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"Research for the Benefit of SMEs". - How the Programme operates in Norway

Формат:      Страниц 108
     мягкая обложка
Jorun K.    
Книга по Требованию    
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The programme is a public incentive with objective to strengthen the innovative capacity of European SMEs who do not have the ability of providing their own R “Research for the Benefit of SMEs” is a programme in the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP) of the EU. Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) can apply to the scheme and receive up to € 2. 8 million in funding for realising innovative projects.
Столовый набор "Непоседы/Зайчонок", 19/17,5 см, 240/460 мл (бело-голубой).
Столовый набор из 3 предметов "Непоседы/Зайчонок". В состав набора входит: 2 тарелки и чашка. Размер: 19/17,5 см. Объём: 240/460
490 руб
Раздел: Наборы для кормления
Ракета "Мир".
Модель 2018 года. Боковые разгонные блоки отделяются одновременно при перемещении оранжевого кольца вверх, следующая ступень также
423 руб
Раздел: Космический транспорт
Машинка "Бибикар (Bibicar)" с полиуретановыми колесами, зеленая.
Эта модель оснащена улучшенными колесами, выполненными из высококачественного полиуретана. Теперь езда на этой удивительной машинке стала
2105 руб
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Quality of life and management of living resources
GUIDE FOR PROPOSERS PAR 12 d EDI IO , DEC 1999 A PG1 E 200001.docForeword he Guide for Proposers is par of he i forma io ecessary o make a proposal for a programme u der he Fif h Framework Programme. I will help you o loca e he programme which is of i eres o you a d will provide he ecessary guida ce o how o submi a proposal a d he forms for proposal submissio . I is divided i o wo mai par s a d four sec io s. PAR 1 Sec io I describes he overall priori ies, goals a d s ruc ures of he Fif h Framework Programme. Sec io II describes he priori ies a d objec ives of he Specific Programme o Quali y of Life a d Ma ageme of Livi g Resources. Sec io III ou li es he mai rules which defi e who may par icipa e i he Fif h Framework Programme, a d he ge eral co di io s for his par icipa io . PAR 2 Sec io IV provides de ailed i forma io for each CALL FOR PROPOSALS for he programme Quali y of Life a d Ma ageme of Livi g Resources, as well as proposal submissio forms. he addi io al docume s you will eed o prepare a proposal are : he Work Programme for he Specific Programme you are applyi g for. he Work Programme provides he descrip io of he co e of he ‘ac io li es’ or ‘research objec ives’, which are ope for proposals, a d a i dica ive ime able for programme impleme a io (“roadmap”). he Call for Proposals as published i he Official Jour al of he Europea Commu i ies. his will ell you which ac io li es are ope for proposals a d wha he deadli e for he proposal submissio is. he Evalua io Ma ual (as well as programme specific guideli es ha may be i cluded i Par 2 of his Guide). hese docume s will provide de ails of which cri eria will be used i he evalua io of proposals, which weigh is a ribu ed o each of he cri eria a d where appropria e he hreshold o be a ai ed i order o be re ai ed.

