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The Naturopathic Treatment of Alcoholism. A Natural Approach to Alcoholism and Addiction Treatment

Формат:      Страниц 152
     мягкая обложка
Zora D.    
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The naturopathic treatment of alcoholism is discussed within the framework of a holistic approach. Recent advances in epigenetics are suggested to give support to the approaches of naturopathic medicine. Diet,supplements, vitamins and alternative approaches to recovery are described. Finally, various botanical medicines that have been found to be useful in the treatment of alcoholism and other addictions are listed. Other conditions often found in the alcoholic patient,such as depression, anxiety, diabetes, liver disorders and kidney disorders are considered and specific diets and supplements are suggested. Energy medicine options such as mind-body medicine,homeopathy, acupuncture and Reiki are reviewed. Support groups are also discussed as valuable aids to the physician in the treatment of the alcoholic patient.
Доска пробковая для объявлений, 60x90 см.
Пробковая поверхность доски позволяет легко размещать информацию и объявления с помощью кнопок, офисных булавок и т.п. Широко используется
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Раздел: Прочее
Настольная игра "Разыскиваются".
Правила игры очень просты. В карточной колоде четверо персонажей (банкир, грабитель, полисмен и судья) изображены за разными делами.
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Раздел: Карточные игры
Фломастеры "Junior", 16 цветов + 2 флюоресцентных цвета.
Количество цветов: 18. Возраст: с 3 лет.
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Психоактивные растения как феномен в культуре
Мы открываем, что человеческие существа — творения химической привычки, с тем же ужасным недоверием, с каким викторианцы открыли, что люди — создания сексуальной фантазии и одержимости. Этот процесс встречи с самими собой как с видом — необходимое предварительное условие создания более гуманного общественного и природного порядка. Важно помнить, что приключение такой встречи с собой не начинается с Фрейда и Юнга и ими не кончается. Аргумент, старательно развиваемый в этой книге, состоит в том, что следующая ступень в деле понимания себя может возникнуть лишь тогда, когда мы учтем нашу врожденную и законную потребность жить в атмосфере, богатой психическими состояниями, вызываемыми по своей воле. Список литературы. Теренс Маккенна «Пища Богов» Издательство Трансперсонального Института, Москва 1995 ----------------------- См. Mircea Eliade, Shama ism: Archaic ech iques of Ecs asy ( ew York: Pa heo : 1964) De is McKe a a d ere ce McKe a, he I visible La dscape ( ew York: Seabury Press. 1975), А. Ноffer a d H. Osmo d. ew Hope for Alcoholics ( ew York: U iversi y Boors, 1968) He ry Mu . “ he Mushroom of La guage”, i Michael J. Har er, ed., Shama ism a d Halluci oge s (Lo do : Oxford U iversi y Press, 1973).

