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This monograph deals with use of Infrared (IR) energy for parboiling of paddy, a process which has long been established as an excellent means of improving the milling quality of paddy. This monograph delineates the design and development of equipment capable of modulating frequency and amplitude of vibration, detailed analysis of drying behavior and quality evaluation of IR irradiated paddy followed by optimization. It is attractive only for surface heating application; with increased bed depth, vibration provides a means of utilizing high intensities of infrared energy without any visible damage to the product. This Monograph will be useful for industry practitioners and academicians engaged in conducting research in the area of drying of food grains using infrared energy. Vibration aided IR heating of high moisture paddy has been investigated to develop a faster and more efficient drying-cum- parboiling system for the grain industry. IR heating has appeared as one of the potential addition to the traditional parboiling method because of its several advantages: simplicity of the equipment, fast transient response and significant energy saving etc.
Танк с пневмопушкой.
У танка башня поворачивается, пушка поднимается, стреляет снарядами (пульки входят в комплект, 6 штук). Размер: 28x8x10 см. Материал: пластик.
327 руб
Раздел: Танки
Карандаши акварельные "Progresso Aquarelle", 24 цвета, 24 штуки.
Набор акварельных карандашей Koh-i-noor Progresso содержит 24 бескорпусных цветных карандаша, размещенных в металлической упаковке.
1027 руб
Раздел: Акварельные
Кровать для кукол деревянная (большая).
К кроватке прилагается матрасик, одеяльце и подушечка. Размеры дна кровати: 50х20 см. Размеры боковых сторон (качалки): 27х24
469 руб
Раздел: Спальни, кроватки

Сущность и назначение артикля в английском языке
Но с другой стороны, ни под одно из этих правил не подпадают следующие фразы: e.g. I like hamburger. I am i seve h grade. По всем правилам здесь должен быть артикль. Но здесь его нет. Так в каких случаях используется нулевой артикль в современном английском языке. 1. Нулевой артикль используется в разного рода инструкциях. e.g. Use pe cil. Blow-dry, brushi g hair wi h a fla paddle brush o ge i super sleek. Comb hair i o place, par i g o he side a d sweepi g ba gs across o e eye. Артикли не используются в технической литературе, особенно инструкциях, даже изложены разговорным языком. e.g. Supply he correc adap or for he differe s a dard of elepho e plug. 2. Часто артикли не используются как с неисчисляемыми, так и с исчисляемыми существительными в конкретном смысле. Подобными примерами изобилуют статьи из научно-популярных журналов. e.g. For he firs ime, oil is repor ed o he shores of Seward, a he head of Resurrec io Bay. Примечание. С другой стороны, это же слово в сходной ситуации имеет артикль: e.g. As he oil co i uous o move o he sou hwes , pla s are made o ope a rehabili a io ce er i Seward.

Double-Edged Sword. Russia's Use of Energy as Leverage in the Near Abroad Книга по Требованию Alexander V.
After the recent war between Russia and Georgia and the damaging energy disputes between Russia and Ukraine, energy policy has come to the forefront.
1997 руб
Residential Energy Management for a Carbon-Constrained World. A Disaggregated Thermostat Using Ubiquitous Sensing for Energy Efficiency and Demand Response of Residential Heating and Cooling Systems Книга по Требованию
A survey of residential energy efficiency and load management approaches reveals an opportunity to address heating and cooling through improved control systems.
2784 руб
Time-Frequency Based Feature Extraction and Classification. Considering Energy Concentration as a Feature Using the Stockwell Transform and Related Approaches Книга по Требованию Ervin S.
The material covered in this book should help shed some light on this exciting topic, and should be especially useful to professionals in many fields dealing with the analysis of non-stationary signals.
3234 руб
Viscosity Reduction of Jatropha and Castor Oil for Domestic Use in Lamps. A method of developing alternative sources of energy Книга по Требованию Md. O.F.K.
But the high viscosity of these oils limited their use as fuel.
2008 руб
Tracking of Crossing Targets with Passive Sensors. Tracking of Crossing Targets Using Forward Looking Infrared Red Sensors as Passive sensors and "Track-Before Detect (TBD)" Methodology Книга по Требованию Hemchandra S.
The methodology for the tracking of the centroid of small extended objects using measurements from a forward looking infrared imaging sensor is presented.
2008 руб
The validation procedure was proposed to assess the dynamic performance of the developed models and additionally their accuracies have been examined by simulations performed over data sets not correlated with training data.
2280 руб
Inefficient Use of Two Domains of Energy Users in Urban Area. A Study towards Energy Efficient City in a Developing Country Книга по Требованию Ariva P.
3051 руб
Metabolizable Energy of Poultry Feed Ingredients. Using Total Collection Method in Hubbard Broiler and Breeder Stock Книга по Требованию Imran S.
Factors responsible for this variability include quality of the ingredients, agro-climatic conditions, agronomic practices, area specifications, processing techniques, storage conditions and techniques for measuring energy availability to the birds.
1894 руб
English Grammar Ed. 3-rd - 476 с. Understanding and Using: Longman Group UK Limited Кашкин С.Ю., Четвериков А.О.
600 руб
Using Language in Legal Contexts American Legal English. Городец Lee D.
Для студентов-юристов, изучающих язык американского права.
71 руб
Object-Oriented Software Engineering: Practical Software Development Using UML and JAVA 2ed The McGraw-Hill Companies Lethbridge
3498 руб
Energy 1 Test Book Energy Pearson Education (Longman) Parsons J.
There are two types of Test Books designed to test students both at the end of each unit and to test skills at regular intervals.
226 руб
Energy 2 Teacher's Pack Pearson Jenny P.
1067 руб
Energy 3 Teacher's Pack Energy Pearson Education (Longman) Fricker R.
286 руб
Energy 4 Teacher's Pack Energy Pearson Education (Longman) Fricker R.
Energy is a four-level course with dual entry at either false beginner or elementary level.
544 руб
Understanding & Using English Grammar 3Ed Full Text / Workbook Pack Pearson
5 руб
Understanding & Using English Grammar 3Ed Teacher’s Guide Pearson
5 руб
Energy Statistics Yearbook 2004. Annuaire des statistigues de I'energie United Nations
5 руб
Floral energy. Sträuße - Pflanzen - Tischdekorationen (deutsch, english) Profil Floral
703 руб
Using Russian Synonyms Cambridge University Press Terence L.B. W.
It is invaluable as a guide to finding the right word for the context.
6725 руб

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