Hospitality Degrees in New Zealand: The Future of New Zealand Hospitality Degrees Exploratory Research. Книга по Требованию Tracy H.
Industry feels that the degree is not enough to enter the work force without an amount of work experience and is very sceptical of what level of management a graduate should apply for.
2784 руб
For the benefit of my creditors Книга по Требованию Mitchell H.G.
1147 руб
Researching the clinical laboratory’s initial response to a large scale covert bioterrorist assault using Bacillus anthracis (Anthrax) A Clinical Laboratories Response to a Terrorist Assault with Anthrax. Книга по Требованию Leslie K.
Covert assaults with anthrax in particular can be successful do to the nature of Bacillus anthracis’s (Anthrax) ability to survive as a spore in adverse environments and then become infectious again when ingested by an unsuspecting host.
2769 руб
Cooking in India. The benefits of Improved Chulahs on Indoor Air Pollution Книга по Требованию A. V.
An intervention programme was also conducted for selected homemakers to create awareness on IAP, health of the homemakers and importance of using improved chulah to reduce IAP.
1894 руб
History Of The First Division During The World War, 1917-1919 Книга по Требованию The S.O.T.F.D.
5 руб
The Best of Newspaper Design: 29 Rockport Publishers The S.f.N.D.
Every industry professional aspires to one day see his or her work in this book.
4752 руб
The life and revelations of Saint Gertrude, virgin and abbess, of the Order of St. Benedict Книга по Требованию Gertrude t.g.
1157 руб
The Best of News Design: 32 Rockport Publishers The S.f.N.D.
Every industry professional aspires to one day see his or her work in this book.
2121 руб
A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder Орион Eric A.
328 руб
Art as research: creative practice and academic authority. A project-based examination of the politics of art-led research in a doctoral context Книга по Требованию Iain B.
Questions about arts-led research and the role of the doctorate as a qualification in the arts have become increasingly central to understanding where art education – and so the arts themselves – might be heading.
2385 руб
The Effect of Clients’ Tasks on Librarians’ Database Selection. Task-based Information Searching Research in the Business Domain Книга по Требованию Soojung K.
Task-based information searching views a user' s task as a central factor for understanding information- seeking behaviors. To investigate the role of tasks in information searching, particularly in the business domain, this book analyzes the database selection process used by librarians from the perspective of users' tasks. The first part of the study developed an inventory of 30 business tasks and 144 associated questions through content analysis of Harvard Business School cases and other materials.
3191 руб
Basel II and the European Capital Adequacy Directive. Austrian SMEs on the Way to New (financing) Horizons? Книга по Требованию Michael T.
Furthermore Basel II will be presented as only one element which is currently influencing the financial / economic changes - changes which will present Small- and Medium-sized enterprises as well as banks and the political environment with the challanging task of agreeing upon a joint approach for establishing a proper environment to deal with the upcoming challanges.
2747 руб
Educating Managers for the Global Knowledge Economy. An Action Research into the International Masters Program in Practicing Management (IMPM) Книга по Требованию D. T.M.
This action research studies the International Masters Program in Practicing Management (IMPM) as a cross-cultural management learning program.
3215 руб
Building an automated knowledge-base,and a research study on Bugzilla. A study on Bugzilla, supported by Mozilla How to build an automated FAQ by using a ready script? The technology behind bug tracking and e-ticketing. Книга по Требованию Alma K.
The second part contains a thorough analysis and research on the tracking systems, and specifically Bugzilla.
1997 руб
Will the International Scope of Multinationals Change?. A Research on the Decrease of Offshoring R Книга по Требованию Thijs M. v.d.T.
1997 руб
Asian Business Culture and Management. A Deconstruction of Intercultural Management Research Approaches on the Asian Business Region Книга по Требованию
Three main objectives will be argued: the categorization of mainstream literature on Asian management to provide a deconstruction of the proclaimed Asian business culture; a discussion of the key factors that can influence diverse interaction adjustments while working in a heterogeneous international business environment; implications and issues regarding future research directions in conclusion to outline a conception of intercultural competence convergent with the tendencies towards a global meta-culture.
2403 руб
The Researcher-Practitioner Relationship in Qualitative Educational Research Книга по Требованию ke y.
How willing are they to understand each other' s world and needs? This research reports the nature and preference of the researcher-practitioner interaction through the perceptions and experiences of both parties. The book is addressed to educational researchers and all other individuals and organizations interested in narrowing the research-practice gap and better research utilization. Many studies conclude that the relationship between research and practice is weak and attribute the differences between the two communities for this weak relationship. Do favorable attitudes towards one another and a sense of partnership exist? However, employing the interaction model of research utilization as reference framework, a lack in positive attitude and understanding of each other, among other possible constraints, present another important link that could shed light to the research-practice riddle. So, to what extent do mutual respect and trust exist between educational researchers and the practitioners? How do these two communities understand their responsibility towards each other? In what ways does educational research inform practice?
3215 руб
Effects of Visual Training and Visual Aids. An Action Research on the Performance of New Workers on a Wood Products Assembly Line Книга по Требованию
This book provides a model for conducting workplace research.
3234 руб
The EU`s Influence on Regionalization. Comparative Research on Regional Policy in Poland and the Czech Republic Книга по Требованию
The study should be useful to anyone who is interested in EU`s impact on regional policies of the new member states and how it transformed their territorial division in order to enhance the capacity for coping with the acquis requirements.
2008 руб
Enhanced Benefit Finding in Women with Early Stage Breast Cancer. The Mediational Role of Skill Building and Social Functioning Книга по Требованию Sophie G.
Skill building was operationalized as the difference between T1 and T2 coping skills scores.
2008 руб

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