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Counseling Minorities Health Care Career Counseling for Minority Students in Secondary.

Формат:      Страниц 204
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Columbus C.    
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Theories of critical race theory and social cognitive career theory were compared with qualitative interview data collected from student' s parents and counselors in three high schools. The study found that career interests and outcomes expectations, variables within social cognitive career theory, play a major role in career selection for minority students. Minority students are not adequately exposed to challenging health care careers, which contributes to the disparities in the number of health care providers and disparities in health status between minorities and non-minorities. The study also found that counselors are ill prepared in the multicultural dimensions of career guidance counseling, and understaffed when attempting to provide guidance counseling to minority students. This collective case study examined career counseling experiences of minority students, comparing them with those of non-minority students. The number of minority health professionals in the United States does not mirror the ratio of minorities in the population. Effective career counseling to encourage minorities to consider health care professions begins at the secondary education level.
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Medical Careers and the Botswana Health Care System Книга по Требованию Christopher N.
This book examines the careers of doctors in Botswana, a developing country without its own medical school or strongly organised medical profession.
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Socio-economic Convergence. An Analysis of European Union Health Care Systems Книга по Требованию John N.
Membership of the EU is hypothesised to encourage convergence due to factors such as the free movement of citizens, open markets, EU legislation, and wealth re-distribution.
3191 руб
Policy-wise, the thesis is bound to be influential in discussions about the future design of social health protection in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). "This is an exemplary PhD thesis. It shows the PhD candidate' s thorough thinking and econometric skills, together with a sense of policy-related research work still ahead.
2769 руб
Culture Care of Syrian Muslims in the Midwestern USA. The Generic and Professional Health Care Beliefs, Expressions, and Practices of Syrian Muslims and Implications to Practice Книга по Требованию
It also presents a discussion of the influence of worldview, cultural context, technological, religious, political, educational, and economical factors on the folk care beliefs and practices of this population.
2769 руб
Children’s Health Care Rights. The Issue of Consent Книга по Требованию Prinslean M.
The uniqeness of the relationship between consent laws and children’s health rights becomes more apparent when one investigates the impact of legislative ages of consent on those children who are below the age of consent.
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Consumer-driven Health Care in the US. Costly shopping for little treatment? Книга по Требованию Thomas M.
The United States has a health care system with two faces.
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Information Needs Across Health Care Settings. The Pursuit of Continuity of Patient Care Книга по Требованию Patricia T.
RNs in the home health setting indicate they would like more and different clinical nursing care data than hospital nurses as they coordinate the care of patients in transition.
3234 руб
Health care quality in developing countries. Patients' perceptions and and quality policy development Assessment Книга по Требованию Khaled A.
Most current quality assurance methods are professional and management focused not patient' s perspectives focused. The new trend in health care is making health system patient-centered care that responding to health consumers needs: Patient-centered care approach focues on assessing patient perspective and satisfaction on quality,and providing evidence to inform quality policy makers and health care providers about quality concers. Further,developing quality policy at policy level is necessary but not sufficient as assuring and imroving quality requiring filling the gap between quality policy level and implementation level. Thus,this book presents and suggests a framework on how to fill the this gap between quality policy development at policy level and implementing quality assurance system at facility level, using patient perceptions and satisfaction assessemnt tools for monitoring and assessing health care quality performance. Quality in health care is increasingly becoming a central health policy issue in both developed and developing countries health systems.
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Knowledge Transfer and Retention in Health Care. The Implementation of Best Practices in an Acute Care Setting Книга по Требованию Jack W.
This book attempts to answer this question from multiple perspectives.
2008 руб
Language, Identity, and Children's Literature. The Literacy Learning Experiences of Four Language Minority Students Книга по Требованию Jia-ling C.Y.
Four language minority children participated in the study and were selected on the bases of either their ESL or learning disability placement, or both.
3234 руб
Free-mark et Health Care Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
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Publicly-Funded Health Care Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Usually this is under some form of democratic accountability, the right of access to which are set down in rules applying to the whole population contributing to the fund or receiving benefits from it. The fund may be a not-for-profit trust which pays out for health care according to common rules established by the members or by some other democratic form.
2008 руб
Learning In The Workplace. A Study Of Primary Health Care Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs)In Their First Year Of Postgraduate Employment Книга по Требованию Debra S.
This investigation follows a group of newly qualified UK based Primary Care Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) through the very crucial first year of professional practice in their new role.
3025 руб
The Church and the State as Partners in Rural Health Care Delivery. A Study of the Catholic Church's Contribution to improving access to Health Care in the Upper East Region of Ghana Книга по Требованию Millicent A.A.
This book is useful to government and nongovernmental actors in rural health delivery, persons in academia or anyone with an interest in Church-State partnerships in rural health delivery.
1923 руб
A Guide to Biostatistics. Health Care Research Книга по Требованию Mohammad M.K.
Topics to be covered include: identifying data analysis in major areas of clinical & applied research, specifying criteria for evaluation of research data, deciding on the significance of the study, stating a sample size for the study, identifying the research data and hypotheses, using theory, Students will have developed theoretical and practical knowledge of major research data analysis methods in clinical and applied research specifically; they will develop how to perform discourse analysis and will be able to apply it to their classroom practice and materials development. Apart from becoming familiar with research methodology and applications, students will develop more advanced strategies of collection of data, its analysis The text Book of "A Guide to Biostatistics" focuses on research data analysis in clinical researches. It is designed to prepare postgraduate students to create published research in their area of interest and to design and analyze their own research projects.
3058 руб
An open ended survey questionnaire has been designed to gather data for analysis by surveying physicians from the Bangladeshi public hospitals.
2280 руб
Finding Sustainable Means of Financing Health Care Delivery in Ghana. Are the People Willing to Pay Книга по Требованию Francis A.
3051 руб
Effects of Cost-sharing on health care services provision in Kenya. Utilization, Management and Access Книга по Требованию Bernard M.
In an effort to achieve quality health care, health care facilities need to be rehabilitated so as to offer quality services and meet extra demand.
2280 руб
Essentials of Health Care Marketing Jones & Bartlett Berkowitz E.N.
The text is a complete curriculum of marketing management tools and techniques and is ideal for graduate courses, though advanced undergraduates can readily grasp the level of presentation.
16446 руб
Oxford English for Careers: Medicine 2: Students Book Oxford University Press McCarter S.
900 руб

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