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Aircraft Conceptual Design Methods

Формат:      Страниц 88
     мягкая обложка
Patrick B.    
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Conceptual design is the starting point of an aircraft project At this stage major design changes can be brought into a design without major cost effects, but it also brings with it responsibilities. Aircraft conceptual design is very much about minimising risks. If you don' t get the landing gear right from the beginning or neglect to find a place for it when retracted, you' re in a big problem. Bad structural layouts might jeopardise weight promised, the same applies for landing gear design. This implies that the aircraft has to be worked through in every detail to minimise risks. As the saying is: "the devil is in the details" but on the other hand don' t get lost in details and forget the big picture. This is equally important.
Велобег "Slider" с ручным тормозом (цвет: матовый черный, 12").
Беговел от бренда Slider матового черного цвета привлечет внимание ребенка и понравится ему благодаря современному стильному дизайну.
2779 руб
Раздел: Беговелы
Набор "Юный конструктор № 1", 137 деталей.
Все детали выполнены из прочного и качественного пластика и соединяются между собой при помощи болтов. Из деталей ребёнок сможет собрать
461 руб
Раздел: Воздушный транспорт
Съемный чехол для матраса Зёвушка "Фабрика облаков" (simple).
Съемный чехол на резинке из легкой ткани "Simple" предназначен к детскому матрасу "Зёвушка". Чехол изготовлен из
467 руб
Раздел: Наматрасники
Design Methods of Rotors. Geometry Design of Rotors Using Trochoidal Curve Книга по Требованию Chiu-Fan H.
In the vacuum pump design, the author proposed a new method to improve the pump efficiency.
2769 руб
Design of Modulation Code for Storage System. Basics, Concepts, Design Methods Книга по Требованию Jun L.
The error control of LDPCCMC is conducted by the low-density parity-check (LDPC) code, and its high rate and DC-free properties are obtained by the design of multimode code using LDPC matrixes and the aid of selection criteria, respectively.
2008 руб
Бизнес-блокнот А5 80 листов "Conceptual design", глянцевая ламинация, тонированный блок
Тип обложки – твердая.
89 руб
The Best of Newspaper Design: The 2008 Creative Competition of the Society for News Design Rockport Publishers Society f.N.D.
The Best of Newspaper Design: 30th Edition, the latest edition in Rockport' s highly respected series, presents the winning entries from the Society for News Design' s 2009 competition. Featuring work selected by a panel of judges from more than 14,000 international publication entries, this inspirational volume sets the bar for excellence in journalistic design.
7244 руб
The Best of Newspaper Design Rockport Publishers Society f.N.D.
Every industry professional aspires to one day see his or her work in this book.
5237 руб
Theory of Engine Manifold Design: Wave Action Methods for Ic Engines John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) Winterbone D.E.
10741 руб
Conceptual Framework Design for the Development of an ERP System. Enterprise Resource Planning System for Small and Medium Enterprises in Southeast Asia Книга по Требованию Punnamee S.
A strategic change framework that emphasizes the proper implementation of an ERP system in Southeast Asian SMEs and meets the requirements of the SMEs is introduced, including the establishment of a Novel ERP system (NERP) for Southeast Asian SMEs.
1981 руб
Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms for Multi-Objective Optimization. Design and Validation of a Hybrid Interactive Reference Point Method Книга по Требованию
Subsequently, the user has the difficult task to pick one solution.
2416 руб
DESIGN OF THERMO-ACTIVE ONCOLOGY PROBES. Principles, Methods and Measurements Книга по Требованию Timothy O.
Over the last few years, there has been a growing need to advance the use of thermal ablation therapy as a minimally invasive technique in cancer management.
2784 руб
A Suicide Vector Design for Cells Expressing HIV-1 Regulatory Genes. Basics, Methods, Handicaps Книга по Требованию Zeynep Y.
However, since the generation of stable cell lines expressing Tat and Rev proteins could not be achieved, the possibility of working with the suicide vector constructed for this purpose was out of question.
2416 руб
Modular Methods in the Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems. Incremental design and verification employing abstraction and interfaces Книга по Требованию Richard H.
DES are dynamic systems characterized by discrete states and event-driven evolution.
2784 руб
Marketing Loyalty in the E-Commerce Environment: Rhetorical Concepts, Methods, Implements The Persuasive Power of Rhetorical Website Design. Книга по Требованию Tsai-Shin F.
In fact, this is a necessity to increase and drive profits.
3234 руб
CONSTRUCTION AND ANALYSES OF COMPLETE DIALLEL CROSS IN PBIB DESIGNS. Basic Concepts, Methods, Construction and Analyses of Complete Diallel Cross through Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs Книга по Требованию Anteneh T.Y.(M. Sc.)
In addition to the block effects and general combining abilities effects, the model also includes the parameter of specific combining abilities effects.
2008 руб
Modeling and design of mechatronic systems. Methods, models, advanced design, intelligent systems and manufacturing Книга по Требованию Krassimir G.
D students working in the field of Mechatronics.
3096 руб
Effective Methods to Solve Multiobjective Design Optimization Problems for Medical Implant Optimization Design of Pedicle Screw. Книга по Требованию Sandy T.P.
Commercially available spinal pedicle screw which is a medical implant mostly used during spinal fusion surgery found to be not strong enough to hold a bending loading and a pullout loading at the same time.
1894 руб
Role and application of Ontology Design Patterns in bio-ontologies. Catalogues, methods and tools for applying ODPs in OWL ontologies that describe information from life sciences Книга по Требованию Mikel E.A.
The results of such application have been evaluated to assess the applied ODPs and the change on ontology quality.
2626 руб
Design of Power System Stabilizer Using Computational Methods. Evolutionary Algorithms Книга по Требованию Severus S.
If these oscillations are not adequately damped,they may sustain and grow, which may lead to system separation and loss of power transfer.
2626 руб
OKB Yakovlev: A History of the Design Bureau and Its Aircraft Ian Allan Gordon
Civil aircraft development also continued on a large scale, the OKB developing such successful aircraft as the Yak-18 trainer/aerobatic aircraft family, the Yak-40 feederliner (1966) and the Yak-42 short/medium-haul airliner (1974).
2697 руб
45th Publication Design Annual Rockport Publishers The S.o.P.D.
The best visual design work is about emotion as much as appearance.
1517 руб
Interior Design in Russia: Альбом (на англ.яз.) - 256 с. ISBN 5-7300-0739-6 ~54.00.00 03014 СПб: Аврора Demidenko J.
2400 руб

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