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Participation, Accountability and Development. The case of South Africa' s SMME Local Economic Development Programmes Disciplining Bureaucracy:

Формат:      Страниц 128
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Jason M.D.    
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Elegant as it continues to be, in some quaters public participation is beginning to suggest that, it might be running out of steam. This work disentagles issues that sustain contradictions and frictions in processes of development on local levels in South Africa. Or is it that development practitioners got it wrong in the efforts to operationalise it? Development theories and practice continue to renew themselves, anticipating that they will eventually re-compose themselves into sharper tools for meaningful development outcomes. Among the ' modern' tools used by development practitioners is Public participation, which continues to occupy a large space in development debates.
Горшок детский "Зайчик" с игрушкой.
Веселое развлечение может иметь место, даже когда ребенок сидит на горшке. В этом поможет наш детский горшок-игрушка в виде зайчика.
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Развивающая игрушка подвеска на бампер коляски "Коровка".
Игрушка создана для малышей возрастом от года и имеет развивающие функции. Она великолепно подойдет для любой коляски, в которой есть
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Органайзер автомобильный "Stels. Войлок" в багажник.
Органайзер для компактного размещения автомобильного инструмента и принадлежностей. Материал обладает водоотталкивающими и грязезащитными
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Примеры комплексов CASE-средств
Кроме того, можно использовать средство ORACLE CASE Excha ge для экспорта/импорта объектов репозитория с целью обмена информацией с другими CASE-средствами. Developer/2000 обеспечивает разработку переносимых приложений, работающих в графической среде Wi dows, Maci osh или Mo if. В среде Wi dows интеграция приложений Developer/2000 с другими средствами реализуется через механизм OLE и управляющие элементы VBX. Взаимодействие приложений с другими СУБД (DB/2, DB2/400, Rdb) реализуется с помощью средств ORACLE Clie Adap er для ODBC, ORACLE Ope Ga eway и API. Среда функционирования Среда функционирования Desig er/2000 и Developer/2000 - Wi dows 3.x, Wi dows 95, Wi dows .Локальные средства (ERwi , BPwi , S-Desig or, CASE.Аналитик) ERwi - средство концептуального моделирования БД, использующее методологию IDEF1X. ERwi реализует проектирование схемы БД, генерацию ее описания на языке целевой СУБД (ORACLE, I formix, I gres, Sybase, DB/2, Microsof SQL Server, Progress и др.) и реинжиниринг существующей БД. ERwi выпускается в нескольких различных конфигурациях, ориентированных на наиболее распространенные средства разработки приложений 4GL. Версия ERwi /OPE полностью совместима со средствами разработки приложений PowerBuilder и SQLWi dows и позволяет экспортировать описание спроектированной БД непосредственно в репозитории данных средств.

The New Role of Parenting in Leadership in a Public Administration Setting. Bridging the Gap For a Better Bureaucracy Книга по Требованию
This project uncovered many interesting findings such as, cross cultural differences in leadership styles between organizations, gender differences in leadership and parenting styles, situational influences on decision making with leadership and parenting roles and the importance of the roles of leadership and parenting to public administration.
1722 руб
Political Studies and Public Administration in a Century. Historical, Theoretical and Institutional Account of the Relation between the Two Academic Disciplines Книга по Требованию Hiba K.
The two fields not only study and develop such techniques, but also work toward accomplishing such cohesion.
3215 руб
Who is Empowered to Act in the Absence of an Established Local Church? Biblical Discipline in a Cross-cultural Setting. Книга по Требованию Wayne C. R.
The author asserts that the expatriate missionaries possess the qualifications and mandate of biblical elders and are therefore empowered to deal with disciplinary situations in a manner that is both consistent with Scripture in seeking resolution and reconciliation, and relevant to the host culture.
2416 руб
Weed science discipline in Pakistan Weed Management in Wheat. Книга по Требованию Muhammad S.
The literature related to weed science is not available regularly to the scientists in Pakistan.
2008 руб
Positive Discipline Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Positive Discipline (or PD) is a discipline system used by schools that focuses on the positive points of behaviour.
1395 руб
A Catechism of Military Law, Questions and Answers On the Army Discipline Act, 1879, by an Adjutant Книга по Требованию Catechism
302 руб
Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church Книга по Требованию
300 руб
The Doctrine and Discipline of the Society of Friends Книга по Требованию Gibbons W.
302 руб
Australasia and Prison Discipline Книга по Требованию Melville H.
955 руб
A View of the Formation, Discipline and Economy of Armies Книга по Требованию Jackson R.
955 руб
Dictionnaire De Discipline Ecclesiastique, Ou Traite Du Gouvernement De L'eglise (French Edition) Книга по Требованию Bourasse J.
957 руб
The relation of Church and Parliament in regard to ecclesiastical discipline Книга по Требованию Frere W.H.
495 руб
The Catholic Encyclopedia An International Work Of Reference On The Constitution Doctrine Discipline And History Of The Catholic Church Volume III Книга по Требованию Herbermann C.G.
1457 руб
The Evolution of the Modern Concept of School Discipline Книга по Требованию Kuehner Q.A.
495 руб
Questions remain regarding what combinations of subcomponents of metacognition contribute to the development of metacognitive expertise (ME) in high achievers, whether a multicomponential model of ME can be delineated and proven through additional research, and whether a scale can be developed to assess learners' ME so as to identify low achievers (at-risk learners). To answer these questions the researcher (a) designed a new model of ME by exploring Metacognitive Domains and Component Factors; (b) developed a scale, the Metacognitive Expertise Assessment Tool (ME-AT), and tested its reliability in comparison to the well-respected MAI; and (c) established the ME-AT' s value as a predictive measure of ME. Overall, the findings revealed that three of the Metacognitive Domains and all 10 of the Component Factor predictors significantly discriminated low achievers from high achievers, whereas the MAI did not significantly discriminate low achievers from high achievers.
2280 руб
Student Writing in Higher Education Genres Across the Disciplines: Cambridge Applied Linguistics Cambridge University Press Nesi H.
Genres across the Disciplines presents cutting edge, corpus-based research into student writing in higher education.
2275 руб

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