Aftercare Research for First Nations Alcohol and Other Drug Addicts Recovering in their Home Communities in North Central British Columbia, Canada Towards Effective Aftercare; Addictions Treatment in First Nations Communities. Книга по Требованию
Aftercare following treatment is sadly lacking in so many of the communities treatment clients return to. Treatment centre staff and community workers share the belief that more can be done to help clients change their lives.
2784 руб
The Treatment Of Nature In Dante's Divina Commedia Книга по Требованию Oscar K.L.
5 руб
Patient Treatment as Enactment. Knowledge Sharing Across Professional-lay Divides Книга по Требованию Egil O.
The professional strives in continually updating their professional knowledge, while the patients use their individual rights, and their knowledge of individual aspects.
2385 руб
The Impact of Early Attachment on Youth Violence. Utilizing The Identity Development Model for Treatment of Adolescent Attachment Disturbance Книга по Требованию Rebecca S.
It was inspired by the tragic events at Columbine High School in 1999.
1997 руб
The impact of the ART approach. on the treatment pattern in a public oral health service in South Africa Книга по Требованию Steffen M.
It was found that factors such as high workload of dentists inhibited the use of ART.
2769 руб
Telemedicine - a tool to create changes. Home treatment of patients with diabetic foot ulcers Книга по Требованию Jane C.
All involved participants expressed satisfaction and security.
3215 руб
Wastewater Treatment with Solar and Artificial Light. Phase Transitions and Photoelectrocatalytic Characterisation of Nanocrystalline TiO2 and WO3 Thin Films Книга по Требованию
In the present work, the photoelectrocatalytic activity of oxide layers under sunlight and artificial-light irradiation was examined.
2769 руб
Glioblastoma Treatment with 2,5-Dimethyl-Celecoxib (DMC) In Vitro. Effects of Additional Chemotherapeutic Drugs and Tumor Microenvironment - Inconsistencies among Commonly Used In Vitro Cell Growth and Survival Assays Книга по Требованию
Therefore, if DMC were used in combination it may potentially be able to reverse this chemoresistance and restore or even enhance these drugs inhibitory effects.
2008 руб
Assessing the Social Problem Solving Skills of Violent Offenders. Examining perceived and demonstrated social problem solving skills in a sample of individuals court ordered for violence reduction treatment Книга по Требованию Christopher U.
Most of the research in the social problem solving field has focused on perceived problem solving ability assessed through instruments such as the Problem Solving Inventory (PSI) or the Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised (SPSI-R).
2008 руб
Patients’ Experiences of Cancer and Treatment. Distress, Coping and Perception of Care Книга по Требованию Elisabet H.
The second discusses methodological issues relevant to both quantitative and qualitative research.
2008 руб
Experience during the Early Stages of Treatment with Antidepressants. An Idiographic Approach Книга по Требованию Noelle L.
They also point to the potential value of taking an idiographic approach, which recognizes the unique inner experience of individuals, before attempting to draw generalizations.
2008 руб
The Psychological Treatment of Couples Confronting Breast Cancer. Helping Couples Cope Книга по Требованию Ronnie G.
It is unfortunate, however, that few husbands understand their own importance in dealing effectively with breast cancer.
2784 руб
Movement Therapy Techniques and Therapeutic Holding With Children. Study of the Effectiveness of Dance/Movement Therapy Techniques to Augment Thereapuetic Restraint with Children in Residential Treatment Книга по Требованию Heather L.
A model of the Dance/Movement Therapy training course was developed and executed as a project.
2008 руб
Costs of injecting drug use. Benefits of treatment Книга по Требованию Ian S.
This study finds that it is cost-effective to provide anti-viral therapy to drug users.
3234 руб
4D Study of Thoracic Cancer Radiation Treatment. 4-dimension radiotherapy and radiation treatment planning in thoracic section Книга по Требованию TzungChi H.
The matrices were then used to map doses of all phases to a single-phase image, and summed in equal time weighting.
2416 руб
Therapist Adherence, Patient Alliance and Depression Change. Findings from the NIMH Treatment for Depression Collaborative Research Program Книга по Требованию Giovanni M.
The use of treatment manuals has produced a revolution in therapeutic research, training, and clinical practice.
2416 руб
The research determines the reactors performance at three hydraulic retention times (HRT) and three dilution factors (DF), based on the influent COD concentrations.
2784 руб
Nutrient Management in On-Site Wastewater Treatment. A study in performance evaluation and process modification for nitrogen removal Книга по Требованию Ayanangshu D.
These were, running the aerator unit in a low operating dissolved oxygen concentration or in an intermittent aeration mode.
2416 руб
Chapter seven discussed the in-silico prediction for possible PCR-based detection of malaria infection at the liver stage.
3234 руб
Examining Barriers to Drug Treatment Entry:. The Implications for Male African-American Injection Drug Users Книга по Требованию James D.
Research indicates that IDUs who do not enter treatment pose serious public health risks by potentially spreading HIV and Hepatitis C through sharing drug injection equipment.
2008 руб

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