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Combustion nanoparticles from aviation and shipping. Physico-chemical characterization and hygroscopicity of the combustion nanoparticles emitted from transport systems

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Victoria T.    
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The main motivation of this work is possible climate change caused by transport emissions. The understanding of the potential environmental effect of the transport emission is still poor mainly because of the lack in the experimental characterization of the particulate emissions. The main attention of the present work is attributed to the physico-chemical properties in particular to interaction with water. Hygroscopicity is one of the key parameters which are related to CCN activity and to the environmental effect. Soot particles emitted by an aircraft engine can act as cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) and cause contrail/cirrus clouds formation leading to radiative forcing. The experimental results show that some of the aviation and shipping emitted nanoparticle can act as CCN in the atmosphere. Ship emission residuals into relatively clean boundary layer can also act as CCN for ship track formation and thus change reflective properties of marine layer clouds.
Вожжи (поводок детский) "Baby BUM" № 3 (с ручкой и подмышечными валиками).
Детские вожжи (поводок) предназначены: для поддержки и страховки детей начинающих ходить, а также для страховки детей уже умеющих ходить
386 руб
Раздел: Прыгунки, вожжи
Планшетик "Моя музыкальная азбука".
Вот это новинка! Музыкальная азбука в планшетике! Нажимая на картинки с буквами, ребенок услышит звуки, слова и веселые мелодии из
559 руб
Раздел: Планшеты и компьютеры
Письменные принадлежности "Набор первоклассника", 28 предметов.
Набор школьно-письменных принадлежностей для девочки. В наборе: акварель, альбом для рисования, блокнот, доска для лепки, 2 карандаша
608 руб
Раздел: Наборы канцелярские

Теория языкознания
В этом случае мы имеем дело с фонемной, или фонематической, или фонологической, транскрипцией. Её знаки принято заключать в косые скобки: он весьма рад /"o v'is'm"a r"a /, фр. femme 'женщина' /fam/, emps 'время' / a~/, bo 'хороший' /bo~/, deux 'два' /d2/, англ. ship 'корабль' /SIp/, hi 'тонкий' / I /, his ''это' /DIs/, нем. S aa 'государство' /S a: /, eich 'пруд' / aIC/, deu sch 'немецкий' /dOY S/, besser 'лучше' /"bEs6/. В траскрипции могут фиксироваться не только фонемы как инвариантные сущности, но и их варианты (прежде всего аллофоны, а также факультативные варианты). Тогда мы имеем дело с аллофонной (аллофонической), или фонетической, транскрипцией. Её знаки обычно заключаются в квадратные скобки: грусть , нем. Rad 'колесо' . Ср. фонематическую запись этих слов: /grus' '/, / a: /, /ra: /. Фонетическая транскрипция может быть подчас очень и очень детализирована.Транскрипция не должна смешиваться с транслитерацией, которая служит передаче написания слова (чаще всего собственного имени) какого-либо языка средствами иной графической системы.

Russia`s Civil Aviation (под ред. Нерадько А. ) (на русс. , англ. яз. ) - 336 с. Гражданская авиация России: М: Военный парад
840 руб
Influence Of The Great War Upon Shipping (1919) Книга по Требованию Joseph R.S.
955 руб
Grundlagen, Marktanalyse, Perspektiven Der europaeische Markt fuer Business Aviation. Книга по Требованию Daniela T.
Am europaeischen Luftverkehrsmarkt hat sich in den letzten Jahren eine Nische etabliert, die weder auf guenstige Preise, noch auf moeglichst viele Flugverbindungen setzt - die Geschaeftsluftfahrt.
3215 руб
Colloidal Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticles. Investigation on Nanofabrication in a Two-phase Liquid-liquid System Книга по Требованию Nafiseh D.
Several modifications were made to the original recipe to produce copper nanoparticles with high degrees of purity and stability.
2403 руб
Transition Metal Nanoparticles. Synthesis, Characterization, Stabilization and Functionalization of different Transition Metal Nanoparticles in Ionic Liquids (ILs). Книга по Требованию Engelbert R.
2362 руб
Swedish-Finnish experiences in the post-war period Bilateral shipping and trade. Книга по Требованию Lars F.A.
In particular, since the 1960s the development of ferry services between the two countries has been significantly influenced by the growth of tourism as well as the expansion of commercial freight traffic.
2784 руб
Towards a Clean Combustion of LCV gas. Low NOx from fuel-bound nitrogen Книга по Требованию Belkacem A.
Reducing the conversion of FBN to NOx has been one of the main challenges for researchers working in the field of LCV gas combustion.
2416 руб
The European Aviation Industry. From its Liberalisation to a Single European Sky - Closing Gaps in the Internal Market Книга по Требованию Silke H.
The choice of airlines and routes within the EU, affordable fares as well as quality and security standards are more or less the result of an ongoing liberalisation process of this industry, which came into force very late compared to other industries within the EU. For more than a decade the air transport sector has now been part of the Internal Market, which should, according to the EU, one day be seen as "the domestic European market".
2008 руб
The Future of the Concept of Legend in the Passenger Shipping Industry What makes a Passenger Ship a Legend. Книга по Требованию Andrew C.
3234 руб
A Literature Review and Range of Applicability Evaluation In-Situ Combustion. Книга по Требованию Jacob O.
However a more pertinent reason for its decline is the generally low technical understanding of the principles, processes and practice of In-Situ Combustion.
2008 руб
Advanced Diesel Combustion and Aftertreatment. Development of Low-Temperature Premixed Diesel Combustion Strategies and Formulation of Suitable Diesel Oxidation Catalysts Книга по Требованию Alexander K.
The PCI load-range is limited by soot emissions at high engine loads and excessive carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon (HC) emissions and low exhaust gas temperatures low engine loads.
2416 руб
Design and Performance Evaluation by Simulation of a Medium Access Protocol for Aviation A Medium Access Protocol for Aeronautical Air-Air Communication. Книга по Требованию Rudolf D.
It was especially designed for aeronautical air-air communication.
2416 руб
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 39 Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1395 руб
Aviation fuel Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1191 руб
European Aviation Safety Agency Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is an agency of the European Union (EU) with offices in Cologne, Germany, which has been given specific regulatory and executive tasks in the field of civilian aviation safety.
1599 руб
Glossary of USSR Russian aviation acronyms Aero-Engines and Equipment Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
This is a Glossary of acronyms used for aero-engines and aircraft equipment in the USSR/Russia.
2008 руб
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1191 руб
Irish Aviation Authority Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It is also responsible for providing Air Traffic Control (ATC) services to Ireland' s three main airports, namely Dublin, Shannon and Cork. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is a state owned company in the Republic of Ireland responsible for the regulation of safety aspects of air travel.
1191 руб
Aviation Law Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
However, the business aspects of airlines and their regulation also fall under aviation law.
1843 руб
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 26 Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1599 руб

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