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Utilization of Fly ash as catalyst for Cracking and Alkylation. Synthesis and Characterization of zeolite from Fly ash for Cracking of n-Heptane and Alkylation of Phenol

Формат:      Страниц 220
     мягкая обложка
Keka O.    
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Fly ash has been converted to zeolite using alkali fusion followed by hydrothermal treatment. The prepared catalyst has demonstrated good efficiency in catalytic cracking of pure components, like n-Heptane, as well as heavy gas oil. The cracking and alkylation reactions were carried out in a fixed bed down flow reactor and also in batch reactor. The outcome of the present study is very much promising in utilizing a waste material into a commercial commodity and also to protect environmental pollution to some extent. The cracking activity of synthesized catalyst showed comparable activity with 13X zeolite and FCC catalyst collected from Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. , India. The activity of the synthesized catalyst has been tested for lkylation of phenol. The synthesis conditions were optimized to obtain highest conversion of fly ash to X-type zeolite. Kinetic models were developed for both for cracking and alkylation reactions and kinetic parameters and adsorption constants were estimated using a non-linear regression algorithm. The prepared catalyst has been found to be superior to the commercially available catalyst like 13X and H-Beta.
Полотенце вафельное "Дельфинарий", банное, пляжное, 100х150 см.
Вафельное полотенце "Дельфинарий". Легкое и практичное полотенце удобно использовать на пляже, в бане и в бассейне. Плотность
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Крафт-бумага оберточная, в рулоне, 1,02х30 метров.
Являясь упаковочным материалом, крафт-бумага применяется для изготовления конвертов, мешков, пакетов и многого другого. В изделия из
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В комплект входят 5 продуктов, традиционно любимых в нашей стране: курица, сосиски, сыр, колбаса, яйцо. Продукты похожи на настоящие,
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Приемы комического в языке произведений П.Г....
Умело употребленный перифраз помогает автору выразить скрытый смысл, не прибегая к посторонним средствам. ‘Wha ghas ly garbage he used o fli g a us whe we were servi g our se e ce a Malver House!’ Выражение o serve se e ce означает - u dergo a period of impriso me . Поэтому, будучи применено к школьным годам, довольно ясно дает понять, что время, проведенное в Маlver House не является одним из радостных воспоминаний детства. Не редки случаи, когда Вудхауз комбинирует несколько различных приемов, чтобы фраза зазвучала живо и оригинально. Вот как описывается одна из комнат. for a Bri kly, as a mos cou ry houses, a y old ook or cra y is co sidered good e ough for he celiba e co ige . Здесь для перифраза слова room использована часть идиоматического выражения search every ook a d cra y (look everywhere, i every li le crack a d cor er). Celiba e co i ge является перифразом si gle gues . Это словосочетание составлено из слова celiba e (u married perso , especially a pries who has ake a vow o o marry) и co i ge (body of roops, umber of ships, le or supplied o form par of a larger group).

Synthesis, Microscopy, and Modelling Ultramarine Pigments from Fly Ash. Книга по Требованию Andreas L.
For sulphur chains with two and three sulphur atoms, the singly charged species are the most stable, supporting the hypothesis that the exothermic transition from green to blue ultramarine is the transformation of the doubly charged species to the singly charged species. [A specotroscopic study leads to the counter-conclusion that the yellow to blue transition is the disulphide to the trisulphide transition. ] For the single charged chain with three sulphur atoms the open chain is more stable than the closed triangle.
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Applications of Coal Fly Ash in Agriculture and Related Fields. Physicochemical Studies on Application of Coal Fly Ash Книга по Требованию Dr. K.R.
1894 руб
Culture as a Catalyst in L. Looking for L: Life, Learning, Love, Language, and Ledzeppelin. Книга по Требованию Larisa S.
Through my literary works, I explore such concepts as Life, Learning, Love, Language, and Ledzeppelin where the latter is a cultural stratum on which my inner world is developed.
2784 руб
A revolution in agriculture ... How corn stalks are being utilized so profitably that the farmer may get as much for the formerly despised stalks as for ... foundation for new and successful industries Книга по Требованию Myrick H.
362 руб
The available local feed sources in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam were estimated by the chemical components such as genetic diversities and nutritional values because of the necessity to conserve and select their valuable traits, and to track the genetic variations.
1894 руб
As the Crow Flies Macmillan Publishers Archer J.
643 руб
The Fundamentals: Видеокурс: 2 видеокассеты - - с. English as a second language American business English ESL: Advanced English: Delta Systems /Афон-Паблишинг
620 руб
Bryan Ferry 'As Time Goes By' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 14256 Бомба-М
239 руб
Blaze 'As Live As It Gets' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 88002 SPV
229 руб
N*E*R*O 'Fly or Die' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 50775 Бомба-М
229 руб
How to Prepare for the TOEFL (test of English as a foreign language) IBT 12th ed. (+ CD-ROM) Barron's Educational Series Pamela S.
The author also offers general orientation to the new TOEFL iBT, as well as a review of academic skills, which include note taking, paraphrasing, summarizing, and synthesizing.
1190 руб
Come as You Are: The story of Nirvana нет серии ISBN 0-385-47199-8 Broadway Books Azerrad M.
630 руб
As you like it Penguin popular classics ISBN 978-0-14062-372-7 Penguin popular classics Penguin Books Шекспир У.
156 руб
Hi! Fly Guy Scholastic, Inc. Arnold T.
294 руб
Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) Test Book 3rd Edition (+ CD-ROM) Cambridge University Press Gear
Fully revised and updated, the text provides a complete tutorial and a wealth of new activities to introduce students to the new computer formats and activity types.
5 руб
English as a Global Language Cambridge University Press Crystal D.
1142 руб
Business Studies for AS Cambridge University Press Dyer
The short answer revision questions in the ' over to you' sections have been extended and also given mark and time allocations.
1556 руб
Economics: AS and A Level Cambridge University Press Bamford
Although specifically produced for CIE’s A level Economics examinations, the book will also be of value to students and teachers of other Economics syllabuses.
1681 руб
With No One As Witness HarperCollins US George E.
266 руб
Heinemann ELT TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) Practice Test Rev 2Ed Macmillan Publishers Duffy M.F.
1376 руб

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