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Fitness, fatness and C-reactive protein

Формат:      Страниц 64
     мягкая обложка
Laura D.    
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It is currently unknown if hs-CRP is increased in physically fit/ physically active young people who have increased body fat percentage, or if high cardiorespiratory fitness and high physical activity levels will overpower any effect of adiposity on hs-CRP. Since, young people may not present with high levels of traditional risk factors (e. g. total blood cholesterol, LDL), the identification of at risk young individuals can be difficult. The development of the high sensitivity- CRP assay may help to better predict future risk in young individuals. The aim of this investigation was to examine hs-CRP in college aged individuals with high or low percent body fat matched for physical fitness and physical activity. Both obesity and low fitness/physical activity are associated with increased levels of hs-CRP. The prevalence of obesity in young adults is increasing, while physical activity and fitness levels are decreasing.
Магнитная самоклеящаяся лента в диспенсере, 1,9x500 см.
Используется для быстрой и невидимой фиксации на металлической поверхности любых документов, плакатов, фотографий, напоминаний. Клеевой
799 руб
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Рюкзак для старших классов "Фантазия", 41x32x14 см.
Рюкзак "Фантазия" предназначен для учениц старших классов и студенток. Поклонницам нежной гаммы цветов придется по вкусу броский
621 руб
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Ранец "Космо", 36х29х18 см.
Ранец продуманный до мелочей, который: - включает множество светоотражающих элементов; - оснащен регулируемыми по высоте лямками и
2100 руб
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Aerokick.Martial arts fitness [VHS] { } ~54.00.00 23610 Берг
119 руб
Simultane Analyse von Antikoerper-Antworten gegen humane Papillomviren (HPV) mit Protein Arrays Multiplex HPV Serologie. Книга по Требованию
Multiplex-Serologie ist ein Antikoerperscreeningsystem, das auf einem Suspensions-Array von farbkodierten Polystyrolbeads beruht, die sich in einem Luminex-Duchflusszytometer unterscheiden lassen.
2747 руб
Efficient and Automated Analysis of Protein Structures Книга по Требованию Tolga C.
The third part presents an ensemble classifier framework for automated classification of protein structures.
1981 руб
Anti-apoptotic strategies of M. tuberculosis. The role of a novel protein, NlaA Книга по Требованию Kripa J.
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, one of most successful pathogens of mankind, infects one-third of the global population claiming nearly two million lives every year.
2403 руб
Novel Biosensors Using Intact Liposome Microarrays. Concept, Design, Fabrication and Testing of Membrane Protein and Receptor Based Biosensors Книга по Требованию Nikhil K.
Prominent examples are neurotransmitters, cytokine receptors, tyrosine kinase receptors, ligang-and voltage-gated ion channels, G protein-coupled receptors, and antibody receptors.
1997 руб
Tomography-based Methods for Reactive Flows in Porous Media. Applied to Solar Thermal Reforming of Hydrocarbons Книга по Требованию Joerg P.
The book is addressed to practitioners, scientists, and advanced students dealing with heat and mass transfer in porous media.
2769 руб
Maximal intensity exercise performance of youths. Anaerobic fitness of children and adolescents Книга по Требованию Michael C.
The free-living movement patterns of youths are described as like particles in ‘Brownian Movement’ and it is accepted that long duration and repetitive- type exercise does not appeal and is not the natural choice of youths.
3215 руб
Apoptosis induced by cytotoxic cells of the immune system. The role of heat shock protein 70 and sulphatases 1 and 2 in granzyme B-induced apoptosis Книга по Требованию Sara Y.D.
To reduce the complexity of CTL-induced apoptosis, further experiments were performed with granzyme (Gr)B, a component of the cytotoxic granules of CTLs and NK cells, that has been shown to interact with HSP70.
3621 руб
Optimierung einer mikrobiellen Transglutaminase. Ein Beispiel fuer aktuelles Protein-Engineering von der Expression bis zur Optimierung Книга по Требованию Christian M.
Sie findet hauptsaechlich in der Lebensmittelindustrie Anwendung, wird aber auch fuer eine Immobilisierung anderer Enzyme eingesetzt, sowie bei der Produktion abbaubarer Polymere aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen.
2362 руб
THz Spectroscopy of Biomolecules. Reactive Molecules and Hydration Dynamics of Biomolecules Investigated by THz Spectroscopy Книга по Требованию
The result is a dynamic interplay, a dance to the same tune at terahertz frequencies, of high importance to the cell and life in general.
2403 руб
Bewertung von Testverfahren zur Bestimmung der koerperlichen Fitness hinsichtlich ihrer Anwenderfreundlichkeit Anwenderfreundliche Fitnesstests fuer Kinder und Jugendliche. Книга по Требованию
Zur Beurteilung der Fitness (physischen Leistungsfaehigkeit) bzw. ihrer einzelnen Dimensionen wurden in der Vergangenheit verschiedenste, zum Teil sehr aufwendige, Testverfahren entwickelt.
2416 руб
Parameter Set Development, Folding Studies with Implicit and Explicit Solvent, and Protein Structure Predictions Computational Structure Prediction and Folding Studies of the Trp-Cage Protein. Книга по Требованию
Intense effort from the scientific community has been spent on improving experimental and theoretical methods that are used to determine the native structure of proteins and model folding pathways to aid in the understanding of how proteins fold to their native state.
2008 руб
Biodegradable in Situ Microparticles for Sustained Protein Delivery. Stability of a Model Protein during Incorporation and Release from Biodegradable in Situ Forming Drug Delivery Systems Книга по Требованию Martin K.
3234 руб
Christianity and Quantum Physics. Assessing the Fitness of the Copenhagen Interpretation for Use in Christian Theology and Apologetics Книга по Требованию Jeremy R.H.
Chapter 1 introduces the Copenhagen Interpretation.
3234 руб
Hydrolysis in a Tangential Flow Filter Enzymatic Membrane Reactor. Optimised and Stabilised Continuously Recircled Membrane Reactor for whey protein hydrolysis Книга по Требованию Seronei C.C.
Hydrolysis of whey proteins in enzymatic membrane reactors is a promising technology.
2416 руб
Advances in computational protein design. Development of more efficient search algorithms and their application to the full-sequence design of larger proteins Книга по Требованию Geoffrey H.
An ongoing challenge is to find the lowest-energy sequences from amongst the vast multitude of sequence possibilities.
2416 руб
Computational Protein Localization Prediction. Topological Models of Transmembrane Proteins for Localization Prediction Книга по Требованию Stefan M.
Proteins are distributed to the organelles of the cell by a highly complex sorting machinery.
3234 руб
Tea Catechins Inhibit Amyloid Protein Aggregation. Their Beneficial Effects in Huntington' s and Parkinson' s Disease Models Preventing Toxic Tangles: Книга по Требованию
EGCG prevents the aggregation of two different proteins by stabilizing an oligomeric conformation, leading aggregation-prone proteins on an alternative folding pathway in the misfolding cascade.
2784 руб
Investigating the Mechanisms of Transcriptional Silencing in Yeast. Mechanims by which the Sir2/3/4 protein complex silences transcription in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Книга по Требованию Lu G.
Surprisingly, the presence of Sir proteins and Htz1 is not mutually exclusive and Htz1 alone is not sufficient to prevent Sir2/3/4 complex spread.
2784 руб
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Protein-Creatinine Ratio. Книга по Требованию Jim J.
This book provides a detailed analysis of the protein-creatinine ratio – how it developed, its use in the current scenario and the possibilities for its use in the future.
2008 руб

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