a multitude of tasks.
3215 руб
A novel exergy-based concept of thermodynamic quality. Development of a novel thermodynamic concept and its application to energy system evaluation and process analysis Книга по Требованию Andrej J.
Additionally, a consistent structured procedure for the evaluation of energy supply systems for domestic heating and cooling is laid out that includes a comprehensive rule-based boundary definition and an exergy-based attribution of fuel to heat from combined heat and power processes.
3621 руб
Criteria for Evaluation of Image Quality, Sources of the Noise Affecting Pavement Images, and Novel Technique for Noise Filtration from Pavement Images Evaluation of Digital Imaging Systems Used in Highway Applications. Книга по Требованию
The conclusions drawn from second phase can be used to minimize the effect of noise on digital images of pavement distress images.
3234 руб
Automated Semantic Analysis of Schematic Data. Learning-based Techniques for Scalable and Automated Semantic Understanding of Template Generated Schematic Web Content Книга по Требованию
Starting with a seed set of hand-labeled instances of semantic concepts in a set of HTML documents, a technique is devised that bootstraps an annotation process for automatic identification of concept instances present in other documents.
2008 руб
Implementing Pairing-Based Cryptography. How to find and compute pairings Книга по Требованию Benjamin L.
Aside from low-level arithmetic, this text quotes algorithms unlikely to be taught in a basic course in abstract algebra, enabling a mathematically inclined programmer to implement pairings without referring to any other sources.
2008 руб
Infrared Camera-based Imaging Techniques for Solar-grade Silicon. From First Principles to Industrial Feasibility Книга по Требованию Peter P.
This book is addressed to researchers as well as companies in the field of photovoltaics and other bussinesses willingly to apply camera-based imaging techniques.
2416 руб
Machine vision, signal processing and artificial intelligence techniques Sensor Fusion Based Plastic Bottles Classification System. Книга по Требованию Yahia T.
This book presents the design and implementation of an automatic plastic bottles classification system based on the combination of color and chemical property.
2784 руб
Analyse, Werkzeuge, Prozessoptimierung fuer Computer Based Trainings am Beispiel Frequentis AG e-Learning Praxis. Книга по Требованию Hendrik H.
"e-Learning Praxis: Analyse, Werkzeuge, Prozessoptimierung fuer Computer Based Trainings" fuehrt am Beispiel der Frequentis AG ueberblicksmaessig in die Thematik e-Learning im Allgemeinen, in das Teilgebiet Computer Based Training im Speziellen ein und unterzieht die Ausgangssituation im Unternehmen einer gruendlichen Analyse.
3234 руб
A novel optical biochip based on fluorescence anisotropy. The history of a multidisciplinary european project for the research and development of the core of a new POCT Книга по Требованию Adolfo C.
Following this, bioassays for the detection of NF-kB transcription factor by DNA/protein interaction and for RNA that codifies for MGMT protein were implemented on the optical platform.
3234 руб

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