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Inefficient Use of Two Domains of Energy Users in Urban Area. A Study towards Energy Efficient City in a Developing Country

Формат:      Страниц 216
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Ariva P.    
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This study attempts to explore current level of energy consumption with a consideration in the existence of incompatibility of energy user's domains of transportation and residential buildings in a tropical city in a developing country. With this comprehension, the overall objectives of this study is extended to provide understanding on the impacts of incompatibility of energy users' domains on transportation and residential buildings that can be a basis for urban planners and managers to go towards energy efficient city.
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Подставка под мобильный телефон "Сказочный павлин", 17 см.
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Система научно-технического перевода (пример перевода программой PROMT...
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By a wind-solar hybrid renewable energy generation system with rainwater collection feature to apply in high rise building Techno-economic analysis of renewable energy generation in urban area. Книга по Требованию Mohammad S.N.S.
This system is patented as an innovative design, which it integrates and optimizes several green technologies; including urban wind turbine, solar array and rain water collector.
2280 руб
North Central Colorado Urban Area Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
The North Central Colorado Urban Area is the central, and the most populous, of the three primary subregions of the Front Range Urban Corridor.
1599 руб
Use of high energy radiation Development of Antimicrobial Suture of Polypropylene. Книга по Требованию Syed G.
The modified suture releases the drug over a period of 4–5 days.
1894 руб
Lactation-Reproduction Interaction in Dairy Buffaloes. Technical report of a series of studies in dairy buffaloes under field conditions in peri-urban areas of Peshawar, Pakistan Книга по Требованию Sarzamin K.
This book report a few studies concluding that pregnancy in dairy buffalo results in a decline in milk yield at an early stage than cattle.
2416 руб
Poverty and Income Inequality in Urban Areas: Incidence, Determinants of Poverty and Income Inequality Socio-Economic Analysis. Книга по Требованию ARAYA T.
Having an objective of providing information with respect to incidence of poverty and its determinants and income inequality in Wukro town, this book is of high worth for researcher, development agents and the government to design policies and strategies that intend to alleviate poverty in Wukro.
2784 руб
Urban Residential Density Areas: An Assessment of Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions Related to Urban Residential Density in a Developing City Energy and Carbon Emissions Assessment. Книга по Требованию Nurrohman W.
Indirectly, consumption pattern and life style are also affecting the impact.
2280 руб
Double-Edged Sword. Russia's Use of Energy as Leverage in the Near Abroad Книга по Требованию Alexander V.
After the recent war between Russia and Georgia and the damaging energy disputes between Russia and Ukraine, energy policy has come to the forefront.
1997 руб
Small Area Population Estimation Using GIS, Remote Sensing, and Spatial Statistics. Size and Distribution of Human Population Книга по Требованию
In the United States, the decennial census is the primary source of demographic data. Although the U. S. Census Bureau conducts census surveys at the household level, the agency only releases the data by aggregated enumeration units, not only to preserve the confidentiality of original respondents, but also for administrative convenience.
1997 руб
Residential Energy Management for a Carbon-Constrained World. A Disaggregated Thermostat Using Ubiquitous Sensing for Energy Efficiency and Demand Response of Residential Heating and Cooling Systems Книга по Требованию
A survey of residential energy efficiency and load management approaches reveals an opportunity to address heating and cooling through improved control systems.
2784 руб
Psychological Testing Using the Web vs. Paper-And- Pencil. The Equivalence of Two Forms of Administration of the COPAS for College Student Assessment Книга по Требованию D. N.E.
Another unique feature of this study is its approach to testing both media forms (Web and Paper) over a variety of well-established psychological instruments, and comparing both media forms of each instrument side by side, to see if the Web versions of these psychological measures are equivalent to the traditional paper-and-pencil versions of these instruments.
2008 руб
Wind energy forecasts can help the energy network operator to anticipate rapid changes of wind energy generation versus load and to make the decisions.
2008 руб
Pedestrian Networks in Two Urban Neighbourhoods, Copenhagen, Denmark. A case study of the relationship between spatial and social networks Книга по Требованию Neil H.
The theme of state-market balance of power and its relevance to pedestrian policy implementation was explored through over 20 interviews with planners, politicians and private developers, as well as a detailed study of planning documents.
2784 руб
Object-Oriented Image Analysis. Classifying Urban Land Cover and Land Use Книга по Требованию
Accuracy assessments, as well as statistical and visual evaluations, for the classifications show that the object-oriented approach works well for classifying an urban area.
2416 руб
Time-Frequency Based Feature Extraction and Classification. Considering Energy Concentration as a Feature Using the Stockwell Transform and Related Approaches Книга по Требованию Ervin S.
The material covered in this book should help shed some light on this exciting topic, and should be especially useful to professionals in many fields dealing with the analysis of non-stationary signals.
3234 руб
Economics of Urban Land Use. A Study of Calcutta Metropolis Книга по Требованию Mahalaya C.
This work goes throughan extensiive survey of literature, not only from economics but also related disciplines like geography, town planning and sociology for the world in general and India in particular. it then relates the history of urbanisation and consequent political and economic changes in the Calcutta Metropolis (West Bengal, India) with its urban land use.
3234 руб
Energy As a Contested Domain. Explaining Russia’s Policy toward Foreign Direct Investment in the Energy Sector Книга по Требованию Yana Z.
This book will be useful to policy analysts and political scientists interested in the complex nature of internal energy policy-making in Russia - a topic that has so far received little attention in the Western media.
2008 руб
Land Use Planning and Settlement Appropriateness in Basin of Wetland Buffer Zone Method for Wetlands under Urbanization Pressure in Turkey. Книга по Требованию BARIS E.
Highlight is this book contains comparison of two case study areas; and in conclusion part a generalization method was suggested in order to use this method to the other wetland areas which are affected from urbanization pressure.
2416 руб
Inter-fuel Substitution, Industrial Energy Demand and Carbon Emissions. An analysis using firm/plant-level data for 14 industrial sectors in India Книга по Требованию Anoop S.
Energy use behaviour across industrial sectors can be inferred from the estimated price and substitution elasticities.
3234 руб
Performance of Various Tree Species as Irrigated by Urban Wastewater. Raising of forest trees using urban Wastewater Книга по Требованию Dr. M.A.T.
Edible crops especially the vegetables grown on contaminated water get loaded with different heavy metals such as Ni, Cd, Cr, Cu and/or Zn from city effluents.
2416 руб
The gas-engine. A treatise on the internal-combustion engine using gas, gasoline, kerosene, or other hydrocarbon as source of energy Книга по Требованию Hutton F.R.
1157 руб

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